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♪ Who are you? ♪ ♪ You have awoken my slumbering heart ♪ ♪ What is so special about you? ♪ ♪ You’ve made me lose my mind ♪ ♪ Your voice is imbued with the magic of twilight... ♪ ♪...the caressing breeze of dusk ♪ A movie by Arí Maniel Cruz ♪ Who are you? ♪ ♪ The one who, inadvertently, lit the spark of love in my heart ♪ ♪ A sun that left behind the memory of its warmth ♪ ♪ A dream so beautiful that it's a vain attempt ♪ ♪ You shall be sunrise, twilight and dusk ♪ ♪ You shall be sunrise, twilight... ♪ Who Are You? ♪...and dusk ♪ Being Secretary of Health and facing the enormous duty of being responsible for the welfare of a country, is a gigantic task. However, I have every possible support from all sectors, and the support from the governor, Dr. Luis Rafael Olivencia, to execute said task perfectly. I cannot continue without thanking my family for their support. They’re with me today: my wife, Aurora, and my six children, two of which are present, Belén and Ernesto, as well as Eduardo, Guillermo, Isabel and Ana, who live in the US, as do so many other Puerto Ricans. You can count on the best of me; on my honesty, first and foremost. You can count on my professional expertise, and on the fact that healing our people is my greatest priority. Thank you. [Unintelligible] Mr. Secretary we're counting on you. Thank you. -No, thank you. -Mr. Secretary! Dr. González Pérez. Hello. See you later, Mr. Secretary. See you later. So, how should we call you now? Honorable doctor, or what? No! Eduardo, just Eduardo. Better late than never. -You didn't miss a thing. -Belén, you look lovely! -You’re late. -I was in my office, you know how it is. You missed it! No, he didn't. I heard you on the radio. You're already talking like a politician! Oh, please don't say that, don’t. Excuse me. Don't laugh like that, mom. Please. Leave me alone. -But, are you okay? -Yes, I'm fine. Mom, Ernesto is just worried… I'm quite worried about mom, and sometimes I feel like I should stay. What about medical school? I don't know, dad, school can wait. If I have to wait one or two years, I will. -Aurora, can you please come here? Dad... Who’s going to take care of mom? You know Belén is very busy, plus she has the store. Aside from that, now you’re Secretary of Health, who has the time…? Ernesto’s saying that he's not going to study medicine, that he's staying here to take care of you. Ernesto, please! I'm fine. Eduardo, where is the video of Ernesto’s first birthday? -That should be in the closet upstairs. Where upstairs? There are some boxes on the top part of the closet, it should be there. Which closet? In the closet upstairs there are some boxes that have been there for about 20 years. It should be there. It’s okay, mom, I'll help you. Something that’s been here for 20 years? That’s everything! What closet is he talking about? -The one upstairs, in the bedroom. -But, where? What does this say? [Unintelligible] Here it is: “Ernesto’s birthday.” Let’s see. Is that it? You’re Ernesto, right? It’s just a joke! You found it. Yes, this is it. “Are we ready to cut the cake?” "Ernesto wants some cake!" "-Come to daddy!" "-I want some." "-I want one!" Are you tired, Mr. Secretary? Thank you. Mmm, that's nice! “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of Health” ... and as described in the plan for the Reform, the first region is Fajardo. I want all of us to understand what this Reform truly proposes: it’s the privatization of public health services, period! We’ve had the same health system since 1956. It’s time to modernize. This is not modernization, this is privatization. It’s the current trend in every state. Well, I don’t know if I can agree with that. I believe it’s the right path for us. -I understand two things. One: we’re not a state; and two: we’re handing over our responsibilities to private corporations. In addition, the costs for the government are too high. There is no real way to sustain this. Mr. Secretary, Diana, the project ... It’s “Counselor.” Counselor, the public health project of the president includes us. You know this! The funding is right there. Washington hasn’t approved anything yet, and