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Hey, y'all, it's me, Cheryl. And welcome to July. So what do we have going on this month? Well, first of all, y'all, you still have your Summer Jam Picnic Host Gift special. It continues. And we have in your brochure the opportunity for your host to take it up a notch to 600 in 2 in the US, 700 in 2 in Canada, and they have the opportunity to purchase four of our eco water bottles with the coozies and the Tupperware blanket. It all matches and it's awesome, guys. They can also take it a little higher, 750 in the US in 2 datings, 850 in 2 in Canada, and they can get this bonus for free. And we also have your mid-June, mid-July brochure. It continues with your buy one get one free on your FridgeSmarts. But you know what, y'all? This week we are celebrating Canada Day. Happy Canada Day! We're celebrating Independence Day in the US. Happy Fourth! And we're celebrating our President's, Stein Ove's, birthday. So you know what, guys? We have a triple scoop of birthday savings for your customers this week, and it is these three offers and your customers can take advantage of each one of these offers individually, $15 in the US, $20 in Canada, for each one of these offers. Or they can purchase the entire set for only $45 in the US, $60 in Cananda, and your customers can take advantage up to five of the offers per customer order. Check out your My Week and your flyer for all the details. This is for one week only. So let's go out and celebrate Canada Day, Independence Day, and Stein Ove's birthday with an amazing week this week. Say, Yes! Say, Si! Say, Oui! OK, y'all. So now you know what's going on for your customers and for your hosts, but what about y'all? Well, first of all, you have a brand new say yes offer, and it is the magnificent mandoline, y'all. And your brand new recruits can take advantage of this for only $20 in the US, $25 in Canada. You do, you get up to three. And the activation offer when those brand new July recruits submit one standard party in the July sales month, they have the opportunity to purchase our Quick Chef Pro and our Chop and Prep, guys, both of them, for only $30 in the US, $35 in Canada, and once again, you do you get up to 3. And we also have a leadership development award this month, y'all. So check out your party perks for all the details because you're gonna want to earn this awesome Tupperware wagon. And it can be yours. But we also have more. Are you ready to check it out? OK, y'all. So we also have continuing in the month of July your Recruit for the Loot. And look at these beautiful things that managers and above have the opportunity to earn. Starting with level one, you have the opportunity to earn not one but two of the Sheerly Elegant Bread Baskets. Are these not gorgeous, y'all? Take it to level two and you're gonna add our Sheerly Elegant Serving Platters, and guess what, y'all. They come with a seal and you're gonna get two of these. And then take it to level three, and we're gonna add your three piece Sheerly Elegant bowl and the salad tongs, y'all. Check out your Party Perks for all of the details. And we also have, guys, your party challenge. We have it again in July. And you know what that is. Hold 3 or more in the US, 275 or more parties in July, and in Canada 325 or more, hold 3 of those in July, and you have the opportunity to add to your chic dining collection with these wonderful, awesome 16 ounce chic dining tumblers. And guess what, y'all? They come with a spoon. So can you imagine a root beer float? This would be the bomb! And it also has a seal so y'all are gonna want these. Say, Yes! Say, Si! Say, Oui! And everybody plays. So those are your month long challenges for the month of July. But you know what, y'all? We're not done because we still have a two-week challenge, and we have a one-week challenge. Are you ready? OK, y'all. So now we have a two-week sales challenge for all of our established consultants and higher, and it's a build. So when you submit just two standard parties both in the US and Canada, you have the opportunity to add to your color block bag, your cross body. Look how cool this is, y'all. You can either have it in the really fun pink or you can have it in the really fun turquoise green. And look how great this is, guys. OK? So this is two standard parties. OK, y'all. Take it to four standard parties and we're gonna add your Fusion Master Ricer. And you might be thinking, "Well, what's that, Cheryl?" You know what, y'all? You can take your boiled potatoes, put it through here, and you can make the most fluffiest mashed potatoes ever! You're gonna love it! So that's for submitting four standard parties in the first two weeks of July. Check out your party perks for all of the details. But we're not done because we have a one-week sales challenge. Are you ready? OK, y'all. This week it's Stein Ove's birthday, and he has a birthday present for y'all. And it is this really fun Tupperware emoji water bottle. Now how can this be yours? When you submit just 175 in the US this week, 200 in Canada this week, this emoji water bottle is yours. And when you do the 175 in the US, 200 in Canada you're also gonna get your name in a drawing for a car at Jubilee! How cool is that? So how are you gonna make that happen, y'all? You can take your customer flyer, y'all. We have one week. And when you sell four of the Gotta Have It All sets, that's gonna qualify you what you need in sales in the US and in Canada so you can qualify for your Tupperware emoji water bottle, your birthday present from Stein Ove. So y'all are gonna go out and make it happen this week. Say Yes! Say Si! Say Oui! because we wanna say, "Happy birthday, Stein Ove!"

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V0 Week 27

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