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Through the implementation of the new service of lab instruments, we were able to reach all the objectives we had set at the beginning. And other objectives that we weren’t able to reach before, because we couldn’t count on the supporting technologies for the activities we wanted to implement. Today, thanks to the technology supplied by Abbott, we were able to bridge this gap and achieve all our objectives. The Abbott CoreLab solution that we installed at the Bassano Hospital, has allowed us to increase the efficiency level. An efficiency level that was already superior compared to standard medical lab facilities. The results have determined also a reduction in costs equal to 11% compared to the historical lab expenditure. Human resources have been employed in a better way by involving them more in process control activities, rather than in manual activities without added value. We have also introduced a new management system for the warehouse, based on the RFID technology, and this has allowed us to better handle our time, and thus reduce costs in human resources, to enhance the management of our supplies and to produce and have always available a real-time inventory. All these improvements have been possible thanks to our enhanced quality and technology. And to Abbott’s availability to become a partner, with which we’re developing a new operational model that puts human resources at the heart of the change process. Human resources recognized for their professionalism and involved in sharing visions and values. With the common goal of supplying to the patient a greater quality service. The impact that the new lab service has had on management stakeholders has been to create awareness that a medical lab service at the forefront of technology and organization, a medical lab service managed in a clinically efficient way, putting the patient’s health at the heart of everything, is a medical lab service that complies with efficiency criteria. But first and foremost, a medical lab service where there is an organizational wellbeing and an appreciation of the human resources provided by the management. Regarding the management of technological resources, we have implemented, thanks to Abbott, a remote and proactive monitoring system of all instruments, thus, before a malfunction of the instruments occurs, we already have the relevant logs and the company can send a technician to perform a preventive maintenance before the malfunction occurs and, thus, anticipating the machine downtime. The lab tender has been managed in order to have suitable instruments for the current medical lab work load. And yet in a modular way, in order to be able to take care of possible future developments, and increases in the work load, by adding other modules to the technology, to the instruments already available at the lab. With this view in mind, we never stand still and we always look to the future.

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