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2017 - Photofy (English)

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From the Gold and Platinum and we are going to replace it with something called Photofy… - Yeah! - Alright! - So what is Photofy? - I know, what is it. I got to actually walkthrough all of this, this morning with Anna and Daniela... - Oh! I'm switching mics. - And I was pretty excited. So… All right! I hope this is better. Okay. So let's tell them what Photofy is. Okay. So Photofy is… Let's go to the next slide. - Okay. - …Is a photo editing app on your phone. You can use it on your desktop too if you don't have an Apple or an Android phone, but it is easier on your phone and we are going to show you that. It is something you can create content to share on social media channels. Right? - And we are going to go through all those channels. - All of this, yeah! But again it is available for iOS and Android, and then its… the app itself is free to download but we are partnering with Photofy… - Okay! - To brand the App for Tupperware. - Okay! - And so we are going to get not only content that Tupperware loads for you, but also some of the paid functionality that Photofy has, you are going to get included. - Oh, wow! - So it's really exciting. - So it's going to be pretty awesome. - It's very awesome, I think. Okay! So once again this is going to take the place of the Google Click App, right? - Yes, exactly. - For all of our Gold and Platinum account holders, okay. So, let's talk about what this is. Yes. So when you as a Gold or Platinum account holder have your Photofy account, when you log in, your home screen is going to look like this... - Ok! - Right, you can see we are using all the new summer catalog photos. So can I ask you a quick question? Yeah. So right now if I am logged on, I am not going to see it, right? Right. If you go to Photofy now, you will just have their free app and it's fun. You can definitely go and get that and kind of play - around with it if you want to. - Right. Okay, so if you're on watching us, and then you are on your phone and you are trying to download, thinking you are going to be able to follow us through Photofy on your phone right now... - Yeah! - You won't be able to. You can definitely download it and see what it looks like but you won't see - the Tupperware content that we are showing you. - Right. - Exactly. - Okay. We'll tell you when that's going to start. - Yes! All right. - Okay, So... So we have these beautiful summer catalog photos. - I mean that summer catalog is just so beautiful. - They look awesome. Yeah! It just screams “summer!” Yes. And then you also have Photofy provide some stock photos, right. So you can use stock photos from Photofy as well. So if you want to do anything, like inspirational, Or encouraging, or something like that. Right. Because remember, we talk about this a lot. You don't want to post only about your business. You want to post other things as well, or people kind of get worn out. Right, so good things about your kid, - your family, right. So… - Yeah. You also have access in Photofy to your camera roll. So if you want to use pictures from a rally, pictures from a party, pictures from a recruiting event, you can use those as well. And don't get too hungry looking at the photos of the steak there. Yeah! Because these are actually some of Anna's pictures in her camera roll. So… And look my beautiful daughter who is supposed to be a baby and she's not anymore. Yeah. That's her prom picture. - Yes. - Yeah! She is beautiful. - Yes! - So okay. Alright, so let's walk through - a couple of things right? - Okay. So when you log in and you see those squares, one of the squares says, “TEMPLATES”. - Okay. - So let's just describe what a template is. Yeah, let's, because I had to have Anna walk me through this, okay. So, a template is… One of our designers, one of our great designers here at Tupperware, went and made a designer layout. Right, with a suggested placement of the font and what the font should be and even what the word should be, our writer's helped with that. And so that's what this is, it's a template and you get to change the photos that's behind it. Okay, so I am just going to do what I did this morning. So when Anna and Daniela were walking me through this and I saw this, she said, "Which one should we pick?" And we clicked on the Birthday Month flyer with the birthday cake right, the surprise cake and when it went into the next screen - the birthday cake wasn't there, it was just the font. - Because it was still loading stuff Yeah, we hadn't got the brochure loaded yet. And I was like, " Oh! I thought if I picked that template, I was going to get everything.” - No. - No. You get the font... - and the word choices, right. - Yes, you did. And then you get layout