furthermore, I don't think it will get approved. With all due respect, you are both wrong. The president will keep his promise, I assure you that. The first lady promised the governor. For the record, Mr. Secretary, I am strictly opposed to the position of our colleague, Juan Pérez; they’re merely motivated by partisan interests. This is not the position of the Party, it’s the governor’s and, therefore, the government’s. When is our appointment in Fortaleza? Tomorrow. Governor Olivencia will be expecting you tomorrow. -Excuse me... Suárez. Hello? -Dad? -Belén? Just a second, please. Ernesto called saying mom is out of control and fighting with Rosarito. -With Rosarito? Ernesto’s there, trying to control the situation, but… ...Rosarito wants you there. No, no. I’m expecting an important call from the Secretary of State. I can’t. Then I’ll see how I can get out of here to get there right away. -Try to get home as early as possible. -Yes, whenever I can. -Please. Yes, of course. Take care. -Is everything okay, Mr. Secretary? Yes. -Look at her, mom, it’s Rosarito. -Either she goes, or I go. -What happened, Ernesto? -I don’t know, ask her… I will not allow that woman in this house. She goes, or I go! This is your home, where are you gonna go? Exactly! Then SHE needs to leave. ...but Rosarito has been with us for many years. -Fifteen years! Don’t you dare talk in this house! Mom, calm down. Come sit. That woman had the nerve to touch me and stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. You’re a trollop, that’s what you are! ‘Cause only a trollop would do that! Insolent, rude! It’s okay, mom, calm down. Please sit here for a moment. Please. Okay? Rosarito, what happened? I told her to change her shoes; they don’t look right. How dare you talk like that? You insolent...! Trollop! Mom, mom, calm down! That’s Rosarito! Mom, Rosarito’s our friend. Your friend, maybe, not mine. I’m not friends with the likes of her! Let’s take a deep breath. Please sit here for a moment. Mom? Okay. -She’s too much for me. -I cook and clean, but I don’t babysit crazy people. It’s not like that! She's not crazy, she has dementia due to Alzheimer's. You know that! Ernesto, calm down. Rosarito, we understand you need help with mom and the house… We understand your point. No. I’m leaving and I’m not coming back. I'm sorry, but you need a professional… … Not a housekeeper! Rosarito, please! This is us… Excuse me, Belén, but I never thought she’d treat me like that. Where’s mom? Right there… Mom...? Mom? She was just here. Where is she? I cannot believe this! I can’t believe you let her go out. Me?! You were there, too. Don’t blame me! Are you gonna keep looking over there? Search over here. Mom!? Mom! Mom. Mom, are you okay? They’re adorable. They are. When are you gonna give me grandchildren? I don’t know. A woman must have children. Otherwise, who’ll take care of you when you're old? Well, I guess I will, at some point. Oh, Belén… I don’t know what’s going on... ... but, sometimes I want to say something, and then it’s just gone. Gone. I know, mom. I know. Ernesto, get up. Go to your room. Go on. Yeah. Mom beat Rosarito with an umbrella today. So, did the umbrella make it to see another rainy day? Seriously, she hit her with the umbrella, and then escaped out onto the street... Yes, Belén told me all about it. -Mom is... very active. We took our eyes off her for just a second and she took off. She could have gotten hurt, dad. Okay, we’ll call Sergio tomorrow. Perhaps we should talk to a neurologist who’s not your friend. Belén and I were there today, but what’s gonna happen when we’re not? Everything will be fine. Whatever you say, dad. When’s your flight? At nine. -Hello! Yes? Good morning! Then we have enough time. -Are you leaving already? -No. Did you have breakfast? No, I haven’t. Well, then, here you go. Enjoy. Great. My baby’s leaving. Oh, well… It’s okay, I’ll come back for vacation. My baby’s leaving. Belén, can you do me a favor? Drive Ernesto to the airport, I have to go to the office. Well, okay. Of course. Give me a hug? Your blessing? Take care. Call. Bye! Bye, see you later. Plane ticket...? Yes, I have everything. Identification, money…? Mom. Everything