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VLOG #2 - Should We Be Afraid Of Iran (Part One of Two)

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OK, here are my points on Iran. The news keeps talking about the Iranian threat and how they are getting nuclear weapons. "Nuclear weapons!, "ooooh!". "Iran!". "Iranian threat". Skeptical, I looked at the issues and in my opinion, I am not afraid of Iran. Yesterday, an article on CNN featured someone from our military. He freely admitted that Iran does not have an air force. None. Nothing. They do have a navy. It's relatively small. Not that powerful. They're working on one nuclear weapon. Our own CIA has said that Iran does not have nuclear weapons and don't seem to be weaponizing what they do have, By that, what I mean is that the nuclear material right now is about 20% That 20% equals what? The same amount used here in America's nuclear power plants. We operate them at 20%. I freely admit I am not very knowledgable in this area, but I have read enough to get a sense of the issues here. For Iran to make nuclear weapons, they need to get their material at 90%. 90% or so to make it weapons-grade. Powerful enough. Now, from what I've read, they don't even have a delivery system that could send a missle to the United States. There's no way Iran can send nuclear weapons to the United States. Maybe in (15 or) 20 years from now, who knows? But definently not right now. And we have the best technology in the world. Excuse me, we have the second best technology in the world. Israel has the best technology in the world. Air missle shield. If anyone launches a missle to Israel, Their defensive capabilities will knock the missle out of the sky and back in the country that launched it. Any country that's stupid enough to launch a nuclear weapon to Israel.... Israel's sattellites will find the origination right away There will be tells. They know how! They will find the origin! And they will wipe that country off the face of this earth. I promise you. Israel doesn't need the United States to be the High School Big-Man-On-Campus breaking up the fight, (STERN VOICE) "You guys, back off". You guys, back off". "Peace process!" (SIGH) If the USA backed out, Israel and all of the arab countries would have more incentive to hash things out and work together. Do I support one side over the other? No. I think Israel has it tough in some ways. But I also think their government's policies make it worse for Arab countries. But that's a topic for another vlog. My focus here is on the United States telling us people that we need to be afraid of Iran. For your information, Iran has been a country for more than 2,000 years. Iran has NEVER invaded another country. They only respond to wars statted by other countries. It's interesting. 2000 years and no invasions started. And we're afraid of them because they MAY be building ONE nuclear weapon? Remember maybe 50 years ago? JFK was the President? Let me tell you, JFK had the guts. G-U-T-S. He had balls. He looked Russia right in the eye and they had 40,000 nuclear weapons. And he stared them down and he said "No". "We're going to do this right. We're not going to destroy the world. We'll figure this out and solve the problem somehow." It became the Cold War. when it became the Cold War.... The US was intent on stopping Communism from spreading. What they did was feed weapons (and money) to bin Laden who was part of a group called the Muhjadeen. That group was run by bin Laden and the Taliban. Those group members even visited Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan, the President of the United States. They visited the White House, shook his hands, took a picture. Ok, so now, we giving them training and giving them weapons. They were warring against Russia in the late 1980's. Russia couldn't beat Afghanistan. Russia went broke and collapsed. They withdrew all of their soliders around the world, back to Russia. They had a tough life for 5 or 10 years, even still to this day. So, my point is that, umm.. Iran... ummm... and now we're worried that Iran has one nuclear weapon. Russia had 40,000 of them. We have to put things in a little perspective. But some people say "Well, Iran could be hellbent on launching missles and wiping Israel off the face of this earth". They can't. Plus, they won't. I'll explain why. First, the land Israel is on is considered holy land by the Arabs, muslims, umm, the Israeli's obviously! by the Christians, many religions view that area, Jerusalem, as a holy land. Even the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeni, views that area as a "holy land". Now, do you really think Iran will go to all these lengths to build a nuclear weapon, launch it, hoping that the missle shield from Israel doesn't work, causing the missle to fall back onto their land, killing half their people. Or making it through the missle shield and nuking Israel. Then they will also destroy Palestine. Palestine will be gone too. Do you really think Iran would launch a missle to destroy Israel just to also inadvertendly wipe out Palestine? You know what's going to happen? Pakistan's going to see it unfold, and say "WTF?", launch missles to Iran All of the arab countries are going to be PISSED OFF. at Iran for destroying that holy land with nuclear materials floating about for the