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Divine secrets revealed by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi during a speech in Karachi 4/7

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At this stage Bullhe Shah says: “People five times a day while a lover remembers all the time, people go to mosques lover go to sit in the feet (of Master)” Those people who remember Allah five times a day in prayers, climax of their reach is up to a mosque. And those who remember Allah by heart they reach into the feet of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Once they reach into the feet of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prior to this stage there is Shariat-e-Muhammadi (law of Muhammad PBUH) Shariat-e-Muhammadi (law of Muhammad PBUH) is up to the Momin, from hereafter starts Shariat-e-Ahmadi. You must have heard the name of Shariat-e-Ahmadi. The prayer which he offers is spiritual prayer. The Holy body of the Prophet (PBUH) is called Muhammad(PBUH), The name of His (PBUH) Holy soul is Ahmad and His (PBUH) Akhfa (The Deeply Hidden) by virtue of which He speaks is called Hamid, and Ana which is in forehead by virtue of which He (PBUH) had Allah's vision is called Mahmood. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to the journey of Night of Ascension (Shab-e-Mira’j) before setting out on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) journey to the Night of Ascension (Shab-e-Mira’j) The Prophet (PBUH) led a prayer to all the souls of Prophets and saints at Bait-al-Muqdas (al-Quds al-Sharif). Before going up to havens Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led that prayer. Then which was the prayer that was granted upon approaching heavens? Upon reaching to the Heavens He was bestowed by prayers but this was for nafsani people, while the prayers He led in Bait-al-Muqadas were for purified people. Even Prophet Adam (AS) was present in that prayer, though he had passed six thousand years ago. When your soul purifies and reaches in the feet of the Prophet (PBUH) then that spiritual prayers is also available to that soul, that prayer was there at that time and will be there until the day of Judgment. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) still leads that prayer and never rises from Sajjda until Allah replies …"O my servant I am here" When someone starts offering prayers behind the Prophet (PBUH), this is initial stage of Walaiyat (sainthood). Today even those people call themselves Wali who used to write Ta’weez and do Istikhara but whoever offer prayers behind the Prophet (PBUH) Allah replies Allah replies …"O my servant I am here" This is initial stage of Walaiyat (sainthood). What happen after this? In those creatures, there is one creature which is called Latifa Anna. That creature which is called Qalb reached to the court of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and this (creature) Anna goes straight towards Allah. Angles try to stop it but it does not stop. They say whatever it is it would be burnt itself beyond Bait Al-Ma’moor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah), because even Angels cannot go beyond it but this (Anna) crosses that boundary and reaches there where essence of Allah is. Holy Prophet (PBUH) reached there with His physical body and saints reach there through these creatures. Once any saint reaches there. Then both (Allah and saints) see each other with great love, with a sense that he (saint) has travelled from so far. Allah says: “I may see you and you may see Me.” They look at each other with love & affection. Then that image of Allah is carved on the heart of that saint and then Allah says: "Now you down, now whoever will see you, will see Me”. Now looking at that Saint is also worship. For this Saint Sultan Bahoo said: "O Bahoo seeing the master is equivalent to millions and billions of Hajj" Now that is the person who is Saint (Wali Allah). Saint (friend of God) means a person who has got vision of Allah and has spoken to Him. Friend of God is wali (saint). That very person is friend of God (Saint). In this age, there are thousands claimant of being Saint in our country who have never seen Allah nor talked to Him. Love for such people make a dog Hazart Qamteer . and enmity for such people, Baleem Ba’ur who was very pious person will bring into Hell fire in the shape the dog of Ashab-e-Kahf (companions of the cave). Many saints stop at this stage, this is the stage of Fana Fillah, then some special Saints also go beyond this stage. Prophet (PBUH) has told for those who go beyond “that is the third type of knowledge”. When they go beyond that stage then they see for which Shia people were shouting for such a long time that there are 40 chapters in Quran. Then, when those Saints cross that stage, then they find those 10 chapters. When they find those 10 chapters, then this Quran (Printed on paper) is something and those 10 chapters are something else. These (10 chapters) are telling something else and those (30 Chapter) are telling something else. This Quran says, “Remember me while standing, sitting and even lying”. And those 10 chapters says don’t waste your time, just look at Him (Allah) whenever you remember Him. And this Holy Quran commands to offer prayer otherwise you will be sinful but those chapter says if you offered prayer you will be sinful. When asked, “how come”? Those 10 chapters answered that suppose while you are having vision of God and talking to Him, prayer time approached during this and you left the vision of God and offered prayer, means you committed a sin. Those 10 chapters said, “When time of prayer arrive just have a glimpse of the One for whom we are offering prayer”. There is an event related of this. Once Mujadid Alif Sani went to a mosque and saw a man sleeping there. Mujadid Alif Sani again went to the mosque for Asar prayer and saw the same person was still sleeping. Mujadid thought he might have slept after offering prayer. He (Mujadid Ali Sani) used to stay in the mosque from time of Asar to Magharib prayer. Mua’zin was delivering Magharib azan but the man was still sleeping. He (Mujadid Ali Sani) shook him and said that either he should go out from the mosque or offer prayer. The man got up instantly and did Wazu. Prayer was about to start, the same man asked loudly to the Imam to stop! Imam was stopped. He announced the Niyat (intention) 2 rakat Sunnah of Fajar prayer. People saw that suddenly time turned into morning, then he offered Zohar prayer and it turned into Zohar time, then he performed Asar prayer, one narrator reports that even the rotation of the sun was turn back. At this time the man said to Mujadid, “You are spiritually envisioned. You should have seen my condition before awakening me. I was with Him whom you offer prayers to". Then this Quran said that if you drink even a single drop of water your fast will break. Those (other 10 chapters) said even if you keep eating and drinking all day long your fast will never break. When asked, "how come”?

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 20, 2010 This speech is a must watch for the seeker of truth.

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