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video de terapias con cristales

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Caracol news, it is time for the tips that will help you have a better health Crystals have a transformative power, and its use in healing therapies is becoming more common due to the therapeutic effects it has on our physical and emotional health

 There is a close relationship between the energy of crystals and our physical, mental and spiritual energy. Each crystal reflects an archetype, an archetype is an energy that relates to something, there are crystals that resemble the energy of the father, such as citrine, and there are crystals that resemble the mother, such as the amethyst Sexual energy is associated with the crystal agata carnelian, communication with blue crystals such as the blue topaz and turquoise, fears with obsidian, protection with smoky quartz crystals and tourmaline, and rose quartz crystals with love.
 From the beginning of therapy, the the color of the gown chosen by the patient reveals which area is affected then selecting five crystals reinforces this essential information for the treatment. The crystals that they feel the most, not the ones they like the most but those they feel the most. There is a big difference, here we are communicating with the soul.

 With this selection, and the story of the patient, the therapist complements the diagnosis, and then places the five crystals on the body, along with others he feels, then, in a special atmosphere, the patient starts to relax through guided breathing and visualizaton techniques. 
 Gradually, the patient begins to report seeing colors or what he/she is feeling, and they begin to have their healing experience What is important about this therapy is that the patient experiences self healing, and the therapist is only a support in this process

. This is where most of us skeptics are split in two and so, I can only guarantee that you have to experience it to believe it Once the session is over, we recommended for the person to do series of statements and breathing exercises to enhance healing process.

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video de terapias con cristales

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