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Die Küche - ein Wunderzimmer

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Hello - my name is Angela. I come from Southern Italy. From Apulia. And the kitchen is my favorite room. You'd like to ask, "Why do I say so?" Because in the kitchen happens everything. All that has to do with enjoyment. The kitchen is a wonder room. In Italy we always say, that the people have to be taken from the throat. Le persone vanno prese per la gola. What does it mean? The people have to be conquered by the taste. If they enjoy the food, if one has eaten something good, then life is wonderful! Today I will prepare a lemon, yoghurt, and almond cake. What do we have on the table? Eggs (3) Yoghurt (150g) Sugar (300g) Flour (450g) [plus 1/2 package of baking powder] Almonds (100g) 1 lemon (1 tea spoon of juice) ... und butter (100g). I am starting with the eggs. Only the albumen comes into the bowl. Yolk does not come into the bowl. It goes directly back. a pinch of salt and then the mixer. The albumen is now pronti - ready. What does come now? We still have the three yolks They come in one by one. One Two Three Now the yoghurt. And then the sugar. Flour now. Not everything at once, always bit by bit. And now the butter. Mixer Siamo quasi alla fine. Now comes the lemon. Cut in half. E adesso mischio tutti gli ingredienti. Now I mix all ingredients together. Siamo alla fine. We are almost at the end. Last ingredients: almonds. No mixer any more, a spoon. All ingredients get together. Our dough is now finished. And now: il gran finale. Baking form Baking paper And then the dough. Smooth the dough surface a bit and shake the baking form. And now the cake goes into the oven. 160 Grades, half an hour. Pronta! The cake is ready! Out of the oven. Bellissima! Wonderful! Buon appetito!

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Duration: 5 minutes and 5 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: Germany
Language: German
Producer: István Simon & Ian Whalen
Director: Ian Whalen
Views: 158
Posted by: ralflippold on May 8, 2013

Yoghurt-Almond-Lemon Cake baking process

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