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PSO-Video Puig che verrà diviso in 2 video

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Hello! Welcome to this session Choosing the first line biologic: considerations and evidence. Let me first present myself, my name is Luis Puig Sanz I am the director of the department of dermatology at Ospedale de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and professor of dermatology at University of Barcelona and I am also a board member of International Psoriasis Council. These are my Conflicts of Interests. And I would like to remind you of the central therapeutic role of the IL-23/IL-17 axis in psoriasis you all know that the first agence we had for the treatment of psoriasis with biological …… drugs which play a very important role but nowadays we know that it's mostly synergistic with IL-17 and then we got the IL-23 and down is first there were non specific they both inhibited IL-12 and IL-23 and now we have more specific ones. ......IL-23 is the most important …. cytokine of this axis but of course IL-17 inhibitors since they block the effect of cytokines can be expected to be more effective in the in terms of the blocking the effect of IL-17 A especially on the keratinocytes in using their activation and preparation and also some other pro inflammatory reactions insurances. Nowadays you have a plethora of studies that gathered information from individual clinical trials at via direct and indirect comparisons so now we know that in terms of PASI 90 or PASI 100 several drugs belonging to two of the main classes that achieved the highest response rates both early at the weeks 10 to 16 or late around one year and these drugs are ixekizumab, brodalumab, among the IL-17 antagonist, ….. with these drugs you can expect to achieve approximately 70% PASI 90 that's the response rate, and approximately 40% PASI 100 response rate. In the long term we can expect to have …. to 80% of patients remain on PASI 90 response and approximately 50% of patients will mantain a PASI 100, that's complete clearance. this network meta analysis used an unbiased approach and was based on short term efficacy from weeks 10 to 16 of the available drugs at the doses which have been approved you can see here that there are three drugs which lead the …. Ixekizumab, Risankizumab and Brodalumab. the median response rate in terms of PASI 25, PASI 90 and PASI 100 is approximately 90%, something higher than 70% and 40% for each of these drugs and the areas under the curve correspond ….. similar so the ranking is quite similar but this implies that 90 ….. all the other drugs are not as good as them is a percentage of 95% so they all are quite similar but numerically Ixekizumab again leads them back. When we look into the number of patients we need to treat to achieve short term PASI response and we look to PASI 90 and we can see that we can treat approximately 3 patients to achieve that PASI response

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PSO-Video Puig che verrà diviso in 2 video

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