will be fine. God be with you. -Oh, here you go. -Thanks, mom. -Let’s go, Ernesto. -Yes. A kiss. Car has gas? Everything okay? Yes. Go on in! Inside. Yes, going inside. Close the door. Closing the door! -Bye! See you soon. Good morning! Doctor Suárez. Governor Olivencia. Juan. -Hello. Welcome, all. You must be Counselor Diana Quiñónez. At your service. You’ve met Counselor Carlos Abril, my advisor on Health issues. Well… Juan informed us you have certain… considerations regarding the Health Reform. Yes, we’ve been analyzing the possible risks we could face... Risks? Yes. Mr. Governor, the way the Reform is stipulated, we would not be able to regulate the profit of the insurance companies. We’d be abandoning an ailing public health system, yet philosophically correct, and establishing in its stead a health care system in the hands of corporations with private interests. The First Lady already guaranteed the funds for this Reform, and, you know that when the White House intervenes... Carlos… What do you propose, Doctor Suárez? Initially, we would launch a pilot plan on all regions that would cover the needs of every patient. All regulations would need to be evaluated, as well as the condition of hospitals and health centers. -Also… Let’s do something. Let’s give Juan the opportunity to present what is laid out in our plan a second time. -Our administration promised change, and that's what we’ll give them. We’ll meet again in two weeks, then. Excuse me, Governor, sir. I thought you wanted to hear our opinions on the Reform. Until then. Excuse me. Knowing we count on you is extremely important to us, Mr. Secretary. When is our next meeting? I’ll tell the office of the governor to get in touch with Juan. -I would appreciate if they contact my office directly. As you prefer, Mr. Secretary. If you’ll excuse me. “Is everyone ready!?” Come here. Do you remember that day? Of course I remember. Where are they? Our children? You know that! They grew up and have families of their own. What’s her name? Our eldest daughter. Belén. [Unintelligible] "The incident took place 22 years ago, after the birth of the youngest child of the Secretary of Health, the couple’s sixth offspring. According to Alfonsina Negrón, the graduate nurse who witnessed the incident, the current Secretary was attacked with a scalpel by his wife, Mrs. Aurora Rodríguez. The witness states that Rodríguez was experiencing some kind of postpartum trauma, and did not want the newborn anywhere near her, not even in the same room. When the Secretary came to visit his wife, she attacked him, resulting in a serious slash on his chest. Present during the incident, were the witness and the couple’s eldest daughter, Belén Suárez, and remained a secret at the request of the official.” How dare they print something like that?! It goes on to mention mom’s current condition, and that the incident is linked to early-onset Alzheimer. They’re doing all of this to intimidate me. That’s all this is! -Dad, please! -What we have to do, is talk to the family. That’s all! Belén. -It's a shame they had to learn about it this way. Your mother did not want this to come out. Don’t blame mom! -I’m not, it’s the truth. I’m not lying to you. She was embarrassed, that’s why she apologized. She did, right? Yes. Well, she asked me to talk to the nurse, so this would never be mentioned again! -Well, the time is here, now. -Right? Are you gonna get that? Hello. Ernesto. Yes. Yes, I read it. Everybody read it, Ernesto. If you could read it in Rhode Island, of course people can read it here! No, I did not have to tell you about this. It was not important! It was... -She was with me, Belén was there, yes. I'm not hiding anything from you! No, that’s not true! Also, I can’t control what the newspapers print. End of conversation! To your health. I had an appointment yesterday... ...with a new patient, even younger than Aurora. How old? -48 years old. It’s always a pleasure having you in my office, Mr. Secretary. Aurora never wanted me to be Secretary. -So, why did you accept the position? I wanted it... I had for a very long time. I don’t remember her, the nurse. Because she’s older, like us. Maybe YOU’re old. Belén’s pregnant. Did