pieces, so if there's a white box that's floating or anything like that that's part of the layout, that's what you get from that. Right and then you can add the picture later. Okay? So, we are going to walk you through that. So this is what it looks like. So we clicked on the cake y'all, okay? And when we clicked on the cake… Well, actually we did the “YOU'RE INVITED” one. We did the one on the top right-hand corner over there. - Oh yeah! I am sorry. - We did the… Yeah, that's right. I forgot to put a circle around this one. - We did them both, we went bact to this one. - Yes. Yes. So we went to “YOU'RE INVITED” using the front of the summer catalog. So she clicked that on and I am looking for the ice cream cones. - Yeah. - But that's not what comes up. This is what comes up. - Okay. - And you can't really see it in the screen shot on your screen, but right in the very center, it says, "Tap to add photo". So anytime you do a template, once you get to this screen, you are going to tap the very middle and then it's going to pull up all the photos that you can choose from and then we chose the ice cream cones. Okay! So when… Tap to add photos, went back, - I saw the picture of the… sum… Well… - Right, it went back to this screen right here. And we picked the summer catalog, right? We picked the ice cream. Yeah. And then she… She then took that and she added it to the “YOU'RE INVITED” and this is what it looks like. - And this is what it looks like. - Okay! And so once you choose that picture, Up in the top right hand side you'll see, APPLY, we clicked “Apply”, and now we can edit the text. - Right. - Right, so you can leave it there. I always recommend that you put either your my.tupperware web address or maybe your Facebook address and I'll show you how to find that in a minute. Okay, so when then Anna says, "You can edit the text,” - you can edit the text in this blue box. - That's right. You can't edit the 'YOU'RE INVITED'. Uh, right. Right, because that's Tupperware's font, that is their template. Correct? But we actually… Yeah, when you click this, you'll see, we actually put all the fonts in there so later you'll be able to use them, - it's really cool. - Okay. So you click on there, and you just type in whatever text you want. You could put in I really recommend that or your Facebook URL, which we'll talk about in a little bit, but definitely make sure you put something on every single shareable image that you create that points them back to you. All right? - Right! Absolutely. - Because things go viral, which you want them to, and they need to know how to get back to you. Okay. So I have done that. - You've done that. - Okay, so once I've done all that… So I have… Let's go back. There, you're right here. Let's see. Okay. So I have gone in, I have picked my template, “YOU'RE INVITED”, then I went and picked my picture and I applied it, right? And then I went in, and I typed [email protected],\girlfriend, right, and then I put in my Facebook, right? And so… And then once I did that, then I go up and I hit in the corner, right, there's a little button that you just go up and you hit “DONE”. Correct? Yep. And it's always in the top right-hand corner. Okay. So I have done that. So now this is what it looks like. Yeah. Right. So the next step is what, Anna? Well, now you get to choose where you want to share it. So when you click that “DONE”, you get this nice long list of all of the different social media channels you can share to, like Instagram and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedln - It's really cool. - Okay. - And my favorite thing on this one, that is the bottom one. It's called “SCHEDULE”, so you can actually schedule your post to go later. Okay. So let me go back, and I am going to walk you through what I said to Anna earlier. So I said, "Anna, so let's just go back,” and so I picked the summer catalog, right? And I'm going to do maybe an open house on Saturday the 29th, right, so the Birthday Month starts. So I have edited everything, right, but I can't post it right now because it's not Saturday and the summer catalog hasn't started yet, right? So I want to post it on Saturday, right? So I can schedule that, right? Absolutely! Today, Tuesday, Wednesday! Wednesday, I can schedule that today. - Absolutely. - So how do I do that? So, click on “SCHEDULE”. And then the first thing you are going to do is choose a date, so you click at the top and it'll bring up… I'm using… All of these screenshots are from my iPhone, guys, right. So if you have an Android, keep in mind what it looks like when you get these little dials that will look like that for you. Look like that for you. Yes. So you choose the date you want, so you just use the little dial. And then once you've chosen a date, then you are going to be able to type in the text that you want to