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The Multiple Lives of Ryan Letter (2019) - short film by Buddy Hardin, RhymeStudios, nostalgicosmos

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Ryan Letter: My life is an addiction, I can't let go. Have you ever been obsessed with anything? Well sure you have, but I mean truly obsessed? I doubt you'd understand. But I need an explanation for this. I've lived lives. Many lives. The start of these stories have too many beginnings. Beginnings of love. Endings of loneliness. Endings that are continuous. I remember my looks. Different styles of different decades. Decades.. Love was once something I thought I needed. I had love. My look had a certain smile. I had a smile of such high spirits. Not the same after this many times around. I was never numb then. She gave me everything; happiness. But what is happiness without love? Could someone be numb without pain before? The pain was what I ran from. Respawned and arrived to hit the dirt road. I had no idea where it was taking me, other than where it took my mindset. Avoidance was what killed the pain. But it seemed that letting go was very different than forgiving. It felt good to let go. Yet the possibility of love that I let go had always came back to me. I knew I was missing out on other opportunities. Distant acquaintances brought an interest at times. The regret I have just doesn't seem to ever go away. I was eager at the very beginning but I'm numb now. Very numb. Being numb stalled me from you. I took my time to find you. Others kept trying to find me. Acquaintances were simply distractions. I guess I used you as a distraction to get away from other distractions. The wine never resolved my issue and somehow I turned to more and more pills. They seemed to always be my temporary cure. Where is my cure?!! That's all I want! Why am I the only one to live this long? I need an explanation. -and I don't know why just after all this time that's passed by, why I now turn to this. Can you help? Higher Power: I can't. This is your journey, Ryan. It's yours. Not mine.

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Posted by: haidencharles on Jun 22, 2019

Have you ever been obsessed with anything?

Through several different decades, a young man tries to over come the grievances and long pain that haunts him, turning to something higher.

RhymeStudios & nostalgicosmos present
a film by buddy hardin
directed by Buddy Hardin
written by Haiden Charles
cinematography by Wyatt Webb
edited by Haiden Charles

In partnership with nostalgicosmos, channel here:
- An Official Channel From RhymeStudios -


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