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TC009_Working With Vitrual Machine_02_LW

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>>In this video, we'll discuss working with virtual machine scale sets, so let's get started. As IT operations, providing both redundancy and improved performance for your critical application and services is one of the most important roles you have. To achieve this, you have to enable applications to be distributed across multiple instances. In order to keep your applications performing well, I know you regularly maintain and update the environments that host your application. If you don't distribute the application or redirect your customers and stakeholders to another instance while you're performing those tasks, they, your customers and stakeholders, are at risk of losing access to that application. And you, as the operational resource, are responsible for keeping up with the additional demand and load. So you need to increase the number of instances that run your application in order to meet those demands. To address this, you'll need Azure virtual machine scale sets. They allow you to run applications across many VMs, to scale resources automatically, and to balance traffic load. When you're running your application across many VMs, it is crucial to maintain the consistent configuration. That means that the VM size, the disk configuration, the application install across all your VMs should match each other. With scale sets, all VM instances are created from a single base OS image and configuration, ensuring that all your VMs are homogeneous. This approach lets you easily manage hundreds of VMs without any additional configuration tasks or network management. To provide both high availability and resiliency for your application, scale sets will support the use of Azure Load Balancer for basic layer 4 traffic distribution, and Azure Application Gateway for more advanced layer 7 traffic distribution and SSL termination If one instance experiences a problem or an outage, Azure Load Balancer and the Application Gateway, allows your customers to continue accessing your application through a different instance with minimal interruption. If you need greater availability, you can use availability zones to automatically distribute those VM instances in a scale set across a single data center, or multiple data centers. As you know, application load may change throughout the week or the day. So with auto-scaling, you can automatically increase the number of VM instances as application demand increases and reduce the instances as demand decreases. This gives you an optimal load without paying for unused resources. So, continue to learn and leverage Azure's four virtual machine scale set tools. Azure Scale Set, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway, and auto-scaling. They'll help you provide redundancy and improved performance and load management for all you applications.

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TC009_Working With Vitrual Machine_02_LW

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