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I - What is Auschwitz - 5/ Aerial pictures (5-15)

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Another argument is to take the official thesis as it is presented to us. This is the book "Say it to your Children" "Shoah story in Europe" which was distributed for free in many schools in France. The authors wrote: "The great crematoriums especially built with the most modern techniques of the time (there were 4, all equipped with gas chambers)." became operational in the summer of 1943. This is naturally crematoriums 2 and 3; and 4 and 5 in the camp of Birkenau. The authors continue: "The massive killing process culminated in the spring and summer of 1944, when repairs and improvements enabled the crematoriums to process up 12,000 Jews, daily, arriving from Hungary. During this period, 3 or 4 convoys delivered every day a loading of 3,000 to 3,500 people." Let's go back precisely to this picture: So this is the scene, that, according to the official thesis, Birkenau would have offered in the spring and summer of 1944. Intense activity around the crematoriums, victims who enter, probably piles of clothes of the dead and above all, chimneys constantly spitting smoke. But, one must know that the Allies took pictures of Birkenau several times during this period. The 3 pictures here on the screen were taken by Allied airplanes on: May 31 ; August 25 and September 13, 1944 above Birkenau. i.e. at a time where it is said, Germans exterminated en masse. Let's look at them: May 31, 1944 No activity around the crematoriums. No victims, no piles of clothes and especially, no smoke. August 25, 1944 Same observation. All is quiet. No victims, no piles of clothes, and no smoke coming out the chimney. September 13, 1944 Same observation. All is quiet. No victims, no piles of clothes, and especially, no smoke coming out the chimney. These shots are enough to demonstrate the absurdity of the official thesis. Let's go further, and assume that, by an unfortunate coincidence, the Allies have always photographed Birkenau during break time. But still, according to the official thesis, during spring and summer 1944, about 1,500 people were murdered daily in crematoriums 2 and 3. Knowing that 50 kg of coke is required to burn one body, 1,500 per crematorium would have required 70 tons of coke per day, and per crematorium in Birkenau. Now, on the screen you see a picture taken above Monowitz, an Auschwitz annex where chemical plants were in activity. You see in the top right a pile of coke of 150 tons. We have placed a picture of this pile of coke, reduced at the same scale, and a picture of crematoriums 2 and 3 of Birkenau, taken by the Allies during the summer 1944. One should see in front of these two crematoriums a pile of coke of 70 tons, i.e. equivalent to half of that which is enclosed in yellow. But, in vain one can scrutinize, one can't see nothing. The total lack of activity around the crematoria 2 and 3; the lack of smoke coming out the chimney; and especially the lack of coke in front of these crematoriums, confirm the official thesis absurdity according to which more than 700,000 people would have been murdered in these two crematoriums between 1943 and 1944. Translated and subtitled by didi18

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I - Qu'est-ce que Auschwitz - 5 les photos aériennes (5-15) - YouTube (360p)

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