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A workshop with Eric Hamel, Liberator | Un atelier avec Éric Hamel, Libérateur

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How do you give gas? It happens that the gas the physical body needs is the vital energy. This energy has another name, it is Love. So how do you give Love? The heart is Love. It happens that the joints in the human body, are entries and exits of energy. Could it be that the hand is a perfect place for that? There are many joints in the hand. And in the middle here, there is a big one. The hands and the arms, are the extension of the heart. To love someone, we have no choice, but to open our arms. When someone has his arms crossed, there is not much Love coming out. You've probably seen statues of Jesus standing? What does he have in his hands? He has in his hands hearts, and light. And he has a big heart here, and light. What does it show? It shows that it was Love coming out of the hands. It was with that, he healed the sick. Is it dull that we haven’t been told that? Today it's more than I want to give you the experience. It's really important to practice. It's not as if I give you the information, the knowledge, and then you back at home with this, and do nothing with it. No, that's not what we should do. We must put it into practice right away. And there you will see the results. And that will encourage you to continue practicing. Now, I invite you to close your eyes. And feel what happens in the energy with what we will do. We will put things at their place exactly. And it will allow the energy to flow better. So the first thing I need to do is to ask for the presence and assistance of the Masters, the Guides, ... ..., The Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels and all the Beings of Light who wants to accompany us. So, what touched me the most. It seems that the less we know, the more we know. In the sense that I was with strangers, I do not know anyone except my wife. To touch other people like that, and feel, and live this experience there, it's fantastic. And I hope there will be experiences like that a lot more often! In fact, there are several projects that I try to create and I have a little difficulty. If you ever have ideas and you want to participate. One of these projects is to have a Winnebago and drive through Quebec and elsewhere, to do teachings. So I'll be with you and others a lot more. That's one way. The other way is that I want to create a free health center in Quebec. What I desire to create is a place where people can come. And if they need to spend several days, several nights, they can sleep there, for free. And they can eat there for free. When I was on the table, my eyes closed, I heard two sounds. I did not know where it was coming from. It was not something that was bothering me. But when I was standing then I saw, and what I've seen is you breathing. How do you get, all that oxygen, and then the expiration of that? There are several reasons. As I explained, breathing is the #1 vital energy pump. So I have practiced, a lot, a lot, and a lot. It made my lungs bigger. It was not like that at the beginning, at all, at all. The other thing is that you can feel that there is something coming out of there. But it's true! There are people who see white light coming out of my mouth when I expire. Well, I saw something and it looked like smoke. Yes exactly that's it! I thought I was crazy! No! You are not crazy! I felt much, much, emotions, enough to flow for me to cry, but I restrained myself, and the tears flowed. I felt that a lot in the solar plexus. That's a very strong impression I got. The second stage, when we did the imposition of hands on people, my hands became hot. I do not know that's new to me. I realized that when I stopped breathing, my hands became cold. But when I started recalling what you had told us, the light that passes over our heads and in our arms, ... It's as if I was sleeping, but awake. And then the heat in my hands again. So I think at this point, do I send the heat somewhere to send energy? Or like you when you are breathing, do you take the pain of a person, and that’s what you expire? It's very good as question. First, I do not visualize anything. It does not happen at all in visualization for me. I let myself go as much as possible, because I realized that when I try to control something, ... ..., it is the opposite that happens, it blocks the energy. So we have to let go as much as possible. When you fall in a state of trans, half asleep, it’s great! Because here you do not block anything, and it passes. I think what attracted me here is because in 2007, my father, they gave him 24 hours to live. Because he suffered a stroke and the pressure has settled in his brain. And they said, you better come right away because he will die. I told myself, he's going to die, I will put my hands on his head. And I will try to understand what is happening there, without nothing. And then, I felt a poof! And here I thought I could leave now, it's okay, I tried, I understood something, I was very happy. After that, they said, we do not know what happened, but it is a miracle. I did not say this to anyone. I told myself that probably it was not me. And that's why when you came with "I can heal people", I was attracted. I feel like maybe I did it at this time. It is clear, because the way you explain it, you said: "I do not know why, he was finished, he would die, and there it was telling me to put my hands on his head just to see" "And go out to try to understand what is that does not work in there" What were you actually doing? You were paying attention to the problem. And at one point it did paouf! Hey well, the problem was blown! Yes, that's exactly it! You have put the vital energy that was needed in order to blow it. And when it has blown, you said, well I have nothing else to do, I'm leaving. Well, you must know how it works. This is because you have already done that before! You knew how it worked! Continue, because the guides are telling me that you have a very great power, you ignore.

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Duration: 9 minutes and 40 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Dany Papineau
Director: Eric Hamel
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Posted by: 88erichamel88 on Jan 13, 2012

This documentary video is to show a realistic portrayal of workshops given by Eric Hamel in order to awake people to their own healing potential.
Ce vidéo documentaire ce veut un portrait réaliste des ateliers que donne Éric Hamel dans le but d'éveiller les gens face leur potentiel d'auto-guérison.

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