she say that? -No, but I know. -The food was extremely bland. We must tell Rosarito to use a bit more salt. I have memory loss, not high blood pressure. Rosarito’s not here, you fired her. Oh, Eduardo, stop it! She’s a lazy-ass. Hello, good evening. Yes, just a moment. I got it. Hello? -Eduardo? Who’s calling? -Please forgive the late call. I’m so sorry about all of this. To have all your family exposed like that, without any regard for their privacy, is simply unacceptable. The press can be very cruel, you know that. Nothing to it but thicker skin, right? Your wife, Aurora, is it? -Yes. -Yes, sir. Is she who answered the phone? -Yes. Please, give her my best wishes. -Thank you, Mr. Governor. Eduardo… Juan submitted your proposal to amend the Reform, and we found it quite interesting, however, as I said before, the plan is already designed to be the future of Public Health in Puerto Rico. It’s what's being done across all the US, and we must take advantage of it, for the general good, no? -Uh-huh. So... I hope that’s the end to this conversation, so we can implement the Reform... ...with your full support. Are we all agreed? -No, we’re not. Then, you know what you need to do. -My regards to your wife. -Goodnight. Sleep tight, Luisito, it’s better this way. You really think so? Of course I do! So… Would you like me to tell Juan he’s being offered the vacancy? We’ll talk tomorrow. Of course. Goodnight. Carlos... ...we make mistakes sometimes. Get some rest. “Honorable Governor: It was a pleasure to receive the news... Secretary of Health. Due to family issues… ...since they outweigh my duties in the Department. ...I hereby resign…” -I have dedicated these past five years to my family, -my work as a surgeon, and to writing this book. -In it, I wish to share... experience as Secretary of Health, -my relationship with the government, -and my opposition to the dishonest practices of Mr. Abril and his friends in the insurance companies, -who, one day, took the health of our people by storm. Mom, dad’s not done. Excuse me. Aurora, Aurora... Please take her away. Yes. Let’s go. Home, go home. Let’s go home to drink some water. I’m thirsty. Yes, you were thirsty, let’s go drink some water. So sorry. Yes, water’s this way… We’ll come right back. I thought everything was fine. After thirty years of marriage… see her with her bags, telling me she’s leaving. Sergio, please… Calm down. I didn’t see it coming, Eduardo. I really didn’t. -And, did she call you? -Do you know where she is? She went straight to the airport. Supposedly to her sister’s, in Tampa. Did you know that, many years ago, I fell in love with a pharmaceutical rep? -The legs on that woman! Gladys has beautiful legs... Don’t you think? Why would you ask me that!? What would you like me to say? I can’t be on my own… At this age! It scares the crap out of me, Eduardo! Sergio, please... -Do you think Aurora was ever happy? I mean, before the illness. No. [Unintelligible] Let’s begin. Doctor Suárez. Counselor. It’s been too long. Here for lunch? No. I just wanted to congratulate you on the book. Make it out to Governor Olivencia, if you’d be so kind. How’s your wife? She’s doing well, quite well. -And your children? -How many are they? Six? They are all doing fine. Excellent. Are you still doing surgery? Counselor, if you need my services, you can call my office. -I hope you don’t hold any grudges. -The decisions made were for the common good, which is why the governor supported them. So the Health Reform is going smoothly? -Of course. -None so blind… Blind? -The governor sends his regards. Thanks. But it’s delicious, doña Aurora! I’m leaving. -But where are you going? -Please sit down and eat. I don’t want that food, I’m going home. -What is it you want? -I’m going home. Hello! Belén? Give me a sec, please. -I’m taking her to the bathroom. -Okay, take her. This way. Very good. Tell me, sweetie. -Did you see the newspaper? Yes, I have it right here. -Go to page eight. What? What page? -Just look for it. -Got it? “Governor’s Advisor investigated by…” -You seeing it? Yes, I’m reading it now. There’s names in there, contracts... All the evidence necessary to put Carlos Abril behind bars. It's