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♪ music playing ♪ >>Rocio: One of the ways you can go above and beyond is to consider things that the riders might want. For example, someone going out on the town might want a mint before they meet their date. Having a bottle of water on hand can really help someone out that you just picked up at a bar. And everyone needs their phone charged up if the battery is low. Eee! That 2%! And presentation of these conveniences can make a difference in your tips. It's nice to have all of these things available. but if it makes your car cluttered or uncomfortable because there are candy wrappers everywhere, and cords lying every which way, it can be a bad choice. If you're going to offer extras like mints or water, be thoughtful about how you offer them. A tin of mints that people have to pick through can be kind of gross and unsanitary. But a container that pours individual mints seems cleaner. We shy away from candy and wrappers because wrappers can become a problem in your car. Having a trash receptacle in the back not only invades some of the rider's space, but it can also make the car seem untidy. Charging cables lying around can make your car feel kind of junky. There's too much stuff going on. Again, it's about thoughtfulness of presentation. Can you keep the space organized and still offer amenities? Maybe you can keep candy in your console, and only take it out when a rider wants some. It might be worth investing in a single cord that can accommodate multiple charging ports. And a final note about things that can clutter your car, a tip jar or a sign asking for tips or a five-star rating. Those are bad ideas. These are the wrong approach to getting a tip and make the rider feel pressured and annoyed. Suggesting or pressuring someone is not effective. Riders react negatively to direct requests for tips. A person who is inclined to add a tip to the fare might change their mind if you ask for a tip. Even subtle reminders might backfire. Tip jars and signs ultimately mean less tip income for you. The best strategy is to go above and beyond in providing your rider with outstanding customer service and not say anything about tipping at all. If someone asks you about the tipping policy, you can always say that tips are always appreciated, but never required. This is a real-world example of reverse psychology in action. Choose to go above and beyond, and say it with me, choose a tip! ♪ music playing ♪

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