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Anuncio desde Ecovilla Gaia

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I'm Patrick Gibbs, and I'm here at Ecovilla Gaia (Gaia Ecovillage) in Navarro, Buenos Aires province, Republic of Argentina. I'm here with Gustavo who is one of the founders of Ecovilla Gaia. How do you do? Greetings to everyone. I came here to present a project, the Global Village Construction Set invited by Gustavo and the others who live here and... now, they seem to be interested. We're always looking for simple technology so that the concept of ecovillages can grow in the world. Over and over the tendency is for technology to be more complex, more expensive, made for large, powerful groups, and, in order for the ecovillage movement to grow, we need there to be simpler, more dispersed technology. And, so, how are you thinking of participating in the project? What do you all want to do with this idea of libre machinery? The first thing we want to do is organize a training, a course, with a member of the group [Open Source Ecology]. I think this would help dynamize the movement in this country. Someone who's worked... Someone who already has all the experience, and rapidly, directly transmits, via word and action, all the steps to fabricate the tractor and other machines. That's the strategy that we're following in permaculture, direct, the transfer, and that and to another and to another and to another. That's the idea. Well, a pleasure. And so, we think we might do the course in 2012. 2012, May, June, July, August. So stands the invitation. They have space for lodging, and they already have other volunteers that come through. We have many workshops, this big auditorium for the theoretical sessions, dining hall for 100 people, lodging for 80. And there's more at Great! So, we're looking for collaborators in Argentina, and in the USA, and wherever else there's someone who wants to participate. Well.

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Posted by: curious on Nov 7, 2011

Anuncio de Gustavo Ramírez y Patrick Gibbs sobre el anuncio de la invitación de colaborar con un curso de maquinaria libre en Ecovilla Gaia (Navarro, Buenos Aires, Argentina), enfocado en el tractor LifeTrac del Equipo de Construcción de la Aldea Global, para hacerlo en la segunda mitad del 2012.

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