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Nature is going on Strike in 2012

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Nature is going to go on strike in 2012 and it's going to happens as follows: the earth is going to stop turning on it axle the sun is going to switch itself off the wind is going to stop there is going to be no more rain the plants are going to stop growing and the animals is going to turn into statues the oil is going to evaporate and what's going to be left on earth, is humans with DVDs, computers, and money! I'm sure the money will be sufficient for the humans and all their light they will be ascending they will be able to meditate in bliss and be grateful that nature has stopped and forced the issue of 2012 and force the issue of enlightenment and ascension immediately all the things that humans have taken for granted will suddenly not be there and we will have as the Mayans predicted the end of nature but the human will still be here with- be here with human nature so we will see if human nature can replace - nature so I suggest you- put up your- adverts, and what is it? placards, and pickets, and notices nature - is going on strike it is war nature is striking back the human, needs to wake up will the strike hit the point? So, look at the interesting notion that if nature is to strike You sit down and meditate I'll use meditation for something useful and you may meditate about what will happen if nature would do what humans do and actually use free choice and decide to go on strike then it will actually show the nature of "choice" that free choice in itself is not a good thing because if nature had to apply a free choice, and said: Ok the humans are abusing me I am no longer going to support the human the human is going to be in great shit isn't it? so look at what you are doing with free choice and look at what you are accepting for granted and realize that if god had to exist I mean, it would have been the simplest thing imaginable - to end the human race just switch-off nature and it is 'The End' but have a look: nature exists as cycles it's as systems and these systems are supportive obviously within certain rules and parameters the question is the systems that the human has designed to support the human nature why is those system not supportive of everyone? why is those systems not considering what the- human consists of? man, as the dominant specie on earth can actually adjust the nature of nature and for instance take deserts and turn them into greenery so man can also do the same with the human systems like the money system and change the system into something that will support everyone equally at desteni we will be revealing and sharing multiple perspectives of so nature of the human, and the systems- human proliferate on earth in competition with each other in a form of constant secret war it's as if those in power create those that is not in power - as criminals while the real criminals are in power it is fascinating thousands of years ago Lau Tzu shared: the more laws you have - the more crime you will have how many laws do we have? in each country now? there's virtually a law for everything what if every human were in a position where they did not need anything would there have been criminals? who is the law makers? if the principle is: that the more laws there are - the more criminals there is then the makers of the law is the - criminal thousands of years ago it was already understood we have definitely not evolved we have devolved

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Dec 8, 2010


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