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November 18th 2017 | New Moon in Scorpio | Preview!

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Posted by: processprogress87 on Nov 15, 2017

Who is feeling the push of those energetic waves moving us along? Who feels like they’re just drowning? This week we are being moved by the watery energy of Scorpio, but it is very much in our internal hemisphere. Think of all of the different qualities of water and how it can support us. Water moves us along the river of the flow of life and into the sea of opportunities. Water holds us and molds to our shape creating a container of safety and protection. Water can have incredibly fast and cataclysmic movement. Water can be absolutely still with infinite depth. This week as the New Moon approaches we are discovering what our internal worlds are looking and feeling like. It is time to go within and take a look at what is going on in there. What needs to happen in order to bring us closer to our highest expression of self and Oneness? It might mean we stay where we are, it might mean that we need to shift. Start thinking about these things as you carry on through the week. I cannot wait to share the forecast with you! This video will be released to the public on Friday with a preview tomorrow.
The cards pulled during the forecast were:
- The 2 of Wands (A repeater who showed up for our last New Moon too!)
- The Lovers
- The Hierophant
How are you all feeling this week? Are you feeling comfortable with this Scorpio energy? Or are you feeling like you’re going to burst with discomfort? Scorpio is an energy that can have us on edge, so be easy on yourself. Breathe.

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