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rav berg zohar behar bechukotai 2002 edited 2017

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So long friends, it´s nice to be with you again this week in which the reading will be Behar and Bechukotai. The two final sections or portions of the scroll of Leviticus. The kabbalist for whom time, space and motion meaning last year or 1,000 years sense, 5,000 years sense for these kabbalists who divided up the sections of the scroll because the original scroll as one had noticed there is no dividing as we know it in our books that we use. They created this division and so therefore we should understand that there was a purpose in designating the amount of verses that would appear in this section or another section. It was not just an arbitrary figure that they chose because sometimes we´ll have like in Deuteronomy we´ll have section that only have 30 verses and then in Numbers, we´ll go up to 174. 176. And in the first section known as Behar, there are 57 verses. 57. It becomes quite obvious that immediately as we noticed the amount of verses that will be included in this particular section, it tells us. This is for whatever reason the kabbalist understood the purpose of which is sustenance. As so, in a very general way you come to listen to Behar for that purpose. And strangely enough, Bechukotai the second section that is included in the reading has 78 verses. Again, for the student of Kabbalah we know what the number 78 represents three times the Tetragrammaton, three times 26. The numeral value of that most powerful tool. The Yud Hei Vav Hei. The most powerful tool, the Tetragrammaton which is that physical, yet non-physical lettering of the name of God which means, it´s that dimension of connection between this physical universe, physical me and the dimension of the Lightforce of God. And so, we have three times: right, left and central columns. Three times that dimension. The balance of this kind of energy that we have an opportunity to access into. So this is kind of another piece of information for those of you who may never have heard the idea as to why the sections were divided by the kabbalists as they are. It was not just ... get to divide up, we can´t read the entire scroll. in all in one Shabat and therefore, they did what they did. No. That was a very precise thinking that went into this division. And it begins by saying that And God said do Moses on the Mont Sinai the following and it goes on ... the section goes on to discuss the land of Israel. Well, many of us or hopefully all of us are precisely aware that on Mont Sinai, they were what we refer to in Kabbalah as the Ten Utterances for those who are unfamiliar with the true meaning of what happened at Revelation at Mont Sinai you´ve heard a remark as Ten Commandments. So there were many commandments or utterances that were mentioned at the temple now at Revelation. And now the first verse which says: This is what God told Moses on Mont Sinai and goes into a whole procedure, a whole processing concerning the land of Israel. But there were many other things like "Thou shalt not steal", "Thou shalt not kill". These were other aspects of the laws of the universe. in addition to the land of Israel. In Kabbalah, we have come to grips with the idea of you have an immaterial God or the immaterial posse of the Lightforce of God. Now, coming to be joined together with humans, trees, fish and every other aspect in which the Lightforce of God makes its presence felt. Even in an animal, even in a rock. You ask a scientist today what is the connection between the human being and a rock. Same atoms. Same atoms are included in this physical body. So too you´ll find those same atoms in a rock. And so we´ve got this physical nature now, hopefully being connected to the Lightforce of God to be embuded with that energy, with that force. that can remove caos, darkeness, etc. All of these instruments. Weather that be religion weather that be commendaments. How ever you interpret the formation, the creation of a religion the ultimate purpose, the ultimate goal is what? Ultimate goal. "Thou shalt not steal", "Thou shalt not kill". was not the goal. Because those things exist when there darkeness in the world but the ultimate goal was with these restrictions. Do not steal. Do not kill. was to bring the consciousness of man in an acceptable position as he could or she could tap into the Lightforce of God because that´s the purpose of all this. In the dissemination, in this personable Lightforce of God. into every aspect. And that was done through this wholly city. Wholly meaning it was an instrument or as I like to refer to this wholly aspect as WHOLLY. It was just the creation of whollyness Whollyness meaning what? Combining what? Combining the Lightforce the immaterial non-physical aspect of the Lightforce of God with the physical reality as we know and thereby create such an infusion of Ligh that ultimately the darkeness, the caos, as we understand it would be ultimately and completely removed from our lives.

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