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Kabbalah 2 - Class 7 Illusion of Linear Time Harav

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What? We are so accustomed to linear time You see ... we are injecting here linear time again. We are saying that Abraham came when? After the Terah. We know in the illusionary level of linear time that´s true. but then we say, doesn´t the physicist try to make us crazy by saying you know that footstep on the beach that we observed today it is going to be made by somebody tomorrow. I mean, we have to accept what they are saying. But this is .. How could that be? The first step that we see, that was going to be made by someone tomorrow. In other words, in the illusionary level of Malchut there is linear time. But when the Torah says, when the Guemarah says as the Zohar {... Hebrew ..} There is no past, present and future in the Torah. In other words because they ask: How could things appear in the Torah which do not follow a chronological sequence? Things happened before, things happened afterwards and the answer is {... Hebrew ...} There is no pre, past. It is all a second thing. Past, present and future are not three dimensions. They are all here, now. So if we discuss it in that frame of reference then what is our problem with Abraham? He came from Terah. He was there before Terah. He was there before Terah? How can he be before Terah? The same way ... how can the footprint be there before the guy walks on the beach? That means .. our problem will deal with linear time We are trying to associate everything in a frame of linear time. and that´s the fallacy. It's been programmed long before it even happened. Those vessels are the program. But our problem of past and future, you know. How can something be better? Abraham was there before Terah. So then where is free will? We should not have that problem anymore.

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