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How to navigate biology 14

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Welcome to the biology 14 online class. This is a hybrid course and we will have lab on campus but the online portion is hosted via the campus Blackboard site. Now, you can access the Blackboard site by going to the campus webpage at That is what you can see in the video right now. In fact, what you are actually seeing is a screenshot movie of my computer and I will use this video to show you how to navigate through the course. Now, once you are on the website for the campus, you're going to want to scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page you will see a link for the Blackboard site for the campus. You click on the link and it will take you to the Blackboard login page. Now, we recently updated our Blackboard system and your login might have changed if you haven't logged in since last summer or before that. Now, if you have logged in since last semester, then your login will be the same as before and your password will be the same but if you haven't, then your login will be the same as your My Sierra login and your password will be stu and then the first and last initial of your first and last name. So, if I were logging in for the first time, my new password would be stukc. So, stu is short for student, k for Keely and c for Carroll but since you are watching this as a screenshot video and since I have already changed my password in the past, I'm actually not going to be logging in that way. So, let me go ahead and login here... Now, once you are logged in you are going to need to visit the link for changing your personal information which is up here in this upper left hand corner of the page. It's at this location where you can change your password to something other than the default password. So, if you click on it, you can see areas where you can edit your personal information, and change your password, then some other stuff on ROM drives and I'm not 100% sure you guys see this material the same way I do since I am an instructor but at the very least you can change your password to a new password and this is also the location where you can verify your email address. So, if you click on edit personal information you'll be able to change your email to whatever email you want to use however, you do need to know that the campus would prefer that you use your Sierra College email account instead of a personal account. All communications that are sent by the college will be sent to your Sierra College account so they want you to use that. for me its six of one, half dozen the other do whichever you like. The important thing is that you have your personal information email correct! If it's not correct, then you are not going to get announcements that I send out to the class. So, once you are logged into Blackboard Let me get back to the main page you see after you login You will see a list of classes that you are enrolled in and some may be available and some may be unavailable depending upon whether or not your instructor is going to be using them. Now, when you look at the list you will see that one of these items is going to say this sp10 nathistory/ecology/conservation which basically is the link for our class for bio 14. Now, when you click on that it's gonna take you to the Blackboard site for this class. Once you are on the site for the class, you will come directly to the announcements page, where you will see a series of buttons over here on the left-hand-side. Now, the announcements page contains any pertinent announcements for the class. So, you can see if I scroll down here You'll see there is the same announcement that I actually emailed out to you guys regarding the class being available. Now, in general the announcements on this page might include information on upcoming tests, what to expect in the class for the week, and so on. Now, typically I'll also be emailing these to you but you should still check here occasionally to see if there is any additional information there that you might need to know. Now, if we go over to these buttons on the left-hand-side you'll notice the second one from the top says syllabus and if we click on that it will give you a copy of the syllabus for the class which I did already email to you but if you need another copy it's here As I said in the email I sent you, a syllabus is a contract between you and your instructor and all of the polices regarding the class are in this document. It's very important that you read this!!! Now, at the third button from the top over here on the left you'll see a button that says assignment tracker and if you click on this, it will take you to a tracker, which is what I named it, for the course. This is essentially a list of all the due dates, for all of the assignments for the class. Now, this tracker is found in the syllabus as well but in this particular location I've extracted the tracker by itself so it is shorter should you want to print is out. I have a copy of the tracker open already on my computer I can bring up for you to see because it will take too long for me to download it directly off of Blackboard to put in the movie but if you look at it this basically says: the due date, here is what the assignment is, and here's how many points it's worth. I figured I'd put the points on there for you to keep track of your grade if you'd like but I will show you where you can keep track of it on Blackboard as well. Now, you'll notice that some of these lines are shaded. The lines that are shaded correspond to material that's going to be due in lab and the rest of the material is going to be due online in the lecture portion of the class. So, this is one of the things that I do want you to print out, I do prefer that you don't print out the material for this class because we want to save paper, but this is something that I do want you to print out and I want you to leave somewhere you will be able to find it fairly easily so that you can keep track of your assignments for the class. All right. Lets put that away and go back to the Blackboard site. All right. Now, the fourth button, that is on the Blackboard site, says Course Documents and when you click on that its going to take you to the folders for each week of the class. And when you click on the folder what you will usually are going to find is some sort of information on what we are going to be doing for the week. Usually there is going to be an audio announcement about what we are going to be doing in