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Youth and Today's Generation (Part 2). Sadhguru

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so... cultures are always evolving you can not preserve a culture you must understand this you can enhanse a culture, but you can not preserve a culture because culture is always evolving no culture can be preserved at any time you have to put the population on a freeze if you want to preserve the culture don't talk about preserving the culture, enhance your culture so that its worth being like that. Yes! you must make it worth being like that. isn't it ? you presented yourself so badly, miserably everybody wants to turn to western when.. see the language we are speaking isn't it? so..its not that youth are particulary going off the away always, the adults, the older generation thought the youth are going off the way every generation think so.. your father thought so about you your grand father thought so about your father, his father thought so about him. isn't it so? isn't that so?.. nothing new about it. same old problem don't create a problem..just understand youth are still uncreated they are trying to create themselves if you want them, if you have something truly valuable to offer to their value of creating themselves offer it they will imbibe it in their own way, not the way you imbibe it they need not imbibe it the same way as you imbibe it they will imbibe it in their own way now.. you thought. or you still believe, it is proper to shave off all this and just leave this they think it is proper to shave off all this and just leave this you know.. I don't see any problem you think he is freaky. I think you are also freaky you not naturally either.. aren't you you freaky too, you shaved everything and just left this its quite funny they are shaving everything and leaving something here its ok ! things are changing. if you don't want to meddle with life you must be like me... you are not ready for that.. so let don't force them cut it which ever way they want.. whats the hassle every generation, this is been the problem parents think their children are looking too freaky Yes.. your grand father was probably just wearing an anga vastram and walking arround when you wore a shirt, he would have suffered so much what is happening to my son.. or my grand son he is going the english way Yes.. would he have suffered or no he would have suffered a lot that is so.. all the times

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru shares his thoughts on today's youth, the current generation and the trend of Westernization. (AO9-P2)

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