go with it. We can choose the time too? Can't you? - Yeah, date and time. - Okay, date and time. Okay. And now, this is where… The next thing is I can… So, like, when I'm posting on Facebook, and, like, “I was at Spring…” Three different spring fests, right? And I posted a picture, and then when I wrote my caption in there, right, like 'Having a great time in…” Nova Scotia, or Chicago, or Winnipeg, or wherever I was, right? I am doing that. So that's what I am going to do right here, I am going to type in my text right here. Where it says “Enter a Caption”. Yeah. So, if I am going to post this on Saturday, and let's say I'm doing an open house or something at my house, I could type all of that information in right there, right? And then what do I do? And then, you are going to choose where you want to share it. Okay. So I want to share it to Facebook. Right. And this pops up the five different choices that you can schedule. And you can't schedule on all networks, but these are the five that let you schedule. You can choose one or you can choose more, and you can choose all of them if you want to. Should we tell 'em which five in case they can't see them all? Yes. So that's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedln. Okay. So those are the five places that you can schedule. Okay. So I've hit Facebook, and then what? Then it comes up and it says 'Congratulations! Your post is scheduled. Right? And it gives you a couple of options. You can go to “Manage... ...all of your Scheduled Posts ” from here. So if you say “YES”, which is what we are going to do, you'll get to see where those are listed. If you say “NO”, then you just go back and you can start over if you want, or you can leave the app and go on with your day. Okay, but if I say “NO”, it's still scheduled, I just don't want to see the… Exactly. I just don't want to see my planner. Okay. So right now, if I hit “YES”, I am actually going to be able to see your planner if you will - right? Absolutely! And it looks like this. I just have one in here, but if you had more than one post scheduled, you would see them all. And you can… It shows you the caption, it shows you the date and time, and it shows you the channels that it's planned to be posted. Oh, my stars and garters! Anna, I put the wrong time! Oh, no! So what happens? So you can edit it… And I was so busy, Cheryl, I couldn't do all the screenshots, but if you just touch the schedule that you want to change... the post that you want to change… So if I just say… I just touch right on my phone... Yeah. It's going to pop up this little menu and one of the options is “EDIT POST”. - Oh, I see. Okay. - So once you click that… And I apologize for not having the screenshots. - That's okay. - Once you click it, then you can change the time and you can change the caption and you can even change the networks that you want it to be on. Okay. So I can edit it and change that, and then once I do that, then I have to hit “Add”, Anna? You'll hit… Once you hit “EDIT POST”, it will change, and then you'll hit “DONE”. Yeah. I'll hit “DONE”. Okay. And if you decided, “You know what, I just don't want to post that. I am going to start over,” then you can just delete it. Delete the post altogether. So, okay. All right. Perfect. Okay. - All right, so we went through the "TEMPLATES". - "TEMPLATES", right. - Now let's talk about Artwork. - Okay. Now, Artwork are little designs and words that you can add on top of a picture, that again have been created by our great Design - and Communications Team. - Okay. And one thing I didn't show you, because of time, with the TEMPLATES, but it's there for them as well is... You don't just have these Artwork and these templates in English. You have them in French and you have them in Spanish. Yay! Right? Isn't that cool? So that's awesome! We even have a tab up there called “Canada”. There's nothing in it right now, but you know how sometimes we have something special - for our Canadian friends? - Yes. - If so, it would be there. All right? - Right. Okay. So just so you know that's there. - There's nothing in it now. - So if… I want to just make sure that we are clear, right? So if I am in Canada and I want to see if there's something there that… Because we have something that we are offering in Canada only, it's an exclusive. I would hit “Canada”, and that's where - it would show up. - That's where it would show up. It would not show up in my templates, right? It would show up here. - It would show up under the Canada tab. - Okay. Canadian tab. And we have all the same four tabs for “Templates”. - It's two templates too. - Yes. Okay. So it's on all of the templates - or the artwork, right? Okay. - You got it. Yeah. And if I wanted to… Say, French, the French language, or Spanish, this is where I hit. - You got it. - Same thing with