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Take It To The Next Level

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Take your health to the next level I'll show you how you can get fitter Reduce body fat Lose weight Increase energy and zest for life Feel lighter Improve sex life Make more $$$ 60% not getting enough exercise Australian adults did less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per day. WHY? Are we not getting enough because of technology? Is it due to longer work hours? Is it because of poor food choices? Australian Physical activity guidelines recommends that adults accumulate 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week Do you get the right dose and information? I want to help you live a long and happy life I know what it's like to live distances from gyms, trainers and sporting teams I see the barriers clients have had to overcome just to live a healthy life I know what excuses exist That's why I have these programs They can be done at home Done with limited equipment Short time-efficient workouts MAKE TIME for loved ones I want to help YOU meet the basic exercise and nutrition guidelines Workouts are short to GIVE YOU more time The workout's give you the right exercise DOSE Help you STAY or GET healthy and avoid the risk of chronic illnesses PROBLEM #1: Not Knowing What To Eat and When To Eat! SOLUTION: Follow the step-by-step meal and recipe plan and do the exercise plans Turn your body into a FAT BURNING furnace PROBLEM #2: Not Knowing Where To Start? SOLUTION - 4 Levels available from Beginners to Pro I know the frustrations and dedication it takes because I've done it WHAT HAS BEEN STOPPING YOU? Lack of time? No Equipment? No Plan? No Program For YOU? My programs and courses have helped 100's of people! It has helped people who live huge distances from gyms Self-paced, at home, workout's that fulfill clients needs Busy lives require programs and daily rituals that are POSSIBLE YOU CAN DO THIS! CLIENT TESTIMONIAL (JIM) I've tried numerous physical activities all my life I have a strong interest in keeping healthy (father, husband and business owner) This program, the simplicity of it, the structure of it, the support is one of the best I have EVER experienced The results are shown I recommend these programs to friends and family CLIENT TESTIMONIAL (ROD) Well weighted, the videos The program structure is well written and well received in peer review NO TRAINER NO GYM Have more time More energy>>> Happier Imagine the compliment's you'll receive You'll have endless energy Run circles around your opposition and ½ your age Membership includes: Access to ANY LEVEL Membership includes: EASY to follow training calendar Membership includes: Meal and recipe plans for 8 weeks which you can use over and over again Membership includes: MINDSET TRAINING improving knowledge to make empowered decisions Increase motivation WATCH, DOWNLOAD, LISTEN and OWN FOREVER Store and access on any device (Smartphone, iPad, Laptop, Computer or Print version hard copy) Interactive exercise video's so you always know what to do Follow each workout and if not sure on how to do it, just click the METHODS button to show you how to do it. Not sure how to do the movements? Press the play button to see how the movement is done Each program has a number of sets, reps, the pace you do it at, the amount of rest and the equipment you may require This is a clear guide I have taken out any guess-work All I want you to do is focus on the benefits by doing this course BONUS: Access to LIVE Q&A Webinar + Support Join the PRIVATE Facebook Group to ask questions, share your success and get support You are going to see IMMEDIATE benefits All muscles are worked throughout the week THESE Taurus Trainer courses WORK! They are SCIENTIFICALLY proven TRIED & TESTED by 100's of ordinary people like you Better than downloading a program that has NO PROOF YEARS of training, analysing and re-working RELIABLE CONTENT STRAGETY TO ACHIEVE RESULTS My qualifications out-rival MOST of the COMPETITION Taurus programs deliver 100% to clients needs Weight loss and Strength courses Sporting performance Outcome driven Remote health results COURSES WORK 100's have changed I have personally GAINED To pay someone else would cost... expect to pay between $80 - $100 per session x 2 per week for 6 months to get NOTICEABLE RESULTS A trainer can cost you up to $5,000 SINGLE Level Membership $197 For less than $1 per day Have REAL-TIME ACCESS Nutrition, Exercise Programs, and Mindset training Ongoing support It's MUCH LESS than I have ever offered for any of my proven services It's far less than a cup of coffee or a beer TAKE ACTION NOW! No-one wants to be out of shape No-one wants to be unwell Not YOU And ESPECIALLY not in the eye's of someone you LOVE The longer you wait to TAKE ACTION The smaller that window of OPPORTUNITY becomes for you to get back your zest for life Before it's TOO late And that person YOU LOVE has moved on and lost respect for YOU DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN I'll give you a personal guarantee that it works or your money back Do this now - Click ADD TO CART button to get instant access Make a choice So if you go through Door # 1 Go it alone? You may overpay, waste time and make timely mistakes If you go through Door # 2 You can hire an expensive Personal Trainer? Charge you by the hour and give you little or no strategy and guide to achieving long-term success or… Choose Door # 3 And you give Taurus Trainer Online Programs a test drive and join our community and discover the simple yet effective courses that deliver powerful results Take the shortcut to success by following my courses that I have been perfecting for 15 years. Thank you for watching and listening Share with your friends and family Visit Taurus

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