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sodom (2014) by Arkadiy Mamontov - part1

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This is a strange place. The chirping of the birds can be heard here. And the air is filled with mysterious haze. And the color of the sea is unusual having a middle outflow. These waters are 378 meters deep. As the water evaporates, the air smells of sulfur. The Dead Sea is mostly consisted of chloride sodium also known as salt. Nothing can live in such waters. And that is why it's called The Dead Sea. The Bible says that thousands of years ago at this very place there stood two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah The inhabitants were rich and vain. They mistreated all visitors, took away from them everything that they wanted. They also loved each other. What a strange love it was! Man loved man and woman loved woman. Among the residence there were some people who were especially praised. They used children, both boys and girls as sex slaves. In modern times such people would be called pedophiles. Once upon a time, three angels arrived at a home of Lot who, at that time, lived in Sodom with his wife and daughters. As soon as the Sodomites found out, they circled his home and demanded that he surrendered his guests to them for desecration. Lot answered: "Take me and my daughters but don't touch my guests." The Sodomites didn't receive and surrounded the house When a dark in the angels ordered Lot to leave the city. As soon as Lot's family left the city boundaries they see a fire fell upon Sodom and Gomorrah from the sky. Four thousands years have passed but this Phoenician demon sating his belly with human sacrifices is still devouring youth and children today. The world is cultivating sin justifying it officially as LGBT. That's Lesbians Homosexuals Bisexuals and Transgender. These communities reject the moral principal of the traditional family and evil is now called the virtue and darkness, light. Sin and debauchery are becoming a cult. Sin is being justified by aesthetics. The scariest thing that has happened with the European Christian civilization is the substitution of concepts. Homosexuals can now even become priests. An evangelical pastor, Niels Huchthausen believes that homosexuality is normal. He's distorting the sense of the holy scripture. Homosexual and lesbian couples are undeniable blessed. Having the same blessing as a man and a woman having a marriage. Male and female priests have the right to do this. I myself have been living with my husband in an official marriage for many years. The biblical example of Sodom and Gomorrah, the parechene of the two cities were perverts lived in the same way they're living today in Europe, doesn't seem to convince the priests. If they're looking at Sodom and Gomorrah, what being talked about there isn't love either. The word 'love' is actually absent. Love in the sense of responsible partnership. This story talks about rape and abuse. People were humiliated. But that's a different story which's no connection what so ever to what we are talking about now. It is written on the Bible that Sodom's sin is a mortal sin. 'Such men won't be accepted in the kingdom of Heaven', says Paul, the apostle. That's stupidity. I object. As I've already said, there are three places in the Bible, in the New Testament, there is one more where Paul says that Jesus had never said those things. We haven't heard anything like that from Jesus, but He does say 'love your neighbor as yourself'. Paul does say somewhere that homosexuality isn't good, that it's a sin, but guided by the words of Jesus, I can object to Paul and say: dear Paul, maybe you are wrong. If he's denying the words of Paul, the apostle, and has the impudence to misinterpret them you have been faithful with few things. I will put you in charge of many things. Whatever you do, both got himself and Paul, the apostle, have warned that such people would appear. Such people have always been around but the church has resisted nevertheless. The truth is the truth. You can brainwash whoever you want but they will always come to the truth eventually. In all denominations, all religions this process is inevitable. Rainbow flag — symbol of the gay movement since 1978 Sadomites pay attention to mysticism and different symbols, So, a Bible was published by homosexuals especially for themselves with a rainbow cross. A Bible in which the holy scripture is modified. In the real Bible, for example, it says: "thou shall not lie with mankind as with women kind, it is an abomination." In the gay Bible: "thou shall not lie with mankind as with women kind in a temple of Moloch," "it is an abomination" which means that sodomites are saying that it's not allowed to conduct homosexual acts at the temple of Moloch but outside of it it's acceptable. Another example: "no ye not that unright to show not inherit the kingdom of God," "be not deceived neither fornicators nor idolatrous nor adulterous nor effeminate" "nor abusers of themselves with mankind." In the gay Bible these words are replaced by morally weak. This is an abomination before God because there is no sacred ground for the homosexuals. There is nothing that they will not do to promote their gender. There is no opposition that they will accept in at any level. They must conquer every opponent, see? And the spirit, that is produced in this book, this false Bible, this gay theology, is the heresy of the modern world. For American homosexuals, this person, Scott Lively, is enemy number one. Well, let me explain how this works. It's a five stage process of cultural conquest. Five steps. It begins with a request for tolerance. Once the gays have achieved tolerance... and the tolerance is just simply the right to be left alone, right? Then it's a demand for acceptance. The acceptance means any equal status then comes celebration, that everyone must accept homosexuality and promote it as a good valuable thing. Then comes forced participation. Everyone must participate in gay culture and then comes punishment of everyone who disagrees. Russia and the countries that are formers to Soviet Union are at the first stage where there is demand for tolerance. And so, most of the people in those countries they don't recognize, they don't think that there's a problem. But there is a problem because this is just like a seed that gets planted in the ground. And the seed is the anti-discrimination policy. And anti-discrimination policy