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Judy Sheppard on Ellen TV show 10/09/09

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Eleven years ago, this week, people everywhere including me were shocked and saddened by the murder of Matthew Sheppard, who was killed because he was gay since that our next guest has worked thoroughly to promote equality and acceptance and has written a book and it is called "the Meaning of Matthew". Please welcome Matthew's mother : Judy Sheppard. (Glad to see you) (Thank you so much) Hi Judy Hi Ellen I'm so happy to have you here ! Oh, it's my pleasure, totally, thank you so much ! Thank you. Hum... It is, I'm sure, very difficult but please remind people if they had not heard the story what happened to Matthew. Well, in October 1998 Matthew accepted a ride from a couple of young men who ... to rob him, and then ... they tied him to a fence outside of Laramie, Wyoming, and let him there to die. He was found eighteen hours later, and he passed away four days later. Hum...It was a story, that I mean, It is still hard for me. It's hard for me too. Because, it was right up when I came out; And I thought... I wanna share with you that Mat' was so proud of you when you did, he called me : "Mum, you can believe it" Hum... Well, It's one of the reason I believe in doing it, It's just we need more examples, we need more people to go, well... they seem ok, and they are happy and they found love and they are successful. And it was just to have a setting of when I heard about it. So Matthew was left tied to a fence post in freezing temperature, and someone found him the next morning, the sheriff I think, And in your book, uh I think we all find out for the first time that we was not alone that night while he was dying. Tell people what happened.

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Judy Sheppard talked about his book The meaning of matthew and about his foundation on Ellen TV show

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