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Alex Jones: Obama's Executive Order facilitates martial-law

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Well, an Executive Order signed by President Obama has sparked controversy on both sides of the political isle The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order was signed quietly, friday night (March 16 2012) It gives the President power to control US resources in times of war AND peace. This includes food, water, oil and transportation. Now some are concerned that this could lead to executive branch having absolute authority over the nations resources and others question if this is all in preparation to go to the war with Iran Here is White House press secretary Jay Carney's answer to that question on the press conference There are some online comentaries that say that this the executive the power to allocate energy, food, water in either peace time or wartime and there are some conservative lines that are pushing the notion that this suggest that the White House is preparing for war with Iran Can you explain what this executive order was? Well i cannot explain that reaction to it, i think it was a fairly standard and routine.. ..piece of business So is this just business as usual or does it give to the executive branch an unprecedented amount of power? To talk more about this, radio host, Alex Jones, joins me now from Austin Hi Alex, nice to see you. So, we just heard the White House there, they are brushing this off.. ..saying its not really a big deal, but should americans be alarmed? Americans should be extremely alarmed. Look at the NDAA, where President is saying he can secretly kill Americans.. ..and have bags put over our heads and have us thrown into a black vans to dissapear forever.. ..or look at the TSA at the airports groping people, look at the drones in our skies, look at army checkpoints.. ..the end of Posse Comitatus. What is dangerous about this cold war era emergency legislation.. that it was basicaly for a nuclear war, and it is for the government taking over infrastructure.. notice Carney didn't deny that, he just says this is business as usual. The difference is that they are taking that out of the deep freeze, and trying to ?roll? it out. And the President said last year during the Libya war, that hey, I don't need Congress approval to launch this war.. ..and than, two weeks ago, they told Congress, the Secretary of Defense did.. I don't need your authorization, the President doesn't need it, to go into Syria.. We will do it if we want, because the UN gives us permission. So we have a President and others saying they take orders from the UN.. ..and they are taking legislation designed for when US is under NUCLEAR attack, and everything has been destroyed basicaly.. ..and saying, we are going to use this in peace time. So that is the difference. And we see the President shutting down power plants without congressional approval, so his buddies make more money with their power plants, they are left on.. ..we see the President nationalising General Motors, giving tens of trillions to foreign banks, we see the President signing legislation to charge people with felonies if they protest at national security events.. All of this is a part of an acceleration - it was incremental, now it is an acceleration - towards classical tyrany.. And so we would be insane, if we weren't concerned about this new Executive Order. Now Alex, for justification, when there has been a similar Executive Order in the past when President signed them.. ..they could be used - these special powers - can be used during times of an emergency, but as you just mentioned.. ..this is special, this is different, because this allows the President to excercise this authority in times of peace.., what does this mean, when can the President now use the absolute control? Well, the President may try to implement this, but its still unconstitutional, its still illegal. They can pass the NDAA saying they can kill me and no one ever knows where i went you know.. ..literarly blow my head off, tie a chain around me, throw me into the ocean.. They are saying they have that power, I say its illegal, I say it is a violation of a Common Law, Bill of Rights, Constitution.. ..but yes, you are right, the difference here is they are saying hey, we can do this for any.. ..economic emergency, or anything else, not just during a major world war. And so this is why this is so unprecedented and so incredibly dangerous, and thats why so many people are concerned about it. They just want to bring those powers in, and than have people not challenge it. They dont like the fact that they are trying to power grab right now, ahead of all these new wars they want to start.. ..And people are standing up to this and saying this is wrong, including Congress. A legislation has been introduced by Walter Jones from North Carolina.. ..that if Obama launches new wars in Syria or other areas, without congressional approval, that Impeachement begins. That has not been on ANY globalist corporate new world order media here in the United States.. ..not ABC, not FOX, not CNN, none of them have covered that Impeachment preceedings have begun.. Look, there are major power grabs happening, and if we don't stand up and decry them, we are all in serious, serious danger. Now you have mentioned war, and you heard the reporter ask the question that perhaps this is all in preparation for war with Iran You have heard some laughs there but, could that be part of the motivation behind this executive order? Yeah, think about that. Everyone knows that Israel says they are getting ready to strike Iran. There are open disscusions of it. They have got special forces and proxy groups blowing up military bases in Iran now. Thats on record. And we see the President putting the US on the war footing and signing a declaration.. ..that allows the grabbing of the entire infrastructure, that's what it says. And people say, does this have to do with Iran.. ..and people laugh like we are strange, because we are actually keeping our eye on the ball. But that is the biggest sign there, that you know how close we are towards this new war. They are sending Russian troops into Syria, the Russian ships are there docked.. All of this. China, the Chineese President, two months ago said "Prepare for the war with the US" China has NEVER talked like that! I mean the world is RACING towards a giant conflict.. ..and the system doesn't want the people to know about this or be part of the debate. They want to just say, "Oh, there is not going to happen anything with Iran, ha ha.. ..that's crazy that there might be a war. Oh, we are saying we will secretly kill citizens if we want, and use the military on them.. ..oh, its crazy not like that.." Again, they don't want us to be awake to this, they don't want us.. be discussing this, because we might be able to stop this madness. So you think it might be a little bit of an uncomfortable laughter One thing that was rising eyebrows is timing of this order. It was signed at late friday night before St. Patric's day, do you find the timing strange at all Alex? Well, its clear that they didn't want the public debating this or looking at this, just like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).. ..was signed in the afternoon on New Year's Eve December 31, 2011, Obama had said he didn't want to sign it, and than it turned out.. ..he demanded that the provision for secret arrest of citizens and secret killing and torture be added.. know people ask: "Is this a martial law?" YES, we have