the templates. - Okay. Perfect. - All right. So let's go in and let's do… - Let's walk through the Artwork. All right? - Sure. Okay. - So, I know I haven't got a lot of screenshots there. - That's all right. - So let's choose “YOU'RE INVITED”. - Okay. All right. So first we choose the Artwork, and as soon as we do that, it's going to pop up the photos, - so that we choose which photo we want to put it on. - Okay. And we decided we wanted to do - the snow cones, you remember? - Yeah. And remember, you can choose one of ours, or one of your photos, or a stock photo, it doesn't have to be these, right. - So we chose the snow cones, - Right. And then once we get to that screen, obviously that Artwork is way too big, - you can't see anything. - Yeah. That's really big, right. So you can change the text that's inside the Artwork, if you want to. It's actually already there on the bottom. I am pointing to it. So you can actually type in new text there if you want. Oh, that's where I type it in. Okay. Or we liked the text, so we just wanted to resize it. So if you click on the “FORMAT” tab, where I am pointing at on this slide. - So it's in the middle. Right. It says “FORMAT”. - Yeah. Then you have that little size-slider. If you slide it to the left, the Artwork gets smaller, and if you slide it to the right, it gets bigger. - Yeah! - So we slide it to the left, and then we just take our finger and put it on the Artwork and move it - to where we want it. - Yeah, it's pretty cool. I watched Anna do all this, this morning. So she literally just sat there and put her finger on “YOU'RE INVITED” after she sized it, and she just moved it up to the left and then just let go of her finger, - and there it was. Right? - And there it was. Yeah. So… And then when I… After I have done that, do I have to hit “APPLY” - or does it do it automatically? - Yeah. You are going to hit APPLY after you've done that. Okay. So after I've typed in, if I am typing in something, after I've changed the size and I've moved it, I then hit “APPLY”, right, - and then it's going to look just like it looks here. - Exactly. And then if I am not happy, can I edit? Absolutely. Yes. So how do I do that? Just click on “FORMAT” again. Okay. So if, like... Let's say you move it and you look at it and you're like, "Ah! I don't think I really like it there," I just click on “FORMAT” again, right? And then just start the process all over again, - and then hit “APPLY”, right? - Yeah. You got it. So I can edit right here - and move things right from there. - Yes. - Okay. I don't have to go back and start over? - No. That's good. Okay. Oh, we have a question? We are having a lot of questions from… - We need a mic. - Yeah. Well, we'll make sure we are going to get… We have a lot of questions… A lot of questions about pricing. We are going to go through that. We're going to get to the pricing at the… I promise. [Inaudible] - Yep! We are getting to the pricing at the end. - Cheryl, I think they like it. - I think they're interested. - Yeah, you're excited! - All right! This is good. Okay. - Thank you so much, y'all. Okay. So, now, we used the Artwork and the Artwork's beautiful, but remember what I had said earlier, Cheryl? I think always, always, you should put your my.tupperware web address. - Or your Facebook URL on everything, right. - And you can do both, right? Yeah, you can do both if you want. And so I just chose… On this, I chose to add some text. - After I hit “APPLY”, like we hit “APPLY”. - Right. And then now I added some text, right? And you can actually see there is this “ADD TEXT & OVERLAYS” in the middle. It's right in the very middle on the right. I forgot to put the pointer there. Okay! So if you look above, I don't think you can see it on the screen guys, but it's all the way over as you're looking to your right. Right, it says 'TEXT ADD, TEXT OVERLAYS.' So, once you clicked that, now I can type in whatever I want, - and in this case, I typed in my Facebook URL, right. - Right. So I thought real quick Cheryl, we'll talk about, - "What if I don't know about my Facebook URL?" - I said, 'How do I know, Anna if I don't know what my Facebook URL is because I have it saved. I just go to it right? So how do I know?' - So, here I put up a screenshot of my Facebook. - Okay. Now, whenever you are on your News Feed or your homepage or whatever you call it at Facebook, one of the options in that top navigation is Home. - Not Home, sorry, your NAME. - Right And it has your Profile Picture next to it. So if you click on your Name, - it takes it to your wall. - Right. Okay. And if you look at the address in your browser, when you are on your wall, you will see, the very last thing is your Username. Right, so now, you all are going to go friend me... - Okay. - - because that's where I am at. Alright! - Right. So that's