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I hope that everyone here starts to tell the people around you that you know a crazy guy and his mane is Tien-Sheng Hsu Why is he considered crazy? Because he declares that all human beings are gods' children He declares that all the human beings are half human half god! He declares that all the human beings biologically come from our parents, but with consciousness and spirits descended from all gods! He declares that in the future the mankind will have to recover their inner love, wisdom, empathy, creativity and psychic ability now, we are going to read the book of today The Seth Material This is the deliverer of Seth material Jane Roberts' autor's preface Here he referred the time is Feb, 29, 1968 Ruburt then closed his eyes after a while when he opened his eyes they turned much darker and he started to speak for Seth Everyone, this is the origin of Seth books Seth, with a fast and characteristic gesture threw Ruburt's glasses onto the floor He examined carefully and actutely at every student His voice was low but loud more like a male instead of a female's vioce Then they had a spontaneous Seth session and introduced Seth to the students For the same purpose He introduces Seth to us, the readers that never heard Seth's vioce So I am asking you to imagine that we simultaneously are having a Seth session, ok? Seth wants to tell us that our joy does not depend on our youth The olderly can be very happy as everyone else Because Seth is not young at all I told everyone before that Seth said that he had been existing before the Earth So he is at least fifty billions years old at least, let's say, because the Earth is fifty billions years old Before the Earth was born Seth had been there So he is at least fifty billions years old So Seth is not young at all He comes here to tell us that our joy is not subject to the physical body you still exist without your body your joy is still there Everyone, you can simply see Seth as a godhood consciousness It is so-called godhood cocnsciousness We are what Seth is So everyone here is part of the consciousness of godhood You are part of the consciousness of godhood So I just said Everyone of Seth family will convoke a movement which is recognize where you're from and who you are Every human being needs to go back to the godhood from where you came from Seth said he came here only for one reason To let us feel his energy And when you feel this energy you'll k now that Seth is speaking from a dimension beyond our knowledge We are just like him, without physical form It's just that we're using this toll - our body The reason why we're using it is that we have to come to Earth to learn We're gods descending from heaven Gods that have gained physical body Gods that have begun the reincarnation Gods that come to experience the good and bad of humanity Gods that come to Earth to conceive and raise children Gods that get jealous, angry and worried and narrow-minded But we're already over-identified with our humanity Now it's time to recognize where we're from, and who we are Everyone, please listen carefully Think about it, when all the human beings recognize where we're from face and accept our humanity and embrace it into our godhood Well then all the human beings will not only start to practice our humanity and our godhood Then what do you think the future of Earth is? It will be the kingdom of gods Do you know what I mean? It will be the "Heaven on Earth" described in the Buddihism When we lives as the way we were mean to live The earth that we project in the future will be the "Heaven on Earth" Because the outside is the projection of the inside When what we change is ourselves We acknowledge that we are children of gods we acknowledge the self of godhood inside of us our world will be the kingdom of gods, the heaven on Earth Everyone, in the past Since you know the godhood of yourself the Buddhism of yourself I'm saying to all of you that I don't expect too much of us the Seth family but you will be the group of people that practice miracle on Earth And when you do, you'll ask "is this natural?" Well, we're half human, half god If you don't believe what I'm saying, Go ask another member of Seth family Do you know what I'm saying? The cancer patients here get cured, it's not really something But just a part of miracles Yes! Because god is inside of us! It's inside of us, ok? We cannot blame our misfortune on gods on the society or our parents Because before this life has been brought into our body we choose the situation which we were going to be born into and the challenges that will be the most beneficial to our development isnt it? What I'm saying is that let's not complain Because you have chosen before you were born And you have chosen the challenges that are most helpful to your development So we've mentioned in the group therapy of cancer patients the other day when you think of making money Just one sentence, very simple one Listen carefully Take "I'll make a lot of money" for granted Take " I'll live with a lot of money in hand" for granted When you have earned a lot of money take "donate half of it to Seth Educational Foundation" for granted Ok, everyone You want to get recovered from cancer or diabetes or high blood pressure You have to take "being healthy" for granted Listen carefullly The are in which you feel a lot of pain is the specific area that you come to learn That you create your own reality All your challenges are trying to manifest this sentence Each and everyone has a particular are of chanlleges It's not that everyone runs into the challenges because he has bad luck Do you understand me? Some of you have problems in your love relationship But you have very high quality friendship Some of you have very bad relationship with your parents of children But you go outstandingly well with your colleagues Do you understand? You don't fall in every area you are not miserable You are just here to learn You may learn well in certain area However, in every life there must be some area in which you feel a lot of pain For example, people with cancer are studying "health" in this life People with parent-child problems That's what you are studying during this life studying what? I create my own reality You understand? So in every area of challenges All you need to do is go back to the original purpose of those challenges Here, it is the key So everyone, in every life You'll set a critical challenge our inner sacrate self knows it knows everything By studying Seth books We will regain our psychic ability OK? So everyone, first, please start to see yourself as a crazy guy Second, tell everyone around you that you met a crazy guy and spread out our crazy guy theory

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Dr.Hsu 許添盛醫師談當人類認出自己的神性,啓動愛、智慧、慈悲、創造力與神通,即能在地球上創造健康、快樂、幸福與豐盛.


"20110822 賽斯書-靈界的訊息 @新店 "~

Dr.Hsu許添盛醫師主講 ~


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