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The Wisdom Years - Silver College

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Japan is at the forefront of a global ageing trend and is facing a challenge that no other country has ever experienced. According to the Japanese government twenty percent of the population is over sixty-five and the majority now live in the cities. As the globes population ages, Science will find new ways to prolong our longevity. However we now understand a healthy long life, also relies on the ability to maintain strong ties with family, community and our society. So for example, if your told, at sixty-five you are old, no longer do you have a place in work. There has not been some dramatic biological change between sixty-four and sixty-five but society has defined people in a certain way and that will actually effect the individuals functioning. Understanding the need to support its recently retired citizens Kobe City created Silver College in 1993. At Silver College, its students are encouraged to find a post-retirement purpose by building new study interests and social ties. Its a unique environment where you need to be over fifty-seven to enrole. Recent retiree Mr Marugami, who discovered the college through an old collegue, plays tennis, studies Inetrnational Relations co-operation and grows organic vegetables People over sixty still have a lot of energy if people can take advantage of their skills An aged society can be more progressive and the country will gain energy as well. Its not limited to Japan, but countries all over the world will move in this direction. Many of Silver College's alumni, work as community volunteers like them most people over sixty-five are still healthy and are willing to work in family, community activities and in the workforce.

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Country: Japan
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Producer: United Nations University Media Studio
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Posted by: unuchannel on Aug 22, 2008

In Japan, one of the richest, most technological and urbanized countries in the world, more than 20% of the population is now over 65. This is part of a global ageing trend that has serious consequences for our economy and society.

The Wisdom Years documentary offers glimpses into the urban lives of 70, 90 and 100 year old Japanese people and their secrets to maintaining physical, mental and social health. Through scientific breakthroughs, and these everyday stories, we witness the transformation of the senior citizen in the 21st Century.

A series of documentaries under the UNU Project on Library of e-Case Studies and Documentaries and the World Health Organization Kobe Centre Healthy Urbanization Project.

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