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Tegla Loroupe: Peace through Sports

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[Music Playing] The Extraordinary in Everyday Life Peace through Sports Holding the torch of the Harmony Run I was invited by my friends Narmada and Heinz to go and and display for the Harmony Run in Rome and I was really honoured to be there, to be among the people Working for peace with Kofi Annan Actually the problem came for Kenyans due to the elections where all the Kenyans wanted change and when they did not meet their calls people errupted and started to fight one and another and it took a lot of time and many people lost their lives and Kenyan country itself as we know is a country of peace. For me it was a difficult thing to see. So when Kofi Annan came to settle the situation actually me as a Kenyan citizen and also working in a role by our own Government as an Athlete Ambassador for peace so I was among their people also together with Kofi Annan to talk about peace and most of our people they understand the role that I have been doing, especially organize the Peace Races since 2003 We are going to continue the Peace Races not only in Kenya, we are going to have one in Uganda and in the next future we are going to Sudan and Somalia. So, when I have friends that support me, I just want to continue. Many people have joined our relays. So, it helped a little bit and I can see that, after Kofi Annan left, there have been a lot of changes, but it takes time. You have to understand there are so many people that have been displaced and they really don't know what will happen in the next future but let's hope that, when the Government aggrees to share their parts as they said I think it will make a difference for the people. The poor people always have a lot of problems because the Government doesn't site them well and they continue with their lives and those who are behind they struggle. Are you glad to be back in Switzerland It's always good to come and see friends and I have been also training here in Switzerland in Davos and I have a lot of relations and as I have been to the schools I have a lot of relations with the Swiss kids and it's always good to be here. And I can see our friend who is working for this hospital in Kenya, Stephan. So for someone from Switzerland to come and help our people, for me also it's kind of relationship that we have all together. Message for Swiss children Well, my message for the children is to tell them that I really encourge them and I am looking forward to see and visit them and so see also what they have been doing since last time I saw them, academically, and also from the sports side. And also I just want to tell them the school has not been finished due to our problems we had last year in Kenya so the construction people had to leave but things are going on and soon the kids will be there to send also their love to the Swiss kids. If everything goes well, it's probably 2009 will be our first school day. "You are spiritual" Sri Chinmoy In 1999 I met Sri Chinmoy in New York, when I was going to be given the Bikila award So he was the one who gave me the award and we had a moment to talk together and he told me that he has seen or he felt something in me that needs to be spoken out. He told me, "TegIa, I think you have a spiritual thing in your heart, a longing for peace". At that time, there were not yet any peace races. It gave me a lot of encouragement. So this was a gift that I didn'it want to expose. And some few years later, I met Sri Chinmoy again in this school, where I went, and he lifted me up. He gave me a lot of encouragement. And I am really happy for what he did to the people and also to his students, to carry especially the Peace Harmony Run. It's going to continue to light all over the world. And especially in the world today where there are conflicts all over. We need such spiritual people among us. UN Amassador for Peace I was given an award in I think it was 2005 together with Roger Federer in New York as a Athlete Ambassador for UN. For me, when I started 2003 Peace Races in Kenya I changed a lot of lives of people and therefore it was something that I was given that Kofi Annan saw the need of the sports people bring people together and that's why he decided him and other officials in the UN that I should be given this award in the African continent. We need to love one another My message is to tell the people, let us not be selfish and think highly of yourself and that's why there are so many conflicts and so many wars, because the leaders in the world nowadays they think that they can rule over the world. They don't care that they are destroying environment as well as human beings. That's why they are fighting. I would like to tell them, we need to love one another and have peace and harmony and share what we have. The Extraordinary in Everyday Life Peace through Sports Tegla Loroupe Marathon Runner A monthly podcast produced for © 2008 by kedarvideo, Switzerland

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Tegla Loroupe is one of the most gifted marathon runners. She is not only active in sports but also makes big steps towards peace with her Peace Races in Kenya, and as UN Ambassador of Sport. She recently worked together with Kofi Annan for a peaceful solution in the Kenyan Government. We had the privilege to meet and interview her in Switzerland where she ran a half-marathon and participated in the World Harmony Run. In this interview Tegla also speaks about her relationship with Sri Chinmoy whom she met several times and admires a lot.

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