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Sweden's dilemma over immigration - BBC News

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Misty, moody Stockholm, nicknamed the Venice of the north. It’s shrouded in promise for those looking for better life in Europe. There are more asylum seekers per capita here than any other European country. Search the word “asylum” in Arabic on your smart phone and Sweden pops up as a number one result. This is Märsta detention center north of the Swedish capital. We were given rare access to film here. Sweden is famous for its open door policy to refugees and for handing them generous benefits. But the recent mass arrival of asylum seekers is forcing Sweden to face uncomfortable decisions about the society it wants and can afford to be Most migrants here face imminent deportation many are from Africa. Redouan is Moroccan, a self-confessed economic migrant he didn’t apply for asylum. His deportation case is clear-cut for the Swedish authorities. But Musa from Nigeria says deportation will kill him. Boko Haram murdered the rest of his family, he told me so he’ll try to come back to Europe again despite the dangerous journey. Can do it again and again. Because I can never give up, I can never go there. It’ll be like going back to hell. This is Husby suburb just outside Stockholm. Most families here aren’t Swedish born. To be told you can’t stay, is devastating for people claiming asylum, the many Swedes and many Europeans are panicking as well at the numbers of those arriving here. The leaders are desperate to be in control, and Europe has been promising whole raft of measures including speeding up deportation but we found no evidence of that at all. In fact a large proportion of failed asylum seekers 50% here in Sweden just disappear under the rader. They live with friends and family who live here illegally. The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats Party is increasing and popular here. Jenny and Per recently start working for them. They say Sweden can’t cope, the country is full. It is full. We don’t have welfare system that can support the migrants, we don’t have any housing. I think more and more people are realizing that this is not…it’s not peaceful to take so many immigrants during so short time period. Sweden’s government is under political economic and moral pressure. It’s asked EU for help. We cannot just throw women and children back into the war. That’s a moral obligation for us. The rest of Europe has to help. I mean we cannot be the one country that year after year after year is doing more than any other countries. United Kingdom has to help. Trains carrying migrants to Sweden keep coming all day, every day While Europe’s leaders argue about responsibility, these families could spend the icy Swedish winter in tents. Katya Adler BBC News, Stockholm.

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Sweden's dilemma over immigration - BBC News

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