the URL you want to put - [Inaudible] Well yes, exactly. So if you go to your page, if you want to put your page's name, you go to your page and you'll see at the top, the same thing, it'll say - thenameofyourpage. - Okay. So Thank You, Anna, because I didn't know that. So, I thought maybe one of y'all might not have known it. So, it's just good to kind of refresh. So okay, thank you! Alright! Now, this is really cool Cheryl. - Yep! We have Memes. - Everybody knows what Memes are, right? It's always some really fun, inspirational, goofy, kind of picture and it'll have text on the top and the bottom. Well, Photofy has a great way - and a very easy way for creating Memes. - Okay! So, we thought, well, what if we want to have like a "Congratulations! You did it!", accomplishment kind of meme? So, I went to the photos and I clicked on the Photofy, the stock art, the stock photo and then there is the search bar at the top and I typed in 'Accomplishment'. And so it pulled back all of these photos, that look, you know, someone at the top of a mountain-- We really liked that one, alright. So I chose the one with a guy on top of the mountain with his arms up and then once I chose that, one of the options at the middle bottom is called MEME and when you click that, it automatically pops up those two places to put the text and you can type in whatever you want. Okay! So, we are going to go to... so, if you'll see, when she clicked on Memes, when we did this in your office, that little bar, if you will, came up, right and that's where I could type in, right? So and the cool thing is, you can put some text at the top and some text on the bottom or can you do the side if you wanted to? - No, it's just top and bottom for the MEME. - Top and bottom only. Okay. So, I said okay, let's just talk about, - it's birthday month pretty soon. - Yep. So, BEST BIRTHDAY MONTH and then Anna put on the bottom, EVER!!! So if you had your best birthday month ever, right, then you could maybe do that and then, if you wanted to post this on Facebook, then you could do a... you could actually write, could you? "Thank You to all of my amazing host and customers in the month of May, without you, I couldn't have had my best - personal month ever", right? - Exactly. Alright, if you're doing it for your team, right or your organization or business leaders with your company, you could do the same thing, right? So you could type it all in there. So you pull your captions on your meme and then you can still write your text - when you go to the "Schedule", right? - Absolutely right! Yep! Or, if you are not going to schedule and you are just going to post it right away, you still have the option to add the text on your post, right? So, which I thought was really awesome, guys. That it's all right there for you, you don't have to go and save a picture, right, from the Internet, and then put it in your camera roll and then go look for it and you've got a thousand pictures in your camera roll... Find an app to put the words on top of it. So Photofy does it all for you. Yay! Like seriously y'all I am pretty excited about it. So, it's done. It just makes it so simple, right - So, so simple. Okay. - So, I wanted to share, we talked about Scheduling. - Right… And I wanted to share about 'Posting in Real Time' because you absolutely can do that. You know if it's past Saturday, now we can share it, about the catalog. So, when you post, when you choose something besides schedule, - so let's say we chose Facebook… - Okay… Then it's going to bring up... ...sort of, it gives you some options. - Okay. - Right. So, this is just options for those of you who have a Facebook Page that you administer... not group. Not groups. Yeah, we're just going to go through that. Let's stop right here because I think we kind of, you know, for a second... So I am posting in real time and I either want to post to my personal wall... - Right. - Or I actually have a Page. - Like for example, Karen Brown. - Yep. Karen Brown has a page and it is, right? Or, it's just The Fresh Expert yeah. Oh sorry! The Fresh Expert! Right, that's her page, right. So, Karen could post something on her wall - or she could post to her page... - Right. - But you cannot post if Karen had a VIP Group set up. - Right. She could not go in and post in that group or you cannot go in and post like we have a... I was asking Anna, I said, So, every time we do DSS, Maddy sets up a DSS Facebook Group, right, for just those people coming into DSS. We couldn't go in and post in the Facebook Group, right? Yes, and that's just because Photofy at this time, - they just don't have that in their functionality. - Right. Photofy, you can't do it through Photofy, right. Yeah! Exactly! So you can do your personal wall - and you can do your personal page. - Yes Okay. So, it's Saturday and