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Pingsta ICE- 101

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This is Pingsta ICE- 101 In the past, in order to build, operate and optimize internet networks, companies had to hire network engineers or consultants. This is the old way! BOO! Today, companies subscribe to Pingsta ICE and leverage network expertise as a service, on a pay-per-use basis. This is the 21st century way. YAY! To explain how Pingsta ICE works, lets look at something you’re already familiar with…Milk. When you want milk, you don’t go out and buy a cow. Instead, you go to your local grocer and purchase the quantity you need, when you need it. Similarly, when you require network engineering expertise, you no longer have to carry the extra expense of hiring engineers or consultants. Instead, simply subscribe to Pingsta ICE and purchase the specific network engineering expertise that you need, when you need it and only pay for what you use. Since Pingsta ICE supports all Internet Protocol technologies for the 50 leading equipment vendors e.g. Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, Brocade, and more You get to pick and choose the amount and type of network expertise you need when you need it for example, you can purchase say 12 support tasks of Cisco MPLS traffic engineering or 25 consulting hours on Juniper IP security or 33 R&D tasks on Brocade vs Cisco storage networking, just like you get to pick and choose the quantity and type of milk at the grocer- 1 gallon, 1 pint, or a single serving Low fat, soy, or vanilla. So let's review. Pingsta ICE is like the store you go to to purchase milk. It has all the network engineering expertise you need to build, maintain and optimize your Internet networks. Pingsta ICE expertise covers all Internet Protocol technologies for the leading fifty equipment vendors and can be utilized for break-fix support, consulting and R&D tasks. With Pingsta ICE, you purchase the specific networking expertise you need it, rather than hiring under-utilized engineers and consultants, thereby saving over 50% in your operational expenditure. Yaay! Pingsta ICE- Network Expertise-in-the-Cloud

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Duration: 2 minutes and 49 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Views: 104
Posted by: pingsta on Apr 30, 2009

Pingsta ICE - 101 is a fun visual of the what, why and how of Pingsta Intellectual Commerce Ecosystem.

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