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V. Ryenouard - ''Holocaust'': A non credible story: The Reinhardt Action

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VINCENT REYNOUARD EDITORIALS ''HOLOCAUST'': A non credible story (The Reinhardt Action) For my last video, I had planned a small development on the ''Reinhardt Action'', ie the alleged extermination of hundred of thousands of Jews in the Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka camps. I suppressed this development at the last minute, because it was not directly linked to Auschwitz and I didn't want my video to be too long. But below my video, an opponent accused me to manipulate short cuts, about and improvisations. Summoned to explain, after a first refusal dismissive, he finally consented but taking just one example, the Zyklon B question. Let me answer you, dear opponent. You put forth the Zyklon B advantages, its efficiency, its easy production in Germany, its volatility while the combat gas were - you say - less easy to produce and made for battlefields. I could easily discuss all these points. I could answer that, contrary to what you write, many combat gas are easy to produce, the chlorine is a common by-product chemistry, sarin, real name: methylphosphonofluoridate, is easy to synthesize. You add that these gases are made for battlefields, you seem to ignore, dear opponent, that there are very different gases, according to the nature of the battlefield. Some are volatile, so the soldiers can immediately enter in the attacked areas, others are heavy to infiltrate the trenches and in shelters, still others, are liquid and have vesicant properties, in order to be used during assaults. In short, state that the gases are made for battlefield means nothing. They are all kinds of them, and some can be used to gas people in a room. As to say that the army remained a priority, Germany had at its disposal 70,000 tons of toxic agents, including some very devastating like sarin or tabin, Therefore, she could easily and safely provide a few tons to Auschwitz. In your improvisations you said that Zyklon B was easy to produce even during the war, during war time restrictions. If that's the case, then why in 1942, the Finnish Army, who had ordered to Germany 15 tons of Zyklon, only received 7 tons? ie less than a half. I add that, from 1943, the shortage accentuated because of the Allied raids, which destroyed factories and transportation routes. It's a quite an orthodox author that reminds it. And what do you say to that letter of June 13, 1944, in which the company, that produced Zyklon B for Auschwitz spoke to convert the disinfection gas chambers, in rooms that would work now with Areginal. Simply because, in March 1944, the Dessau plant, which manufactured the Zyklon B had been bombed. So, Germany was sorely lacking Zyklon B. You see, dear opponent, I could easily refute your allegations. But, I would not engage in such a discussion. Simply because you focus on one argument, while forgetting the rest. Thus, I remind you of the adage, a clumsy argument does not destroy a thesis. Even assuming that you were right about Zyklon B, this would leave intact all of my other arguments that establish the ineptitude of the official story. Therefore, your technique is very dishonest. It is to concentrate on a detail, to forget the basics. Sorry, but I do not go for it. It is all my argument that you need to deconstruct. Thus, you do not do it. Now, I would go further, you write: ''Why use Zyklon B? Reynouard claims that this is evidence of a hoax because finally why not go for another gas? Thus, the reasons are simple: the gassing method experimented so far during operation Reinhardt (well, I let you look, because I will not chew to work neither) is made with carbon monoxide, it is complicated and unreliable.'' Yet, if I believe Raul Hilberg, - the pope of the official story - the three camps of Action Reinhardt would have made 1,5 million dead. And that is what you call killing with a complicated method and unreliable? What impresses me in people of your kind, it's the ease in the contradiction. To justify the use of Zyklon B in Auschwitz, you say that the gassing with carbon monoxide were not reliable. However, I remain convinced that you believe the extravagant figures given for Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. You believe that with a complicated and unreliable method, you say, in a few months Germans killed twice the population of Marseilles. But it is true that with the official story we are going from one contradiction to another. Let's open this book, even today, renowned: The authors explain that end 1941, when German authorities decided the Reinhardt operation, ie extermination of nearly 2,3 million Jews living in the general Government, they sent in the district of Lublin, a dozen men who had organized the T4 operation. ie euthanasia of the mentally ill, to benefit from their experience in the construction and operation of the gassing facilities. I remind you, in fact, that operation T4 would have enabled to kill tens of thousands of mentally ill, most of which, in the ''Gas Chambers''. And you say, dear opponent, that it was complicated and unreliable? So, all T4 operation, tens of thousands of deaths, a field of huge experiments, without success to develop a valid method? Where is the German expertise? So, first contradiction. But the following is even more so. Because it's these people, these incompetents who were not able to develop an easy and reliable method, that the authorities chosen in the hope, this time to gas more than 2 millions people. Second contradiction, you will agree. But, suddenly, these incompetents became elite killers. In a few months, they organized the extermination of 1,5 million people. So, they had to build the necessary camps. Huge, equipped with ''Gas Chambers'' with colossal capacities. But, no! And this is the third blatant contradiction. Because, to exterminate these 2,3 millions people, do you know what those killing experts? To build a small camp of about 300 meter squares (22 acres) equipped with three ''Gas Chambers'' of 344sq/ft each. This was in November 1941. It's there they hoped to exterminate all of those people and bury their remains. 