way too much money, I could not stand idly by! I also sent a copy of it to the Secretary of Justice and the press, which is why the article was published yesterday. Diana, you did the right thing, but it’s very dangerous. We don’t really know the kind of people we’re dealing with. I do know. I’ve been seeing a strange car parked in front of my house for days now. That’s why I made this additional copy, so you’d have it and keep it in a safe place. Five years ago, you resigned to your position as Secretary of Health. Do you regret that decision? No, no. And why would you decide to do that? A difference of opinion with the governor. You know that the Health Reform has been an utter failure, and there are rumors of a criminal investigation. The failure of the Reform was inevitable, it was ill-conceived. To make matters worse, it depended on funds from the President’s Universal Health project in Washington, which fell through in Congress, and we were left empty-handed. But, of course, the insurance companies have had a ball. What can you tell us about the investigation? That's out of my hands. You have not been summoned or interviewed by the authorities? No. Do you keep in touch with Mr. Carlos Abril, special advisor to the governor? Actually, we met at the hospital recently. He congratulated me on the book. And, how’s your wife doing? Fine. How’s your husband? I'm not married, Doctor. Oh, don’t worry, nobody’s perfect. You already knew your wife had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you were aware of her condition, and despite of it, you accepted the position. Why? Let’s see… This terrible disease... like a thief who lives in your house, gradually stealing what you love most. You can’t imagine the pain, at least in my case, with me and my wife, my partner: a young, productive woman, full of life… To see her... ...fade away a little bit each day. Nobody talks about how the disease impacts the spouse or the children. You… You... ...feel quite alone. Would you like to see the menu? No, the check, please. -And a glass of water, if you’d be so kind? Hello. Anything to drink? Not yet, I’m expecting someone. Thank you. Excuse me, I saw you in the hospital the other day? Of course, Doctor... Eduardo Suárez. Helena De León, I’m the resident psychologist. So, how is it we’d never met before? I don’t know. Perhaps it was not the right time. Hello! I'm the ex-husband. We came straight from the courthouse. We just got a divorce. Perhaps this is a bad time... On the contrary, we came to celebrate! Would you join us? -No. -Please! Yes, have a drink with us! Is wine okay? Just one glass. Three glasses of red, please. -Right away. You seem to get along great, how come you got a divorce? Oh, just life! Each of us went our own way. I found work in Houston, and decided to stay there. No idea how long that’ll last; that place is a snoozefest! Yes, but that’s not enough reason to get divorced. You’re not telling me the whole truth. Certain things happened, and I asked for some space. And I took advantage of that space, left, and fell in love with someone else. Cheers! Cheers! Don’t touch me! -What is it? What’s going on? No! What’s going on? No! Eduardo’s here. Where’s Eduardo? -What’s wrong? I’m right here. -No touching! No one’s touching you, don’t worry. -Get off! -Okay. -Just a little bit more. -Stop! -Stop! Just a little bit more… Just a little bit more, we’re almost done. Stop! Did she fall asleep? She did. Do you know what you’re going to eat? You didn’t eat well at all today... or yesterday. -Come on, or I’ll end up caring for two patients instead of one. I’m not hungry, Raquel. What does that mean? You need to be at your strongest right now. -You have to eat! Should I warm something up? No. -Come on, don’t say no! I’ll go warm up some food. Be right back. [Unintelligible] -You don’t mind me asking about Aurora? No, on the contrary. Why do you keep her at home instead of a specialized care center? I want Aurora to be with the people who love her. In her home, her environment. -Believe me, it’s what’s best for her. And what is best for you? -For your family? You need to think about that, too. We’ve given it a lot of thought. Ouch! Everything’s