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Using Power BI Developer Tools (preview)

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Hi, everyone. I wanted to show you how you can use the new Power BI Dev Tools preview to add custom visualizations and to test them inside your Power BI reports and dashboards. To enable the dev tools, you have to use dev tools enabled = true in the address bar as shown here. And that's gonna enable your browser session to show custom visuals that you've loaded into your browser. When you do that, a new dev tools option is shown under the settings menu. Your settings menu will then... When you click on it, a new browser tab will open with the developer tools as I'm showing here. So now these dev tools allow you to work on multiple visuals and these visuals will work inside your browser. Once you paste in your typescript code, you can preview it by doing compile plus run. And you can go and see that this one here is working. You can also provide an icon for when you're gonna test it in reports in dashboards. You can delete visuals that you've worked with. There's three things you have here. The one that I'll draw your attention to now is the data views, so we have three different data views and you can select them there. You can provide custom CSS as well. So generally speaking, you'll work here to build and test your visual. And when you want to debug it, you will use the browser's debugger. So here I'm just gonna flip over to the chrome debugger and you will see that your custom visual code gets compiled into JavaScript code and is available under no domain and you can see that mine is right there. If I want to set a breakpoint, I just set it in the browser's debugger as I'm showing here. And then every time the visual updates, the breakpoint will be hit. Once you iterate on the dev tools and get your visual working here, you can actually test it in reports in dashboards. So you switch over into another browser tab in the same browser to see your visuals. You will see them loaded into the visualization pane just like any other visual would. One trick is you have to press control F5 to receive the latest version of the visual. But the visual once it's loaded, it works just like any other Power BI visual and so here I'm demonstrating how I'm binding data into it and converting from one visual type to another. And you can do everything you do in a normal visual here in Power BI. We're really excited to see what you come up with and what kind of custom visuals you build. Do let us know if you have questions, we're here to help.

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Learn how to use the Power BI Developer tools which allow you create custom visuals and test them out in Power BI.

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