Karen wants to post something to her page because that's where all of her customers they all go there, right. So, she wants to post something to her page. - So what did she do? - So when she goes to 'Post to Facebook', it's going to ask her where she wants to post it. So you see in the middle it says 'My Facebook Wall', and if you click on that little down arrow, it gives you a little dial of all the pages that you are an admin for. I have like a million there, but, you just choose your Facebook Page that you want to put it on and then you're done. Okay. But this is only going to show up your personal pages. - Things that you are an Admin for. - On a page only? - A Page only. ` - Okay. So, if Karen only had her The Fresh Expert and her personal wall, - those only would be the only two options - those only would be the two and then she can click on My Facebook Wall - or she could click on The Fresh Expert Page. Right. -Right, Yes Either not can she click both and have it post to both at the same time? No. She would have to choose one. - She could come back in and do it again. Absolutely. - Okay! So you could only post one time from Photofy and then you can go back and post it again on a page. - But you cannot click them both and have them both, - Right. But I would do in those cases if it was a business kind of post, I would post it on my page and then I would share it from my page to my wall. - Okay. Good. - Right. - So Okay. Good. There's. - So There's Jermaine! Jermaine's done a lot of your work on your...alright. So with our eye's interest. Good. Good. So anything else? - No! That's it for that. - Okay So now I am going to get into - what they wanted to hear about. Cheryl. - Yes. Okay! So Photofy is going to replace the Google Pay Per Click ads on Saturday. This Saturday, April 29th, 2017. Yes! And we did that so that we can coordinate with a new catalog and can get all - those beautiful pictures out there for you guys. - Absolutely. So Okay! I just thought of something. Okay. So the catalog starts, now when the new catalog comes out, our Fall Catalog, Photofy will then upload all of the new stuff. - They will take care.... - We will get it uploaded, absolutely. - They will be in charge of all of the contacts, right. - Yep. and loading and making sure that everything, the tools that you need - are going to be loaded through this. - Yes! Absolutely! Which is why she said, why we waited until April 29th, - Yep. - so that you could load with a new catalog, right? And it's really easy. So a lot of you had probably have downloaded Photofy while we were talking or maybe you even already had it, we had eight hundred sales force members already using it. - You rock! - Yeah! So, if you did that, then after you upgrade to Gold or Platinum or if you already have Gold and Platinum after Saturday, if you log out of Photofy and back in again, then it actually says, "Welcome Tupperware User". It asks you for your 'Name', it asks you for your 'Web Address', so that's really cool. So you'll know right away, that you are connected, right. Okay! So if I already have Photofy, now, on Saturday... Yeah! You are going to log out - and then log back in again. - Okay. Okay! And then do I have to re-sign up? No! No. So if you already have Gold and Platinum, you are set. So you just want to log out of Photofy - and back in again. - Okay! - And then just all can take care of. - Yep!` - And then I am done, right? - Yep! Okay! Alright so - and if I don't have the Gold or Platinum? - Right. - Right? - Don't forget now the prices are changing. So the same price that we have for Gold today, the same price we have for Platinum... And I am going to go through the prices - in just a minute. - We'll walk over through this in a minute. Remember when you go to Upgrade, there's no prorating of those packages. So if I have a Plus account and let's say, I got my email 2 weeks ago that said i have been built from my Plus, alright. Because my Anniversary date was on the 10th. That's what I told Anna and I just got my email 2 weeks ago. I have already been charged my $9.95. So, if I go and Upgrade to Gold today or Saturday, right, then it's going to charge me on Saturday for that full amount for Gold. Okay. So that's also going to change. - It's going to change the day I get billed. - Okay. - so that day. - So it will change to April 29th... - Right! It's my exactly - But that will change my date. Okay? - Yes. So if you have it already, Gold or Platinum already, y'all. no changes, no price increase, anything. Because remember, Photofy replaces... - The Google Pay Per Click Ads. - Right. The Google! Okay. If you don't have it and you are pretty excited and you want it then y'all need to upgrade to Gold or Platinum but remember, if you are on Plus or Silver now, you will be charged for the new Gold or or the