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Federico Pistono Interview on Brazilian TV Tudo+

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Technology enthusiasts, developers, and company representatives the whole world in one place it's bits, a trade show which happens at the event center of fiergs until tomorrow we're speaking with Italian, journalist and scientist, Federico Pistono Pistono who participates in this event good evening, Federico my pleasure pleasure, it's good to have you here Federico who last time was here was struggling speaking portuguese and now it's better then before yes, I speak a bit speak a bit he is also the author of robots will steal your job but that's ok robots will steal your job but that's ok but it's ok it's ok, no problem but tell me something, Federico, this meeting about technology that happens here in Porto Alegre until tomorrow, makes our city some kind of capital in regards to this topic, is that right? yes, it has a very interesting conference, where many people think about the future of society and about solutions to problems exchange of experience, it's important, isn't it? yes, I had a presentation today you had a presentation today what was it about? it was about the future of technology, and exponential innovation right, that topic which you talk about, the future of technology, developed during the internship you did at nasa, right where you try to visualize what technology will be in the following decades, right? yes, technology advances in a non-intuitive way, because we think linearly yes but technology advances exponentially, it's faster faster than we can think but what to do when it's man, the one responsible for the advancement of technology? thinking linearly, isn't there a paradox? it is a paradox, we have to talk about it, there has to be an open discussion on these issues, on these themes ... yes, this is why I wrote the book ... I have another book, it's about science fiction you have a book about science fiction? yes it's a novel a tale of two futures two futures, that's a reference to a tale of two cities which compared London to Paris of the time, right? with different realities two parallel futures, a very bad one bad, simple, with little development? no, no, it has perverted technology, strictly controlled, by corporations and governments yes, where they control the technology and another future, a much more open future, where technology helps people yes, and it's controlled by them too? it is controlled by the people yes, people control the technology it's open source which is the idea behind linux and others which would be the idea that exists today, and we're talking about the internet, about technology and programming is the source of everything, so it would be that code would be open for everyone to work with you're for it, right? an open source internet, you are for it? oh, yes, i am for it, bits conference was the association for open source software oh, perfect they did a very good job Federico, I'm going to give you a little break he speaks Italian, English, as well as Spanish, and he's studying portuguese

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Posted by: 4v4l0n42 on May 16, 2013

Federico Pistono entrevistado ao vivo na TV brasileira por Sara Bodowsky no canal Tudo + durante sua turnê brasileira de conferências, tocando em Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro.

Federico Pistono interviewed live on Brazilian TV by Sara Bodowsky on channel Tudo+ during his Brazilian tour of conferences, touching Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo,
Rio de Janeiro.

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