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人类歴史 2: 爬虫人(Reptilians) 远古歴史, 真相, 起源!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 2 - the Reptilians: Jack (em) so, we Were at: the Annunaki, who Required Sustain their Existence (um) see, gold..i am Certain human beings Believe that: Crystals have a Certain - Energy, a Certain Essence about it..that Supports you, in a way: Upliftment, Healing, etc. in Terms of, the gold in..which the Annunaki Required to Sustain Themselves, because if they Didn't have it, they Actually "Depleted" and "Die"..i'll get to More..about.. (um) the Planets..were Placed with the Races, and their Specific Expressions.. and Why it was That Way, (um) a moment, i'm just going to: First, Continue Explaining what Exactly was Happening. so, the Trouble they were in - was that..their gold was Running Out, in other words: their Planet..their Entire City, their Entire Planet (um)..had about, Later - only about 700 beings Left..(akr) because of the Depletion of the Beings, and then they’d Die - because of the Necessity for gold (um), Usually, to Obtain gold, they had a Specific Planet (um) was..basically (um), it was.. i Don't know how to Describe it Exactly, was Black and..there was.. let's take a Sun..that Burns Out, ok? it Remains this: Big Round Coal - Basically, and's Fusing with All Sorts of gases and..Burning Liquids etc. - like a Volcano.. like a Massive Round Volcano..something Like That (um) the,'s Lava but Not Lava - Exactly, that was in the Center of this Planet, and of course.. they had Method and Methodologies to Obtain gold - and "Actually" manifest gold, from That Planet. (akr) that Eventually, it's just Almost like a Star- it Exploded, and..Firstly, killed All the Annunaki races who Worked there: "who Worked there": to obtain the gold Necessary for their Planet. and that Was the Only Method - they had. Previously, a Long..Long..Long time ago, the Forefathers of the Annunaki Race, used Meteorites - there was gold from There as well (um)..but they Later - that Also Ran Out, and..they Found this Planet and.. they Found a Method of How to Obtain gold..from this "Substance" - that was Presented from the Star (um), and Everyone Was Dying, so.. Anu, Enki, Enlil, and Marduk were like.. Fascinating - Together, and Anu said.. he Refuses to Die, he Needs gold, and he Will Obtain gold. Now, you're Probably Wondering.. "Where is this City of gold?" there was a City of gold (um)..this City of gold..was Within this Solar system, within this Universe - Existence (akr)..but when Anu and.. well, Anu Actually Specifically Discovered Earth (smirk)..the Annunaki’s gold City.. Moved Down on to the Earth’s Core (smirk) and..i'm Certain many beings are going: "What? No, Impossible". Yes, they used to Exist - Interdimensionally, in Terms of their manifested City of gold, but it's Not gold per se - Remember, gold but (um), it's a Different gold (um)..the gold that they Received Here on Earth - was the gold they used to Rebuild their City: in the Earth’s Core. and..(um).. what Else Happened? so, you're Probably Asking that: "How did the Annunaki Get Here to Earth, in the First Place?"..well, now they Required a.. Another Method - of How to Obtain gold: Another Planet or Expression: manifested a Placement such as that one which i Described as a Black, Coal-ish.. Volcano - Lava manifestation (laugh), that’s how I’d Describe it. and you're Probably Wondering: "Where is Gold coming From Here on Earth?" gold is Not a "Natural Resource" - Here on Earth. gold was..Here, because of the Annunaki (akr)..and of course, mankind. mankind, Actually - in the Beginning.. Developed the gold - Here for the Annunaki, and..of course the.."Annunaki" (um) Oh, you've to Remember the Following as well: The Annunaki "Never"..manifested, like this..3D "Never" (um)..they were in the Interdimensional Vaccum - in the Earth's Core, (akr).. which Means that: they’re Quantum-Space-and-time Interdimensional beings, they’re not Defined, and they’re not Enslaved or..Trapped by the Idea of limitation: this Physicality Represents. and.. so Anu Required a Solution, and..During that time, the Atlanteans..were, you know you have those..Wise..Old Races? (um), i don't know, In Stories.. they’re Usually Called “The Elders" or something Like know: the Atlanteans were those, and of course Satya, from Alcyone. She Usually - when something Specifically was Required, she’d either Direct a being to a Certain Planet, or a Certain Race, or Directe them to the Atlanteans - which she did often. (um).. so..Anu went to Satya..and Satya Directed him to the Atlanteans and.. He visited the Atlanteans, and he Presented them - with his Situation. now of course, Remember - Anu and his Race of Annunaki: were Reptilians, and.. they were Able to "ShapeShift" he Presented himself as a "Presentable Way".. Meaning: as a Being from Another Planet, and..he Went to the Atlanteans.. Presenting them with his Problem, and what’s Happening with his Planet Currently. Ok, this is..Jack. i'll Continue in the Next Interview. More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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