been under a soft form of martial law.. ..with secret arrest, warrantless spying, protesters getting beaten up, all of these types of things going on.. ..for a long, long time. Now they are telling us the torture is good, secret arrest of citizens is good, the government taking over infrastructure is good, they don't deny all this stuff we warned people about forever being real now, you know, before they laughed at you and.. said it wasn't real, now it's real, but you are still a conspiracy theorist if you dont trust them. Well than all the founding fathers of this country were conspiracy theorist, and the last thing i want to say is this.. Throughout history, governments have gotten out of control and hurt people. And I want everybody to understand that this is not even America doing this. The same banks you see openly appointing Presidents and Prime Ministers in Europe, the same megabanks that are announcing the world government, are the people that have captured America. Its these oligarchs.. ..that are doing this, while they sit off shore, playing our nations off against each other.. We need to come together against the New World Order global crime banking syndicate.. And restore our countries sovereignty before World War III is started.. And the good news is, that the military and the police and the others that I talk to.. ..are waking up in ?rows? and that is why the system is trying to accelerate the takeover.. ..and trying to sign these pieces of legislation in the dead of night before a holiday when they think the people will be too drunk to notice. Alex, I do want to switch now to another topic, I know you have very strong opinions about this.. also has to do with government's expanding powers. Its NSA's newest and biggest surveilance program, it's called Total Information Awereness, the program targets all kinds of electronic information from around the world, so this includes e-mails, tweets, texts, phone conversations, you name it, from US citizens. And what you are looking at here, is the center in Utah, it's being called the biggest spy machine ever in existance.. Alex, should citizens be concerned about how the government is handling this wealth of information that they will now have? Well, just 5 years ago, Bush denied that they were doing this, because it was illegal. And now i saw Wired magazine just a few days ago, and they said "watch what you say", and then they had.. ..the CIA director in there, Petraeus saying "Oh, we are working industry, to have bugs and tracker systems.. into all appliances, your dishwasher is going to be listening to you, watch what you say.. ..we don't need warrants anymore.." Just like they say they will secretly arrest us, just like they say they will kill us. I mean they are just flaunting all this tyrany in our face now! The head of the CIA, its illegal by the way to have them involved domestically.. ..He doesn't care, he says "YEAH, the CIA is watching you America!" That is the system, in our face, telling us "You are a slave" and trying to intimidate us. But you know what, Petraeus? I am an American. I don't work for Goldman Sachs, like you New World Order guys do. I am here to defend the republic, and I am not scared of you no matter what happens. What you are doing is illegal, and just because you publicly announce you are going to arrest and kill citizens, and that you are going to spy on us without warrants, and that you are going to put troops on the streets, and that you are going to do all this, doesn't make it OK. Just like when the troops.. caught growing opium under orders 3 years ago in Afghanistan, they just hide it in plain sight, and have FOX news and CNN.. ..go: "Yeah, the troops grow the opium, and ship it to you in America, but if we catch you with it, you going into a prison!" I mean think about it, how they hide it in plain view. "Yeah, we torture, yeah, we spy on you, yeah, we do all of this, but its NO BIG DEAL, get used to it." But you know what, we are not going to get used to it. You are inditing and convicting yourselves, globalist, That you are bunch of unamerican traitors and the people are waking up to what you are doing. You have robbed this country blind of tens of trillions of dollars through the bankster bailouts, you are trying to conquer the US through financial.. Alex I do want to kind of bring in the justification for some of this.. I want to play this soundbite from you, its from the Defense Secretary Leon E. Penetta.. Here is what he has to say about cyber security: The next Pearl Harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber attack, that cripples our power systems, our grid.. So, cyber security is a concern, you know, we are becoming more modernized, we have the hactivist..'s kind of part of a modernized world, so shouldn't the government take steps to adress it, if it in fact is a threat? Yeah, the US and the Israeli government launched the STUXNET on Iran, and now are using the STUXNET as a reason to have.. ..the government takeover all the infrastructure and the Internet and put killswitches everywhere in all of the devices, when they are the ones that have been caught before launching the false flags against the Internet structure. Again, this is not the US government, it's long gone. This is a bunch of a private globalists, who have.. ..taken over and hijacked our country, saying let us take over the Internet, and shut down people's free speech to protect it, its the opposite. That is not what they are doing. Again, this is not our government anymore, that's the point I am trying to make here. Who's is it then, Alex? [Who is what?] Who is it than, if its not our government that's doing this? It is 6 megabanks, Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan Chase and handfull of others, that openly have announced.. ..a Bank of the World, the Economist magazine admits they have a Goldman Sachs takeover of Europe, you know, hostile takeover of Europe. It's a private corporate fascist group, that have bought off our governments and.. ..gotten in control of our militaries. They control Europe, they control England, they control Australia, they control the United States.. ..and everybody better look out, including us inside of the Empire, because these crooks know, that they have got to fully take over, or they are going to end up all going to jail. These are CROOKS, crazy banksters, that make 40:1 bets with their own's customers money.. ..who have NUCLEAR WEAPONS. They are COMPLETELY full of BRAVADO and CHUTZPAH, and everybody better look out. And here is the bad news: Appeasing them will not make them back off, it will only make them get crazier. They are RUNNING WILD! They are RUNNING WILD! And we are going to be talking more about that in the show, just how special interests affect our government.. ..and whether or not democracy is as present today as it has been in the past. Alex, pleasure to have you on the show, that was Alex Jones, host of the Alex Jones Show

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President Obama signed an Executive Order giving him the power to implement martial law in the US. The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order will give Obama the power to seize the countries resources in a time of crisis or peace. This includes resources ranging from livestock to sources of energy and water. Many critics of the Obama Administration believe this is another effort at power grab, but others argue that EO update is irrelevant. Alex Jones, host of The Alex Jones Show, joins us with his take on the EO.

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