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Vaccination - 101 - With Ghis - part 3

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Ghis - Autora e Conferencista. Autora do livro: "A Máfia Médica". We pay huge amounts of money to have... our health destroyed... and to be even killed with vaccines. Now. Talking abount this new epidemic they are calling... ehh...what is going on? well... what is being said? is that it is going to be mandatory, and France already... France and US, I think, already announced that it will be mandatory. It will affect mostly children, and young adults, and... never forget, natives, American natives, I remember when I wrote "The Médica Mafia", a group of natives met with me. and they told me that they were given everything they needed... from government but there was one thing they had to obey blindly: Never Question! And do it every time it is proposed... was vaccination. Well. Those people are very unhealthy they have ear problems, lung problems, they suffer from obesity they suffer from diabetes, much much more then the rest of the population. And we know that... for years and years the native people of all countries have been destroyed and that is a way of destroying people. So... the question is the following I understand that... as a laid person you feel powerless... you feel ignorant you don't know what you should do... ... or not do! Should you have the vaccine or not have the vaccine? and then... the road... what do you do? well... you obey your doctor... you obey the authorities... the external authorities. Where are the external authorities? The external authorities are for sheep. Sheep... see themselves as poor creatures who need a shepherd, which is an external authority because they believe that they know best. And that a sheep... they can not make a decision. They don't know anything about health, about medicine and some people, scientific people know much better than they do. And this is the problem! The question is: "Are we sheep?" or... "aren't we sheep?" "Who are we?" And as long as we remain sheep... we will be vaccinated. We will give our power away! And we will be vaccinated. Now. There is a brand of sheep! That is getting more aware... which I call "the black sheep" And what do the "black sheep" do? Well... they rebel! And we hear about this... ...pretty often these days, we have to stand up... and protest... ... and denounce... ... and make... sign petitions. Well. You know what! We have done this for thousand of years. Rebelling! ... What does rebelling do? Well... It just bring the sticks When you rebel, you get the sticks. And if you obey, you get the "carrots" The carrots of POWER, MONEY and PRESTIGE. And this is what the doctor working in the system... this is what they get. If you rebel, you will get the sticks: the EXCLUSION, DISPOSSESSION and EXTERMINATION stick What is going to happen? The choice we will be given This is what they say now... The choice that will be given is either... we have compulsory vaccination mandatory vaccination. or we go to... to.. we are.. we go jail this detention... involuntary detention and this is what government does all the time. They make us to choose between a slap on the face or a kick on the bottom. What will our answer be? My answer... ...and I invite you to find your own answer within yourself. my answer will be... neither one. I don't want the vaccine and I don't want the detention. This is not what I choose! There is not choice for me in there. So. What will I do? I just say: "No!" Yes! But if you say "NO!" you will go to the Fima camps. The Fima concentration camps... they are there already for you they are all built up... and the people are there they are ready to.. to accept the people that are sent there. is this... if I do not get the vaccines I will go to the Fima camps. I don't know where I will go. I know one thing... is that... if accept to be vaccinated I accept to do it out of fear. This is the key Every time I do something out of fear, I kill myself. And we die from fear and exhaustion... we do not die from disease. Forget this! We do not die from disease. Disease manifest out of fear. It is all fear of being who we really are. it is our fear of showing up and behaving... as who we really are, which is: mortal creatures and creators... we are the CREATOR and the CREATURE. We are both!... This is what the word... the word INDIVI - DUALITY means! It means there are two: The Creator and the Creature... I am both! And this is who I am. And I am pure love and out of love of myself. I will not accept being inoculated a vaccine. Whatever the consequences are. This is my choice! I want you to know that you have the choice Shall I be sent to a Fema concentration camp... maybe And what?... and what? Ohh. Don't want go to jail. I don't want to be in a concentration camp. Well. This is the choice we are facing now. And vaccination... I see it... as a blessing that we are creating for ourselves. Now... to make a decision, a final decision... once for all! Am I going to remain a sheep? and be led by fear? Or am I going to be... A sovereign mare and being mare... and be led by love. This is... this is the real question. And this is the real choice that we are facing with vaccination. What... is going on right now! What we see? We see plenty of crises nowadays. What we think? or we call? A financial crises? or a political crises? or a religious crises? or a social crises? Whatever the crises... we are going through. There is only one crisis that is going on now. It is an EVOLUTIONARY CRISES. What does that mean? That means... that we are going from one specie... to another. The human being... as a sheep... is dying. The human being unaware of its real identity is in the process of dying. And from this death... will emerge the real being. This is a false being... a false identity, false power, false government. It is all false! This is the world of lie illusion and lie in which we live now. And we see ourselves as sheep instead of wing mare that we are. So. This world of illusion is coming to an end. If we remain in it... we will die with it. That is no problem. That is not a problem! Bu it is in the process of dying. And allow reality to emerge from it. And reality of our real being. Knowing who we are, which is... the supreme being. It is not outside... it is inside! And realizing ourselves authority, which is... INSIDE and obeying this self authority. This is what is going on. And this process... this crisis... evolutionary crises... is exactly the same the same one as when the caterpillar goes... from the caterpillar... and then it dies... and becomes ... a butterfly! This is the process we are going through now. So... well... Let's rejoice! And let's see... all those horrible vaccines... and wars and... poverty... and violence. This is the manifestation... of the end of this... species. It is the end! And then... see it as a blessing... that brings about... the beginning of the new specie... that we are about to know. Is it going to happen? All I have to do... is to wait... for this new specie.. to come? No! If I wait and do nothing... and I remain in action or reaction mode and again... I want to stress: It is not time to wry it. Don't wry it! It doesn't work. You will be sent to the concentration camp if you wry it... If you protest. And lots of people... right now... are proposing... to sign petitions... and give your name to protest. NO! It doesn't work. We have to let go... of this old way of doing things are they: obeying or disobeying...No! But saying "NO" to vaccination does not mean that I rebel! It means that I say YES! to who I really am. I say "YES". It is not a "NO"... to the vaccination in reality it is a "YES!" to my real nature of a perfectly healthy... mortal... creature and creator... that I am. So I invite you... to stop trying... to understand... the scientific arguments and language... used by doctors... politicians... and remember, if you don't trust politicians... a survey was done... went on.. several months ago here in Quebec, where 6%... only 6% of people trust politicians. Well, if you don't trust politicians. Remember that your doctor is obeying politicians. But, we are not aware... So. They trust... 85% of people said: "we trust our doctors". But we don't trust politicians. Well... if you don't trust politicians you can NOT trust your doctor because he obeys the orders of the politicians. This is the weakening... we have to come to. And... realize... where the real power is... and... right now.. we are in this... transition... transformation... of going from an external power it is a transfer of power... we are going through now. We are going from the external false power... of the external authorities... to the inner power... of the individual. And this is where the real power seats. So. It is a transfer of power that is going on in the world at this present time. So. I invite you to see it. with this perspective, because this is... reality! Thank you... for listening to me! Vacination 101 All you need to know about vaccination on a single sheet! Visit the following website and download a copy: The two book mentioned during the interview are: To order, contact us: e-mail: [email protected] Telephone: +1 450 297 3930

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Ghis tells you what you should know about vaccination before you say YES or NO.

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