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What is SiteCatalyst

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[♪music♪] [ADOBE® TRAINING SERVICES - For Omniture® Technology] Hi, everybody, this is Doug. I am the Curriculum Manager at the Omniture® Business Unit at Adobe® and today I want to talk to you about SiteCatalyst, and really the most basic of questions--what is SiteCatalyst? Well, SiteCatalyst is the web analytics tool of Omniture® of Adobe®, and SiteCatalyist is really part of a larger entity. SiteCatalyst is part of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite, and so you'll see it right there in the Analyze section, and it's really foundation upon which all these other products are built. Now, Omniture® SiteCatalyst provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives. In other words, it tells you about what's going on on your site and with your marketing. It also helps marketers quickly identify the most profitable paths through their website, determine where visitors are navigating away from their site, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns, and we're going to look at a few of those in just a minute. So what you'll see here is that SiteCatalyst is right at the top here of what we call our pinwheel, and when you log in to the Omniture Suite of products-- again, which I'll show you here in just a second-- you'll see SiteCatalyst there and you can click right into it. And you'll see all these other products that are part of the Online Marketing Suite, that you could also click into as well. So again--in a nutshell--SiteCatalyst's job is to help you understand and measure what is happening on your site and really with your online presence overall, so that you can optimize it--so that you can better your marketing, so that you can better your site and really improve the conversion on your site and get people to do more of what you want them to do on your site. And so here's a quick screen shot, but I'm going to take you into the product in a minute, anyway. The point of SiteCatalyst here is you go in, you'll be able to see that you get reports to answer everything from really basic questions to more intricate questions, and you'll see here that this is a very simple way just to see how much traffic is coming to your site. We can go into a Site Metrics folder and choose a Page Views Report and it will just give us the number of page views for any given time. Now, how does this really work? I'm not going to go too far into the code or too deep in this overview video, but just so you have a higher level of understanding of what's going on, here's how data is collected. Obviously, if you're the visitor on your computer, you dial up a web page and the web server sends you a page. Well, on this page, SiteCatalyst code has been implemented, okay? Obviously, you can't really see it--it's behind the scenes there, it's in JavaScript, but nevertheless--it executes, and basically it picks up a whole bunch of things-- some things that are specific to the page, some things that are specific to the site, or to the browser, etc. And so it's going to say, well, I'm on this page, and here's the browser they're using and everything like that, and it wraps it all up in a nice package and it sends it to the Omniture® data center. You'll see it does not go back through the web server, okay? It sends it directly from the enduser to the Omniture® data center. This data center then processes that data, puts it in a bunch of tables and makes it available in Omniture® reports so that you can see what is going on. This helps us really get a good understanding of what's happening at the end-user's computer, so we're not really taking data from the web server-- we're seeing what's happening on the visitor's computer and processing that into reports. So let's take a quick look at what that looks like. Here is the Omniture® Suite login page, as soon as you've logged in, and you can see all the different products here and if I select SiteCatalyst, I can click either on the word or the icon or up here-- same thing--and it goes into SiteCatalyst. And when you get into SiteCatalyst, you'll be able to see a homepage here, and you can set a dashboard or a group of reports, or a specific report, which is called a Bookmark--as your default page so that you don't have to just have instructions--you can log right in and see your most important report or set of reports. Now, you'll see here I'll run that Page Views Report that we saw in the screenshot, and you can see how easy it is to get reports, okay? So there you go--we have a report and we can see now for the month of January so far, how many page views have come into our site. And so some of the other things you will be able to tell in SiteCatalyst is other Metrics, like Visitors and Visits, how much traffic overall, what pages they're looking at or groups of pages, If you have video on your site, you'll be able to see what they're watching, the mobile traffic to your site, how people are pathing through your site, how they're getting to your site, what campaigns are bringing them there as well, If you're an e-commerce site, what products you're selling. Also, if people are coming back to your site, a lot about the visitor--where they are geographically and what technology they're using, like browsers; things like that. And also a bunch of custom things that maybe have been set up for you on your site. So that's just a really quick overview of what SiteCatalyst is. Go ahead and watch some of the other videos to get more details. Thanks. [Adobe®]

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In this episode, you will find out what the Adobe SiteCatalyst product is, and how it can help you.

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