Platinum price and I am going to walk them through Anna. Okay. So we may and this is both US and Canada pricing, - Yes. - correct? - They are both the same. - They are both the same. Yay! Because Canada, you didn't have Gold or Platinum as an option but as of Saturday, you will! Yay! - So Canada this can be yours on Saturday. - Yes. Okay. So $9.95 guys, that gives you your Plus Account right, - but it gives you the access to Tupper Connect, right? - Yes! So go to Silver, it's $14.95 and when you have silver, that gives you your Tupper Connect, but it also gives you your Party Plus, - which is your Zoom Platform, right? - Yes. So that you can zoom people into your party from long distance - or down the road if they're sick. - That sounds a Superpower so few people in...... Yes! - So now the Gold Account? - Yes. Which is $17.95, - that gives you your Tupper Connect and Photofy. - Yes. It does not give you - Party Plus for your Zoomed platform... It does not. - Yes! Correct! It gives you Tupper Connect and Photofy, right? Okay! I take it to Platinum. - That's the "I want it all set". - That's right! So that's going to give me the Tupper Connect, that's going to give me Party Plus which is your Zoom Platform and then it's also going to give me my Photofy, right? - Exactly! You got it. - You get all three. - Yep! - Okay. So just want to make sure y'all know if you have Gold, it gives you Tupper Connect and Photofy, - not the Party Plus Zoom Platform. - Yes! You got it! - You want to go to Platinum to have that. - Yes. Okay. So y'all decide what works best for you, but you have to have either Gold or Platinum in order to have Photofy. - You got it. - Okay? So I think do we have anything. - I think that's it. - So lets I don't know if you've had questions that we have been chatted in... Danielle have do we have questions? We do! Okay, we have questions. So right now we are going to do a Q&A so that you guys, we can answer your questions. Okay. So, Danielle will tell us and then I'll repeat them. - So did she have a mic? Yes? - Yes. Okay. So the first question is, " Is this similar to what we are doing with PostMyParty?" I am not familiar with that. I am guessing. I have was googling it and it seems it's like a ... It's another app? So, I am not familiar with that particular app, but if it's an App where you use images and you can overlay text, then Yes! This is the same sort of thing. Okay! But ours has all of our images. - Exactly! Ours is way better, way better. - Yes. The other question is, “Is this only to create pictures, not slideshows?" That's for these only to create shareable images like just a shareable image, usually square to the social media channels, - not slideshows. - Okay. - Good questions guys! - Yes! Great questions. The other question is, " How [Inaudible], so I am guessing, they want to share the photos for their events?” Absolutely! So remember we said that you can use photos from your own camera roll. So if you took photos out of your event, then you are just going to be able to camera roll and pull those up and add and you can add your artwork to them, you can add just your own text if you want to. It's pretty flexible. Well I know I asked you if I could post in the DSS group, you know, you said that "If I saved it, - I said if I save that", right? - Right. We don't talk about this one just - because I couldn't get the slider Cheryl. - That's okay. But at the very bottom, when you are done and when you go to 'SHARE' and has all of the different channels and it has 'SCHEDULE', at the very bottom, it says 'MORE OPTIONS'. And then if you click that, then if you have Apple and you are used to seeing or it has Save it to my Camera Roll, Prints, - Email, you know, those options pop up. - Right. So if you want to save it to, when you are done, save it to your camera roll, so that you can do something else with it. Just click on 'MORE OPTIONS'. Okay! And I also once I click on More Options, - it's like my little text messaging comes up, right? - Yep! - So then I can..... - You can send it in a text, - I can send it in a text, right. - you can send it in an email Yes! Absolutely. I wanted to send it as a Group Text Message... to, I don't know, maybe I have a Group Text Message set up - 10 or 15 of my girlfriends or my family or whatever and I set up a Meme, "Hey, New Catalog Starts Today!", right, and I wanted to save it in Text to all of them, - Absolutely. - I can do that too, right. Well, that's pretty cool too guys, right. So then if you want to go back - and post something in your Facebook Group, right, - Right - then you can go as you already have it saved. - You already have it saved, yup. Maybe you can go and add it and post it to your Facebook Group. Listen you guys are getting pretty excited because I am starting to get current techie. So little