fine. Doña Aurora?! Don’t worry... ...I’m here with you. Raquel is here with you, everything's gonna be fine. Hello! Yes. Raquel? What happened? I was changing her clothes, and it began all of a sudden. -Did she fall...? -No. Did something happen in the bathroom? No. We're increasing the anticonvulsant to three times a day, keep her under observation and see how she reacts. Sergio, I simply don’t want it to happen again. Fine. Helena, please excuse me. See you tomorrow. See you. Get off. Get off! Come on, doña Aurora. No. Yes, you’re going to look so pretty. You’ll see! No! Where are you off to, doña Aurora? Baby, we’re eating. Look what we’re having! Come, let’s eat. -Look, it’s so good! You love it! -It’s very good. It’s not “mangú”, but you like it. No. What do you mean “no”? You have to eat. No. Yes, come on. Try it, it really is good. No! Aurora, you must listen to Raquel. You have to eat, otherwise you'll get sick and you don’t want that, right? Don’t you talk to me like that! Helena, you don’t need to, seriously. Just a sec. -What is this?! -Take a whiff. Mmm, that’s delicious! Just a little taste. Eat. I already ate… I already ate quite a lot… so much food! Let’s see about you. Just a bite, okay? Eat. I ate already. No, wait. Are you going to read it? I promise nothing! Nothing? I can get you another copy. Hello! Mom? Raquel? -I’m in here! Sorry, Raquel! I’ll use the other bathroom. Raquel! Do you know whose shoes are in dad’s room? Helena’s. And this Helena lives here? She doesn’t, but she sleeps over four, five days a week. How long has this been going on, Raquel? Some time now. How long? Well... several months. If you came by more often... Raquel, you know what my husband and I are going through, and the kids keep me very busy, so, please don’t say that. ...and we’re almost home! Yes, home! We’re gonna turn right here, and go up. Hi, mom. Are you okay? You don’t have to worry, your mom is fine with me. Thing is, I don’t know you. I'm Helena. Aurora and I are very good friends, aren’t we? Raquel already told me she’ll only eat with you. -I’d love to know what she’s thinking when she looks at me. -She’s happy, it shows. I hope so. I really do. How can YOU say this!? You, of all people, should understand I was alone. I lost my wife, partner, lover... You should understand that! And I know all of that! But try putting yourself in my shoes, here! What if it were the other way around? Imagine it was mom beginning a relationship while you’re sick. Huh? This is not about mom, it’s about me trying to live my life... -Oh, so sorry! -But, listen to me! ...a fulfilling life, a normal life, a love life! I don't disagree with that! The thing is, you never even had the guts to tell me! Not even that! Oh, here we go! That’s what stung, that you didn’t know. -It’s not that! -Then, what? You have to understand my reaction, then. To have to learn about it like this, as if… That’s the way things are, Belén. Well, if that’s the way things are, you’re going to have to tell everyone. Everyone! Especially Ernesto. And you have to do it before they all come home for Christmas. Please. “ ‘You can’t fear water when you live on a island’, she insisted. ‘Exactly! Just so. Come.’ She held my hand for the first time that night, both…” What do you think? -No? -I find it too dark. What about this one? It goes with this belt, like so. Yes, that’s nice. Let me see the other one. This? That’s the one! Yes? She used to like this one. Look, mom, your dress. Do you like it, Aurora? Who...? What? Who are you? I’m Helena. Helena? Yes, Helena. -Yes, she’s here and this is where she’ll stay. With me, with us. -It’s the first time we all get together as a family; together and happy for the first time in years, -and I’m trying my best to be okay, to be happy and comfortable, but I simply can’t. There’s something here that’s just wrong, and I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with it. Helena is part of my life, Ernesto. Understand that. -Yes, but mom lives here, you know? -Yes, but this is also dad’s home, and he has a right to get on with his life, Ernesto. -I know you always take his side, but I have just one question, Belén: -What about mom?! -The Hell with