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This house is a blessing Aarons house is hope

This is a good place, good things happen here Grace house is home

This house is unconditional love in a community

Nobody understands what it is like to be in college and in recovery like the people at Aarons House When I am at Grace House I feel Safe I feel hopeful Aarons house helped with my recovery because it gives me the tools I need to succeed and thrive in a college setting Aarons house is as Advertised. It is an opportunity for young men To work together towards sobriety This house is a safe zone For anyone seeking recovery, it is an environment that is conducive to success To my family aarons house is a place that provides me resources I need to be successful It has allowed me to graduate from college, secure a job And give me the support I need for my recovery Grace house is a place where people can trust that their loved ones are being cared for and that they are safe At aarons house my family knows that I am in a safe environment, that I am succeeding in the new goals that I have set out for And they know that I am in a place that is conducive to success in my new found sobriety Living at Grace house my family knows I am striving for a better future My family knows I am home My family knows that through recovery I have been given a gift of just being ok, in my skin And they know that I am protected here That the people I live with look out for one another, that they are family Three years ago we were facing the prospect of losing our son and when he reached bottom and decided it was time to crawl out he saved himself, but it would not have happened without Aarons house Joe was lost, he was gone, we never thought we would see him again And aarons house gave us the opportunity to get our son back Without Aarons house, I definitely would not be in school, I would not be living on my own I do not think I would be sober today without Aarons house If Aaron were here today, I would like to tell him thank you I would like to tell him how much his legacy has impacted me as a person how much it has impacted my roomates how much it has impacted this community If aaron were here today I would say thank you, and that your legacy lives on If aaron were here today I would like to tell him thank you, and that he has changed my life, and a lot of other guys lives too My brother Aarons wanted to help people, if he were here today, he would be amazed Because, his idea is working.

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