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Free Lesson 1 - Backside 360 (Regular)

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Hi this is Nev Lapwood, you’re checking out the Backside 360 video lesson. Before you get into this trick, you're gonna need to have front 1's, cab 1's and back 1's down. They`re essential building blocks for the back 3 A backside 360, or any backside spin is where the back of your body will be facing down-hill during the first 180 of the spin. The first thing you need to feel, is how the body rotates a 360. and the best way to do this is jumping on flat ground with the board off Wind up, jump off both feet and simultaneously release the body’s momentum into the backside direction you can do this anywhere, however I find it most useful be right in front of the jump you wish to hit This makes it easy to visualize your trick as if you had your board on. Notice how you’re not only spinning with your arms and shoulders, but also your core, hips, knees and feet. It's really a full body movement that helps you spin smoothly. Keep your head looking in the natural direction of travel and try to trick your mind that you're already doing it. pay attention to where you'll be spotting the landing for a back 3, the landing will come into view after rotating 270 degrees through the air the more you do, the better they'll come into view and the better they'll begin to feel. Strap your board on, and try using your toe edge to pop from instead of a flat base it's considerably harder with the board on however it provides good practice for controlling your balance. The key here is to visualize as if your already spinning off the jump and you own this trick. There are 4 key aspects to spinning any rotation. In this video we’re gonna apply them specifically to Backside 360’s. The first key aspect is to set that edge and create a strong platform to spin from. spinning backside is far easier to use your toe edge. to have a strong platform, you need to first know how to carve which is riding only on your edge. the better you can carve, the stronger the platform you'll have to spin from before you master back 3's on straight jumps, do a bunch of little side hits such as this one you can go as big or as small as you want and there are absolutely no consequences if you slam the best part about this little side hit is you dont need to think about creating a platform to spin from because you're already on your toes to hit the jump when it comes to back 3ing straight jumps, your line of entry becomes very important. Do a few straight airs first to get the speed dialed, and use the same speed when spinning through you need to leave the lip of the jump straight so that you travel in a straight direction while in the air. however as we're carving up the wedge of the jump on our toes our board will already be turning in the backside direction so we need to start our toe edge carve from inside of the jump there's a point I like to call the setup point which is the position of flat ground between the downhill runner and the uphill wedge of the jump as we pass through the setup point we should be slightly to the side of the jump so that we can carve up the lip to leave in a straight direction. The second key aspect is winding up. you wind up in the opposite direction you wish to spin, so that as you pop off the lip, you can release that momentum into the desired direction the wind up begins just as you pass through the setup point and uses the arms, shoulders, hips and knees the amount you need to wind up depends on the size of the jump and the amount you want to spin. a small jump requires more wind up than a bigger one a common mistake is to wind up too early try to avoid winding up earlier than the setup point the 3rd key aspect is releasing off the lip. release of the wind up happens just at the last moment as you pop of the lip try to always leave the lip of the jump with your board in a straight direction. Just as you reach your desired amount of wind up, release it into the spin so there is no delayed point where you're holding that wound up position. If you begin to wind up too early, it’s a common reaction to release too early into the spin. Using your knees and ankles to flex down while traveling through the setup point will force you to pop off the lip. more pop will help you spin bigger, better and cleaner. The set up point is where we are flexed down the lowest with our knees and ankles so we can extend our legs on the way up the lip resulting in a solid pop. The final key is spotting the landing which is relatively easy for a back 3. As you come around 270 degrees, the landing will begin to come into view. you'll have full view of the landing for the last 90 degrees. Get ready to stomp and absorb with the knees and ankles. Ride away like it ain’t a thing. Once you have them down you can take the same techniques to all sizes of jumps. When you've got back 3's on lock, you can combine a back 1 on the end and you have the back 5 that's the next step up This is Nev Lapwood, Have fun.

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