2,3 millions people in this tiny pit. All of this is totally crazy! And do not tell me that they would have thought to burn the corps on pyres. With which fuel please? Taken where? Belzec was an agricultural region. Then the fuel would have been brought from where? We have no trace of delivery. But, Raul Hilberg gives us the solution: The corps were burned in mass graves. So, here we go again with these mass graves, which are only a joke. That said, I continue. 4 months later, in 1942, the killing specialists build another camp. Sobibor, it is assumed that there, they will not commit the same blunder. They will build a large camp with large ''Gas Chambers'' and large crematoria, not inefficient mass graves. Well no, in Sobibor, they only build two ''Gas Chambers'' and even smaller ones, 172 sq/ft each. As for the camps, it was barely bigger. 29,65 acres compared to 22,23 acres in Belzec. End of April or beginning of July 1942, our ''Pieds-Nickel├ęs'' are going to build a third camp. Treblinka. This time we say that they understood. Well, not yet! Like in Sobibor, they only build three ''Gas Chambers'' of 172 sq/ft each. As for its size, it was approximately the same as Sobibor. Is this the German efficiency? But, where are we? In another ''Z'' serie? Maybe, you may answer, that according to Raul Hilberg, from summer 1942, the camps were expanded, especially in term of ''Gas Chambers'', whose number was at least doubled. Therefore, meetings, decisions, orders and approvals were necessary. All these could not but leave traces. But, just at the time to give us details, Hilberg, admits, in a note - only in a note - that no document comes to prove these assertions. Statements relative to the number and sizes of the ''Gas Chambers'', he wrote, existing in each camp, are not based on documents but on memories of witnesses. What do you mean? Not a single document. Not a single piece of paper? In a country where everything was quota, controlled and archived. This is ridiculous. It is so ridiculous that the reality must be another. But yes, indeed, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka were three transit camps, put up in the context of the expulsion of the Jews to the East. And do not say that the revisionists would be unable to demonstrate the reality of this deportation to the East, Before accusing them of incompetence, one must read them. I therefore send you to this book and especially to this chapter: The historical documents demonstrating this are not forgeries. For example, this message of July 1943, emanating from the general staff of Himmler and clearly speaking of a transit camp at Sobibor, this letter was purely internal and not intended neither for publication nor propaganda, so there was no need to lie. But never short of grotesque explanations, Raul Hilberg, tells us that even in their innermost documents German officials hid the reality to allow a psychological discharge. In short, they sent hundreds of thousands to death, but as this idea was poorly supported, everyone spoke a coded language to allow a psychological discharge. ''Uh... How many Jews did you reinstalled today?'' ''Well, in my transit camp, I have reinstalled two thousands.'' Excuse me, but history is written by giving the words their true meaning. From the moment you change the meaning, one enters the anything. This transit camps had ''Gas Chambers'', but disinfection ''Gas Chambers''. Because the stolen Jews belongings were deloused, we know it, thanks to the statement sent to Himmler, and which outlined the progress of the Reinhardt Action. There spoke of disinfected textile, clothing, linen, feathers, mattress and rags. Especially those from patients suffering typhus. I add that if the false witness Gerstein was able to enter at least in one of the Reinhardt Action camp, it is because, as an SS employed in the health teams, he was sent not to gas people, but to disinfect numerous clothing. Naturally, the fact that many Jews have died in these deportations, no one disputes this. Some Jews were falling of exhaustion or illness, others who were simply to week were killed. It is an undeniable reality. Which explains the communal graves discovered after war. But, if they prove the hardness of deportations, they do not demonstrate that they would have been extermination camps, where hundreds of thousands of people were systematically massacred. So, here is the reality on the alleged ''extermination camps'' of the Action Reinhardt. Here again, the falsity of the official story appears when examined with a minimum of critical thinking. Thanks! Syl. Bou., for giving me the opportunity to expose it. Good evening! You like our videos? Then help us continue. 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This video follows the previous one: I demonstrates that the alleged extermination of 1,5 million jews, in the ''extermination camps'' of Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka is a totally crazy story.

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