class but I will also give you a text version of that announcement in case you prefer that option instead. I don't have one posted on here yet, just because I haven't done it. Yet. But it will be the first thing that you see. You are also going to find a folder or two that contains lectures for the material to be covered that week in class. Also, in the lecture folders you might find a video, or two, corresponding to what we are going to be learning that week. So, I will click on this first one and you can see that there is actually is a video here and in some cases they are YouTube videos so you can just click down at the bottom to play and in some cases like with this one, its a Quicktime video, so you might have to double click on it to get it to start and you can click on it to get it to stop. So here's a little MythBusters for you there. In order to view these videos, you will probably find that you will need Quicktime downloaded on your computer. Now, you can find a link to download this program, if you don't already have it, at the button that says Tech Toolbox, over here at the side. And it's a free download, by the way. Now, you will find in this area, as well, a text version of the lecture for that particular week. Now, the lecture materials are in pdf format and you will need Adobe Acrobat to view these and most computers come with this program already installed but if your computer doesn't have it you can download it for free at, again, at the Tech Toolbox. Now, when you click on these lecture notes, you'll bring up something that looks like this. This is actually one of our lectures from later in the semester. This is pretty much what it looks like. I tried to make it kinda nice and pretty so that people would actually want to read it. But it will take a little bit of time to download. So, having a faster connection speed might help you out or you can download it on campus, if you would like. So, that's what the lecture notes look like. You will also find on here that there is a link for podcasts for the lectures. Now, I'm going to click on this and what's going to happen is when you click on this you get redirected to the iTunesU site for the campus and it's also going to automatically open iTunes on your computer. Now, again, if you don't have iTunes installed on your computer, you can download it, again, for free, at the Tech Toolbox button. Now, do not try to access the iTunesU site from iTunes directly. You have to use the link that I have embedded in the folder or you can use the link that's over here. Let me get rid of that. On the side that links to iTunesU. If you try to go directly through iTunes to get to the campus site you're not going to be able to access the podcasts. We have to go in through a backdoor. Now, as you can see on this site here it says BioSci 14 and that's me you will see that there are different tabs up here at the top and it actually runs all the way to the side. We have four units we cover. And in each tab, you will find all of the podcasts that correspond to that particular unit of material. This basically means that this is the material that will be covered on a particular exam. Now, you then, if you want to download it, you just click over here where it says "get" and it will automatically download it to your computer. Now, just so you know, the material in the podcasts are no different than those that are in the written lecture. I just did the podcasts for all of you auditory learners out there. OK, the podcasts are not required. And it is probably a good point in time for me to mention the book. The book, the Miller textbook, I should say, is a useful addition to the class but to be honest with you all of the exam material is going to come directly from the notes. So, if there is something in the textbook that I don't talk about in the notes, its not going to be on the exam. So anyway lets get back to the main page for Blackboard. Ok, so let me scroll up here and then I can click here at the very beginning and that will take me back to the main page for Blackboard. You'll also see that there are other buttons... Oh oh, I forgot to mention something, yikes! Also, in the Course Documents button, when you click on the material for the week, you will find the assignments button over here at the bottom. OK, you click on the assignments button and it will have all of the material that you have to get done for that particular week. Since we are going to be running the week from Friday at 8am to Friday at 8am all of the material has to be turned in by Friday at 8am of the week in which it was assigned. That doesn't mean that you have to turn it in on Friday at 8am, it just means do it by then. Turn it in whenever you've got it done, so long as it's before that deadline. So, we've got the assignments folder within each week's folder, so all right, that's good to go. Then, some of the other buttons you'll find on here there's a button for communication, which just basically gives you a way to send email to me, if you would like. There is a button for the learning outcomes for the class which are also listed in your syllabus. Basically, these are the things that you should expect to learn in the class during the semester. You're next going to see a button for the discussion board and mine is going to look a little bit different than yours will look like when you log into Blackboard for the first time and the reason for that is because I am an instructor. That's the only reason for that. What you will see on here, you will see the discussion board postings for the each week. You can see here some information on the discussion board. And here is our first topic where you will get a chance to talk about yourself a little bit here. The rules for the discussion board are that you need to post one original post to the discussion board topic for the class each week by Tuesday at 8am and then two replies to the posts of other students by Friday at 8am in the week in which they are assigned. The reason that you have to post by Tuesday is because if not, then everybody waits to post until the last minute then there is nothing to reply to. You gotta post your original post by Tuesday and your replies by Friday. Now, the discussion board is a pretty useful tool for us to get to know each other in this class. The discussion board should be a place where you feel free to express yourself however, lets be respectful to each other in this class. Please. I honestly want you to be open. I will be grading your posts based upon content and thoughtfulness. If you have a