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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience People Outside of the Vehicle] >>Obviously, we're concerned about the safety of the people inside of our vehicles, but we also need to think about the safety of the people outside of our vehicles, as well. Pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, motorcyclists. These are all people who are sharing the road with you, and they are not as visible as cars, trucks, or even buses. They may not be in a vehicle that protects them, but they still have a right to use the road. >>That means it's really important that we pay extra   attention to them   and develop safe habits for sharing the road. A lot of what we already talked about will help with this, like keeping your eyes moving and maintaining distance between your car and other objects on the road. There are some habits that will specifically help you maintain road safety for people outside of the vehicle. Full and complete stops at red lights and stop signs give you time to see if there are any people trying to cross the street. It also gives you time to communicate via eye contact and hand gestures as to who is given the right of way, whether it's a pedestrian or another vehicle. >>People just walking around can be a road hazard themselves, since they do not always obey the law in regards to crosswalks. That means we need to be extra cautious in high foot traffic areas. It's also important that we share the road with people on bicycles and motorcycles.   If there are bike lanes in your city, it's dangerous to block them by double parking in them I know you're just trying to get out of the way, but now you might be forcing a person on a bicycle further into traffic.   Plus, it might get you a ticket. >>In some areas, it's legal  for people on motorcycles to lane split, depending on traffic conditions. This means you need to be extra careful and use your indicators when changing lanes.   It's better to check twice before moving. And remember that every rider was a pedestrian before they got in your car, so you're protecting your business with safe behavior in more ways than one. [People Outside of the Vehicle Review] [Develop safe habits for sharing the road] [Check twice before moving] ♪ music playing ♪

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