based on so called sexual orientation. The poser of sodomites and pedophiles decided to show us the company which protects and promotes homosexual ideas in the whole world. Any criticism against the gay community in the United States is automatically considered a crime. The average American is not in favor of homosexuality But they're afraid of speaking out because the gays have such more power. That they will cause harm to you. Here's our taxi driver. -You too? You too? Are you agree to that? -I agree anything. He's a...if you speak up, they'll find a way to punish you Most people are vulnerable to some kind of intimidation Especially, anyone who's in any position of influence or in the media spotlight if they dare to say something against homosexuality they will be punished. So, most people just keep their mouths shut. Right? And they just go along And these people... Our taxi driver, I don't know him But I said that, in his head, he knows everybody -Are you afraid? -Yes! Human rights campaign This one is the one to go -That's it? -Yeah We want to get over there So, we're here now in front of the headquarter of the Human Rights Campaign One of the most aggressive homosexual advocacy organizations in the world This is the Human Rights Campaign envisions an America where lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender people are ensured of their basic equal rights and be opened, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community This is the LGBT All over the world there're serious breaches of human's rights People are being killed, they're been tortured, they're having a flea, they're homelands cross borders, looking refugees camps And this organization, instead of focusing on the true needs of people around the world They're trying to declare that homosexuality is a human right And they're devoting vast amounts of money to promote this agenda around the world Instead of addressing genuine human rights 21st century, Germany An ordinary marriage registry office Dear friends, welcome to registry office of Tepenhof, Schönenberg. We gather here on this fine spring sunny day for a special occasion. You want to join the holy matrimony. I hope my clips informed you in detail of this possibility of change officer name. You decided to take the Sir name Lukaszewski for your join partnership. And I'm obliged to ask: Have you changed your mind? *Clapping* Behind you are the photographs of traditional families Did it seem possible back then that gay marriages would be registering today? I'm certain that they wouldn't have imagined I think that if I had asked my parents and they got married back then they wouldn't have been able to imagine it. Today same sex marriages are an everyday thing. *Clapping* So, the photographs of traditional weddings on this wall replace by untraditional ones. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is located in London. There in the war this building was occupied by British intelligence which was creating new methods of psychological war targeting not only against fascist Germany, but also the Soviet Union. Footage of the Institute is strictly forbidden. None of the experts are allowed to talk about the activity in which the employees are engaged in. However, we were able to find a person who knows a lot about this institution. Daniel Estulin, author of the book "Tavistock Institute" Tavistock began as a clinic back in 1921 and became Tavistock Institute right after the Second World War The idea behind Tavistock conspiracy, as you could call it, is literally to change the paradigm of modern society..... In other words, literally change everything we understand and know about society. Tavistock is the place which created and later impose on the conscience list of European youth Such culture accents as free love, orgy and civil marriage. With the help of CIA, Tavistock created the project called "MK Ultra" for the manipulation of people. It also can't be excluded that the psyhological components of the so called Ukrainian Revolution chance, behavior models, slogans we also created here. We were talking about projects created by their lead These aren't things that I've done in 5 year basis we had in Soviet Union in other famous 5 year plans. No, these people work on 50 or 100 euro period planning, theirs structures for one century to the next. And in order to create what we have today, you need to start long time ago which is why again a lot of the projects which are manifested in self today such as homosexuality, for example didn't begin, you know, 5-10 years ago They started right after the Second World War You have: man, woman, homosexuals, transsexuals But then you gonna have trans human You gonna have post human You gonna have man machines, such as the terminator You gonna have cyborgs You're gonna have beings or not totally human as a result of synthetic biology Because today you can literally create a human being in a laboratory You don't need man-woman relationship You can create a being is at a point where you can have genes not of man-woman, but of three different beings you can create a human being. And in the future, the idea of the lead is to genetic manipulation to eliminate memory. The Fertility Institute in Los Angeles This is the first clinic which offers surrogacy to anonymates We've become world famous for being able to chose a boy or a girl I actually have gay patients right now from Russia that we're speaking to Yeah, I can show you the email. About having baby, first baby...yeah Blue is a boy, pink is a girl Okay...and you can see all the files -And what's the green one? -Green is genetic disorder like Down Syndrome or they have a genetic problem Okay...most of them are boys and girls -Whom they want more? Girl or boy? -The male gays want boys and the female gays want girls. Here're some of the frozen tanks Let me get that unlock Can you guys unlock? I've got a film crew from Moscow... Great, that's all I need. Thank you Frozen embryos Tanks are full -Can you explain what exactly you have there? -Yeah. We have sperm from the man, frozen. We have eggs from the woman, frozen Put them together, we have embryos.

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Posted by: horatiua on Jan 12, 2016

SODOM is an amazing documentary film about life in western society today, "about the aggressive imposition of sexual perversions and gender/LBGT ideology". Banned in Canada. Banned on Youtube.

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