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La revrajto en Esperanto

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Although we cannot know what will happen, we have the right to imagine what we want to happen. The United Nations have created long lists of human rights but a large majority of humanity doesn't have more than the right to see, hear and be silent. What if we started to practice the no longer proclaimed right of dreaming? What if we fantasise, even for a moment? At the end of the millenium, we'll project our vision beyond the current world of infamy and imagine another possible world: The air would be clean of all poison that comes from human fears and human passions. People would not be driven by cars or programmed by the computer or bought by the super-markets or watched by the television. The television would stop being the most important member of the family. People would work to live, instead of living to work. There would be a law that makes it a crime to be stupid, which is defined as living for the sake of possession or of gain, instead of living for the celebration of life itself, like the bird that sings without knowing what is sings and the child who plays without knowing what game it is playing; In no country, would boys be imprisoned for refusal to serve in the military, but instead those who wish to do so. The economists would not evaluate living standards by the level of consumption or the quality of life by the amount of things. Cooks would not think that lobsters love to be boiled alive. The historians would not think that countries love to be invaded. The world would no longer be at war with the poor, but instead with poverty and the military industry would have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Food would not be considered merchandise nor communication a business, because food and communication are human rights. No one would die of hunger because no one would die of indigestion Street children would not be treated like they are trash because there would be no street children. Rich children would no be treated like they are money because there would be no rich children. Education would not be the privilege of those that can pay for it and the police would stop being the curse of those that cannot but them. Justice and liberty, siamese twins, condemned to live separately, would be reunited, they would be closely reunited back to back. In Argentina, the crazy woman of the Mayo plaza would be an example of healthy mental state because they refused to forget in a time of obligatory amnesia Perfection would still be the boring privilege of Gods. But in this world, in this damned world, every night would be lived as if it was the last and every day as if it was the first.

Video Details

Duration: 4 minutes and 22 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: Antarctica
Language: Esperanto
Views: 261
Posted by: alejandro3192 on Jul 19, 2011

Alia mondo eblas.
Otro mundo es posible.
Another world is possible.
Un autre monde est possible.
Un altul lume este posibil.
Възможен е друг свят
Другой мир возможен
Un altre món és possible.
Eine andere Welt ist möglich.
Un altro mondo è possibile.
Um outro mundo é possível.
Een andere wereld is mogelijk.
Inny świat jest możliwy.
Toisenlainen maailma on mahdollinen.
En olik värld är möjlig.
Eng aner Welt ass méiglech.
Άλλος κόσμος είναι δυνατός.
Een andere wereld is mogelijk.

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