next 20 to 30 or maybe even 100 years. (COME ON!) It's not going to happen. So the question becomes, "Why this constant war propaganda to scare us about Iran?". And honestly, would you blame Iran for wanting to build a nuclear weapon? The trend in US history is that when a country has nuclear weapons, like Pakistan, we give them 10 billion dollars a year, coddling them, trying to keep things going with their people. North Korea, Korea, excuse me, they have nuclear weapons and we back off and do a dance. Bribes, negotigations, anything. The countries that DON'T have nuclear weapons ---- Hello, Iraq, I'm talking to you ---- get wiped out by us in wars because we're afraid they have nuclear weapons. So, if I was Iran myself, I would be thinking, "Wow, OK, I think I need nuclear weapons so that the USA will leave me alone". It's really the sad fact of what's happening right now. And the reason it's happening is because the media ---- in my first vlog, I mentioned that six companies own most of the media, 90% of it. I'm going to give you details so you know exactly what is going on and have a better idea of the big picture. The first of six companies, G.E. General Electric. G.E. makes the weapons for wars. They need the wars to keep running. It helps their business. They own NBC, Telemundo (the spanish channel), Universal, 26 TV stations around the country, MSNBC, the Sci-FI channel, Going down the list, the second company, Disney, They own ABC, ESPN, A&E, the Lifetime channel, They own 277 radio stations, They own the movie studios Pixar, Miramax and Touchtone. They own theme parks, Disney World, around the globe. Now, some of you will say, "That's fine, Disney is a nice company". Well, it depends because if you live in Florida, your perspective on Disney may be a little different. It's good that they bring in tourists and money and help the local economy, but on the other hand, they own that area and have complete control over many things. Also, Disney tends to encourage people to passively submit. Let me give you an example. Before you enter a Disney World park, you must give a digital fingerprint. Disney can do anything they want with that fingerprint. If the government needed it for some reason, Disney would give it to them. It seems like they encourage people to passively submit to fingerpints before entering the parks. Many people fly into town, only to discover they have to do that. They have to accept the digital fingerprint happening. The kids are excited and are already on property. Something to keep your mind on. The third company is News Corp. Most democrats hate News Corp, but they fail to realize that G.E. owns MSNBC. G.E. controls everything that MSNBC says, including Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence whats-his-name, I don't remember. It's irrelevent. (SIGH) With News Corp, it's the same. Sean Hannitty, uhhh Bill O'Reilly, uhh Glenn Beck was there for a while. See how each side has their mouthpieces? They are bickering back and forth, keeping us divided. No thinking. Just focusing on each other when the real problem is the establishment guys "above us". News Corp owns FOX, National Geographic magazine, Wall Street Journal newspaper, TV Guide, Smart Money magazine, they control how the economy is supposed to be discussed amongst ourselves. Experts saying "It's OK to print more money", etc. They fool people into thinking it's OK. The fourth company, I'm almost finished is Time Warner. They own CNN, CW channel, HBO, Cinemax, the Cartoon Network, TBS, Mapquest, Warner Brothers, Sports Illustrated magazine, Time magazine, People magazine. They're the world's largest media conglomerate. Huge,OK? Two more companies on the Big Six list. Viacom. They own Comedy Centra channel, BET Black Entertainment Television, MTV, Nickeloden, and the movie studio Paramount. The last company, the sixth company. CBS. They own Showtime, CBS, 30 TV stations around the country, They are the leading distributor for Google Video, CBS has the market share of videos on that website. My point is, I hope I did not belabor the point too much, Six companies own over 100-200 channels that we all use everyday. We like some of those channels, I mean shows on those channels, We like reading articles from their websites, But we fail to realize one thing. They're controlling the conversation. Six companies. All of them want to keep us scared. One of the reasons they want to keep us scared is so that we are looking for simple answers. Maybe "don't worry, everything is fine", "We can fine tune it a little bit". No. Just... No. OK, going back to Iran, those six companies, they are six companies that are trying to make us think Iran is a threat to us. Let's be honest here. The United States is the most powerful country in the history of the world. The USA, with one push of the button, can wipe out any country off the face of this earth. Gone up in smoke. Bye bye. We've already done it twice. World War II. We did it with Japan. We did it twice. The rest of the world stood there horrified, stunned and speechless in awe.

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My second vlog is broken up into two parts, and this is the first part. The focus is on Iran, the mainstream media, and the true nature of Iran's threat in my opinion.

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