point to make, fine, just back it up with actual data. No emotional pleas. Stick to the facts. No throwing cute, furry puppies out there to try to get people to agree with you. Just factual information. I will never grade you based upon your feelings or opinions, even if they are different than my own. In this class all opinions are valid and are respected however, you must have data to back up your claims and you must be respectful to the other members of this class. I already mentioned the iTunesU button. This is another way to get to iTunesU, aside from the links that are in each week's folder. Now I've lost my spot...oh, here it is...I'm following a script at least I'm trying to. So, then, where am I, oh, there I am The Tech Toolbox I've mentioned a couple of times already. That again links to programs that you might need to use the material in the class, like Quicktime, iTunes. You can see some of those are in there. Oh and I need to clean that up, there is extra stuff in there. Ignore that for now... The next link is a really cool new thing that we just got with this new version of Blackboard and that's this thing called WimbaProto. Basically what Wimba is a way for you to instant message me or any other person who is enrolled in the class if we are on the computer at the same time. If I am on my computer, which I would always be during office hours, you can just instant message me. What you have to do to get access to Wimba is you have to follow the links here to actually download it on your computer. It's pretty self-explainatory. I have already downloaded it so I can't follow the links but I can show you what it looks like. So, let me bring up the Wimba sign in screen and it takes a minute for the owl to shout out but here is what it looks like... So, you would get a list like this, and then it will get populated with the people in the class as you guys start to sign up on to Wimba. I don't have anyone signed up right now because, hey, I can't blame you guys for not signing up yet because the semester hasn't started but it will start to fill up. I can can, for now, show you here an example. So, here are some people who are part of a committee that I am on and we are all available on Wimba so we can communicate with each other, should we want to but it is a great instant message program. You have questions, comments, anything like that, its just a really great thing to have access to. You don't have to download it but I really, really recommend that you do! You can always email me or call me but if you want an instant reply, you need Wimba. Now, the next button down, is the Tools button. And the main thing that you need to know about the Tools button, is this thing right here My grades. Again, I am sorry that I can't click on this because I don't see Blackboard the same way that you do. But if you click where it says My Grades, you will be able to see a running total of your grades in the class, and I will start getting those grades uploaded around about the third or fourth week of the class and then they will be posted every week. So, you can know, at any given time, what your grade is. Its a pretty cool thing. I remember being a student and wanting to know what my grades were. Back in the old days we had to wait for our instructors to post our grades. And then, you've got a button down here for My Instructor, which is just a link to my information. My email. My phone number. My office location. My office hours and then a little, somewhat distorted picture, because I couldn't get it to sort out of me and my kids out at Yosemite. Then the last button that is here is for Learning Resources and that will take you to the campus Learning Resources page. The library site. Pretty handy. Well, that's pretty much it for the basics of the class. Now a little bit about me. Well, this is my third year teaching at Sierra College but I've been teaching overall for about 11 years. I love it. I love that I get to talk about biology to a captive audience because you guys have to learn in the class. You have to listen to me prattle on about this stuff which I think is absolutely fantastic. Other information about me... well, I got my masters degree from Sac State in Conservation Biology where I studied skunks. Yes. I said skunks. Spotted skunks actually. Which I have a picture of here. This is a spotted skunk and you know its cute. Don't try to deny it. After I graduated with my masters I continued teaching at Sac State, and then I taught at City College, then later taught at Folsom Lake College and then wound up here at Sierra. I've taught classes in cell and molecular biology, general biology for non-majors, field methods in ecology, ecology. I use to teach interdisciplinary, which I did for a year here on campus. So, I have a varied background but my emphasis is really on ecology. I love being in the outdoors. I love camping. I love horseback riding. I love animals. I have a lot of very old, and very expensive animals because they are old. I have two kids. One who is 8 and one who is 5 and you'll probably hear them on occasion in the background on the podcasts that I have recorded for this class so don't be surprised if you hear them here and there or if on occasion you even hear my son doing soundtrack noises in the background as I am recording or even on occasion you might even hear my husband playing Mario Kart in the background on some of those as well. Other information about me? I love the TV show Lost and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that that show is about to start up again. Truth be told, if Lost is on, I'm not gonna grade anything. So, don't look for me to get stuff done on those nights. I love Top Chef too but not like I love Lost. Anyway, so that's pretty much it about me. I love cooking and I am not a total health food freak but I also love chocolate and peanut butter but I have lots of recipes and I would be totally happy to share them with you. That's about it. The main thing to think about in this class is that I am hear to help you but I cannot help you unless you contact me and tell me that you need help. So, please, if you are having any trouble in the class, or you are struggling see me, email me, call me, instant message me, do something because I can only help you out if you come and ask for help. Enjoy the class.

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This video will walk you through the Blackboard site for the class. It will show you all of the resources available for the class.

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