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Jönköping, Sweden Day 1 Arena "ELMIA", November 24th Zeus: Hellooo Zeus:This is a very important match Zeus:Renegades vs Cloud9, our group Zeus:Sweaty game Zeus:Renegades lost the pistol, won force and are leading 4-1, C9 on eco Zeus:I don't even know Zeus:Spooky Zeus:There was one upset already Zeus:Kane, tell us what upset happened Kane: Our friends from Poland, smacked Dignitas Zeus:I'm very happy that Kinguin could win Zeus:Right now dignitas are a very serious team that's on the rise Zeus:While we're "setting up" for the game, this dude is warming up his fingers Dosia:Look, on the left there is a scale, it goes up all the time Dosia:It says X2, see? Dosia:If it gets to X2 that means he didn't miss once Dosia:See, it says X3 now Hobbit: I think there are people that don't miss once Dosia: Asians for sure Cameraman: Uh, Zeus is walking out of the WC Cameraman: Very important information Zeus: It's cold as fuck Preparation before Gambit vs OPTIC (not Renegades) Zeus: Main thing is to find the right state Zeus: I see this cup Zeus: Basically if shit goes wrong I know where the cup is Zeus: That's the main thing Zeus: Playing cbble, wanted to play train Zeus: Cbble and train were left, they vetoed train Zeus: They were thinking for a while Zeus: But chose to leave cbble Zeus: We watched them play on it a little Zeus: First of all they have good aim Zeus: Our coach, it's all on him right now AdreN: Who's our coach? Zeus: There he is Kane: We know pistols, buy rounds, grenades Kane: It's all good Manager: Dosia has to finish his chocolate bar Zeus: With this haircut we should definitely win Manager: Dosia will finish his chocolate ♪Dosia will finish his chocolate♪ ♪And knife everyone♪ ♪♪Dosia will finish his chocolate♪♪ ♪♪And then get another one♪♪ ♪♪From Hobbit♪♪ Zeus: Wherever I am, there is molotov AdreN: If you hear a molotov exploding on the map AdreN: Zeus is there Zeus: No, look at me and give me a chill pill Kane: Hope they don't barrage us with molotovs Zeus: Notice, map is cobble, we're talking about molotovs a lot Zeus: I have a feeling someone will burn Manager: Hey! We forgot about the cheer Kane: We might not have one today ♪Let's say dumbly, dick vagina♪ Zeus: We need something adequate Zeus: Something like Zeus: Focus...... ? Manager: "Ooooooooh" Zeus: Maybe "Let's go Gambit"? Zeus: But only if we're playing semis or grand finals Zeus: If we're playing semis or finals we cheer "Let's go Gambit" Kane: If you want a dance from the whole team Zeus: For that we need to win the finals Manager: If you win the finals I'll wear a Gambit bikini Zeus: If you want to see that cheer for us Manager: So are we doing the "oooh" right now? Manager: Whoa, why are you so hot? AdreN: Magic Hobbit: What's going on? Manager: No! AdreN: Awesome? No that's not me AdreN: Please don't type awesome AdreN: Let's say beautiful Manager: So beautiful is you and awesome is not? AdreN: I'll do it myself, I'll include the hashtag Cameraman: They were just talking about your logo Cameraman: They said it was good Cameraman: The commentators said it Cameraman: They said it was very aggressive Cameraman: It's my job, I point the camera at you and you talk :( Flags not loaded Wait that's the wrong Adren Zeus: Everything was good Zeus: At one point we got nervous Zeus: In general.. Zeus: We give a lot of not needed information Zeus: So we have to work on that mou: I'm starting to understand your info Zeus: Info had an impact but the nerves were worse

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