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Yo what's up I'm Mallory and I'm gonna teach you how to be a baller! Hello Mallory What should we do? Girl I'm gonna show you how to be a baller! I'm so down Same Okay why not This is my house You guys I have to say, her house is really nice! See in order to be a baller you have to have a driver, a hook up manager and a partner in crime, mine is Brianna. Hailee who is that boy? Yeah I never met him before This is Corlew Hello Corlew Hey girls, nice to meet you both He is my best friend Nice That's cool You guys want the good stuff yeah Anything you like? What did i teach you? Oh sorry wrong jacket this is my Sunday jacket Hahaha Corlew, at least you're pretty Yeah i know So Hailee, what you got for me? What you want? Welcome to my house Ah man good memories here Dude is that the new carpet? It's really nice it would be perfect for the entrance yeah your the one who gave it to me Why don't you hook me up? Oh yeah! I had to pull a lot of strings to get it. You never asked Brianna. Where did you get it? i can't say where just know i had to do a lot to get it. I remember when you got this near the- Shut up!!!! What was that for? No one needs to know where we get our things! Any ways! In order to be a baller you need a dining room with a pool table! I remember when you got that pool table you were with her when you got that too? Yeah i'm with her when she gets these things. I'm teaching him how to be a hookup manager I want to be able to help people like what hailee does with you Oh that's cool Okay. so back to being a baller! Yeah we should go back to what Mallory has to show us. What are you gonna show us now? Mallory you should show them the kithen Should I? I think you should You should I don't know well i'm eating Why do you have a burger in your jacket? because you never know when your going to get hungry I should start doing that for now on. How long did you have that in there? That's gross I had just got it before we got here Do you have anymore? yes I do, i brought all of you something Lets eat this in the leaving room Yeah Nice couch Mallory Lets continue on the house and hopefully we have no more interruptions. Yeah i really want to know how to be a better baller than her You have to make sure everything is straightened up What exactly has to be straightened up? everything Oh okay Lets go up stairs. Don't be ordinary, you need paintings on the wall Oh that's cool you have an office Yeah this is where i plan and schedule parties. You haven't planned a party in a while How come i never come to the parties? because Hailee never told us about you or anything. Hailee why haven't you said anything to them about me so i can hang with you guys? Yeah Hailee why haven't you told us about Corlew? You guys never asked if i had any other friends. Where do you guys have your parties? Of course my house! Where else would we have the parties? I would suggest a venue Yeah We should throw a party one day and invite the neighbors To be a Baller you got to throw amazing parties Do you have a housekeeper to keep your house clean? No i do my own chores What's behind those doors Mal? That's her bedroom You should show them your room Okay lets go Nice curtains I like the pictures Your room has changed the last time i have been in here I like your blanket at the end of your bed Your pillows are so nicely organized Thanks guys! i forgot to dust and vacuum my room. Really you can't tell It's really nice Do you want us to help with that so you don't have to worry about it later? We should help! I agree No its ok i'll do it myself later it's my room Are you sure? Yeah we can totally help! Guys i think she's sure Okay whatever you say Anyways I think we should be going. Yeah I have to leave to do something with my mom Yeah we should get going it's getting pretty late Come on Corlew lets get out of here and let Mallory have the rest of her evening Goodbye

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