her?! Don’t talk to your sister like that, don’t be disrespectful! We live here. Every single day, Ernesto, not only on vacation, like you! You know what? I was willing to stay here! I was willing to drop out of college to stay with mom. But you said no! That you could deal by yourself, with your assistant, and now with your girlfriend! -That is enough! -Mom lives here! -You're wrong! -No, I'm not, Belén. -And I’d like to discuss this with the rest of the family, all six of us. It’s not up to you two to decide, just like that! -This is my life! This is my home! And this is not the way to deal with things as a family. -As a family? -Yes. You want do things as a family? Then let’s ask them. No! Now is not the time, please. So, when? Listen to me, dammit! We’ve been struggling with this for ten years. Ten years! And we’ve been here, nonetheless. And now Helena’s with me, supporting me, keeping me afloat. I do not understand why you think that's a problem! I’m not the one who’s sick, it’s your mother, Aurora. I have to keep on living, whether I want to or not. It’d be best if I died or fell sick, right? But no! I must stay alive and deal with all this. -Ernesto, don’t go! -I have to. I just can’t stay here any longer, Belén. -No, no! -We need to talk, it’s important! No, it’s Christmas, and Helena is here, this is not the time to talk about... Isabel, if you don’t wish to join the conversation, then go sit with your husband. Why don't you and Elizabeth leave? You’re going to shut up. You’re completely out of line! -I want the silence to be over. -What silence? -I want to speak openly! -I always speak openly! -That so? -Yes! -So what happened in the hospital the day I was born? -Ernesto, shut up! -No, enough is enough! It’s Christmas Day! Has this family lost the ability to gather in peace? We’ve never talked about what happened that day, and there’s still many things left to talk about! I think we should drop it, and speak calmly tomorrow. No! Guillo. One question: are you okay with Helena sleeping over? Yes, I am. So am I. Junior, you? I’m not, I’m not okay with it. Okay, Guillo? Guillo, come on… Don’t be a coward, man! -Please shut up! -Let it out! -Shut up! -Don’t do this, Guillo. Just get out of here and leave us alone! Just... Are you insane?! Get out of this house already! -Dad, are you okay? I’m fine, I’m fine. Mom, please stay here. Oh Helena, please forgive us! It’s all so embarrassing. No, don’t worry, really. It’s fine. Take her to her bedroom. Let’s take her, come on. -Yes, please. -Let’s go, doña Aurora. See you, dad. Call me if you need anything. I love you! Give me a kiss. Take care. See you later, mom. See you soon. I love you. I love you, mom. A nice bath and off to bed, doña Aurora. It’s been such a long day. Next week, I'll go by the house to pick up my things, and I’d… ...I’d like to say goodbye to Aurora. Goodbye. No. It doesn't taste of anything. “The Governor of Puerto Rico made a formal announcement at a press conference this morning, stating the Justice department is conducting an investigation regarding alleged favoritism in contracts awarded and complaints of extortion in the Health Department.” No, it’s bland! “The governor claims he has not been summoned by state or federal authorities. Meanwhile, complaints continue…” No! So, who’s gonna feed her now? Because she sure doesn’t want me. I believe it’s public knowledge that my wife, Aurora, is an Alzheimer's patient. Alzheimer's is a degenerative brain disease. Its causes are not known, but there is a very strong genetic component. It begins with problems remembering recent events and progresses until each one of the patient’s memories are stolen away. -There’s complete loss of identity. The disease, however, affects the whole family, especially the spouse. Which is why their moral and ethical, intellectual, social and sexual behaviors must be looked after. -I leave for Barcelona tonight. I can’t take it anymore, I feel trapped. There, now. What can I do for you? Whatever you need. Money? No, Eduardo, thank you, but no. I retired and that pension’s enough to live on. After all, something good had to come from working in public service. Diana… Take care of yourself. You