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Going through an airport is a stressful experience emotionally. When you track that emotional journey, we do everything we can to reduce the stress, let people enjoy the experience a bit more. We are dealing with 250,000 passengers every single day. The 400 companies, 90 airlines, 1,500 flights, 75,000 people that support Heathrow, all need orchestrating, organizing, planning in a predictive manner. That takes a huge amount of data. Every single day, we are handling disruption as part of our normal business. The challenge we have is giving the right data to the staff, predicting this disruption. So there is no point knowing about this in real time, we have to know about it several hours ahead of time. We took a look at what do we need from a strategic platform to handle the data and the requirements that are emerging over the airport. When we looked at all the different platforms available, Microsoft came out as a clear winner. We focused on Power BI to provide the data to the frontline colleagues who are making the decisions on a day-to-day basis. We have a range of employees both internal and third-party external who need that data, whether they are on a bus, in the terminals, or a baggage hall. They need to have access to that information so that they can quickly understand what needs to be done and when and where. The real opportunity and part of the reason that we chose Power BI is the seamless integration and experience. The real benefit to the colleagues across the airport and part of the whole ecosystem is it is making a huge difference in their ability to make decisions ahead of an event so they are not having to react to something that is happening now. It takes a lot of stress away from their job. We plan a problem to disappear before the passenger knows there is a problem so their experience is seamless and so they can come through Heathrow with no interruption. That is our job, and that is why we are here.

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