too. Give a hug to Aurora for me, will you? Mister Secretary. Hello. I’ve been waiting for you. -I’m busy, I can’t help you now. Please excuse me. The allegations against me are false. -If that’s so, then you have nothing to fear. -This is all theater; a setup by Washington to prevent Olivencia from being reelected a third term. I wish you all the luck in the world, counselor. Watch your step, doctor. You don’t wish to end up hiding, like your counselor friend. Devote your time to caring for your wife. -Everything okay, doctor? Yes. Hand me the pliers. I need backup in Barbosa Park. Send an ambulance, over and out. -Mrs. Suárez? I’m with a patient. Dad? It’s me, Belén. How are you? Dizzy? The doctor said it was nothing serious. Nausea. Yes, I know. You’ll feel better soon. What? -Your siblings? They should be on their way. Ana’s here. I’m here, daddy. Anita. The doctor said it was nothing serious. He’ll be fine. Ernesto? He should also be on the way. Okay? Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Thirsty. -You’re thirsty? Yes. Should I get some water? -Yes. -Where can I get some water? -Hello? Ernesto. -Yes? Are you okay? -Yes, I’m fine. What is it? It’s dad, he had... -Yes, Junior told me already. You’re not coming to the hospital? -Yes, I already moved up my flight. What? -I’m in Rhode Island. Dad asked about you. -Yeah, I can imagine. -How are you doing? You’re not feeling well? No, I’m fine. I’m fine. -You need anything…? Don’t worry. We’ll talk later. -Okay. Bye. Dad, I’m here. Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I fell asleep. How has she been? She’s cold. Oh, everything hurts. You’re so cold, poor thing. What an uncomfortable position. Done. Let’s pull her up a bit, so she can... Take that side. One, two, and... There you go. [TV: unintelligible] TV: “Special advisor to the governor, Mr. Carlos Abril, was arrested today on charges of extortion and illegal political contributions. The investigation lasted more than a year, owing to the evidence submitted to the Department of Justice by an unidentified individual. As per information provided, Governor Luis Rafael Olivencia has cut all ties to Mr. Abril, claiming he had no knowledge that the recently-convicted advisor was involved in said practices.” Come on in. -What do you think? It's not big… ...but it’s quite bright. The view, however, is spectacular. Wow! When I was boy, I went to the beach with my neighborhood friends. The sea was rough that day… ...a wave caught me off guard and I almost drowned. -I haven’t bathed in the sea ever since. You’d never told me that. Then, moving here could be a good way to get over that fear. Hello! Yes, he’s here with me. -Who is it? Raquel. -What happened? It’s mom. [Unintelligible] See you later, son. He’s so cute! -He looks just like you. Here, be careful. Daddy, please! -Can’t you see he’s crying? Just be careful. -I know how to hold a baby! What’s his name? Ernesto. -It’s so warm, he’s uncomfortable. There, there... Thanks for coming. Of course. Goodbye. ♪ Her love was as potent as a rising wave ♪ ♪ The beach of my love swept it away ♪ ♪ It filled me with such pain ♪ ♪ that all I do now is mourn the sad farewell ♪ ♪ Wave of happiness ♪ ♪ come wash over me again ♪ ♪ To this day, I repeat ♪ ♪ You’re still on my mind ♪ ♪ Wave of happiness ♪ ♪ come wash over me again ♪ ♪ To this day, I repeat ♪ ♪ You’re still on my mind ♪ ♪ The vertigo it caused on my soul ♪ ♪ shook my heart to its core ♪ ♪ I tried to prevent her swift departure ♪ ♪ Her love, which remains so distant ♪ ♪ Wave of happiness ♪ ♪ come wash over me again ♪ ♪ To this day, I repeat ♪ ♪ You’re still on my mind ♪ ♪ Wave of happiness ♪ ♪ come wash over me again ♪ ♪ To this day, I repeat ♪ ♪ You’re still on my mind ♪ ♪ Wave of happiness ♪ ♪ come wash over me again ♪ ♪ To this day, I repeat ♪ ♪ You’re still on my mind ♪ ♪ Wave of happiness ♪ ♪ come wash over me again ♪ ♪ To this day, I repeat ♪ ♪ You’re still on my mind ♪ ♪ I crave a rising wave, the beach of my love ♪ ♪ I’m nothing without her, sobbing like a child ♪ ♪ I crave a rising wave, the beach of my love ♪ ♪ I’m nothing without her, sobbing like a child ♪

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