scary. So..... Cheryl is going to do these soon Oh! Never, never, never! We'll do this never together! So, okay, any other questions? Yes! That's okay! We'd rather have..... What if we are paying for Zoom, are we good in Canada? - If you - So, if you are in Canada, and you have the Party Plus and the Zoom Platform, - it's because you are on the Silver Package. - The Silver Package. You would need to move up to the Platinum Package in order to keep your Zoom and get the Photofy. - Right! And that's true in Canada or the US. - That is yes! So now, I will say, some people have a Zoom Account outside of the Tupperware, so I am not sure if that's what she means. Yes! So I am talking specifically about if you are in Canada and you have Silver and you have the Party Plus, so the Zoom is with us. You won't get Photofy with that, you'd have to upgrade to Platinum. - Platinum, right. - Right! So, because if you only upgrade to Gold, - you get Tupper Connect and Photofy ... - Then you lose this Party Plus ...which you would lose the Party Plus - and the Zoom Platform, - Yep! Right? Okay Where do we go to upgrade Our Package? - Okay. - So, where you would go to upgrade your package? - That is a great question. - It's a great question! Thank You! Awesome question! So you log into, alright and then over on the right, there is a little round picture of you and with your country's flag next to it - Yep. - and a little down arrow. When you click on that little down arrow, click it COUNT and then on the left in your next screen you will see 'SUBSCRIPTION'. Click on that and then you'll see all the options. Okay, so then what let's just say, Anna, that I want this, okay, and I am a Silver account holder right now. So I want to upgrade to Platinum because I don't want to lose my Party Plus, right and my Zoom Account... Platform. So, I upgrade to Platinum and then right then and there, it's going to charge me my $22.95, I'll put in my Credit Card and everything, right. So if I were to do that today, and today is, - I don't even know the date, but......... - It's 26th. The 26th, so that would be like we said before that your new date, that you'd be charged, Right, so it's all done right there on account. You got it. Any other questions? Last question! I think the main question that we were asking is, " How would this bring more business if they can already post their photos to social media?" - So this just makes things a lot easier Cheryl, right. - Yes! You don't really have access to already formatted high-res images from our catalog and our brochure. You don't have access to our fonts, you don't have these templates and this Artwork that our Creative & Communications Group have made. So you are not going to get that on your own. So this is giving you that Plus, its the ease, right. You are going to be able to do all of these tasks overload your text that sort of things a lot quicker and then the scheduling is really big too. Yeah! You do it. It's a one-stop shopping if you will, right. Plus you know what you all, I guess for another thing, I think we need to bring this up is it's all branded. - Right, so it is the high-res - Yes! that you cant' get anywhere else and it is the really fun. We've got a great Communications team that comes up with really great, you know, sayings, right, so its all done. So you can pick the image and then you can pick your template right and then you can marry the two together and it looks good, okay! - Yes! - So I think that's probably there are three benefits, right, I think, when I think about this guys I think about the Branding, right. It's all done for you. Then you can post it to several different - social media channels, right. - Yes. And like Anna said, you can schedule, so, you know, that you are going to be on vacation somewhere and you are on a cruise ship and you don't have Internet access and you can't go in and do all of that kind of stuff. - You can schedule this ahead of time, right. - Yes! You can schedule the entire week's post. And then just forget about it, right. So if you want to create it on a Sunday night, the kids are in bed or whatever, you get it all done and then it frees you up to go and spend your time on daily parties, [Inaudible] or building your unit or your team or your organization or your company. So it just a tool, it's a tool. - It's a tool, right! - It's a tool, right! to make things better, easier, and branding for you. Exactly! We've put that very well show. - Okay. - That was awesome. So any other questions Danielle? - We have another question. - Yes. Is this like SyncShare? I am not too familiar with SyncShare, so I can't really confidently, answer that. And I have no clue. I do know that a lot of you guys are using it, I don't know if this is similar. Okay. So, sorry about that. Yeah! That's it! - That's it! - Okay, - Okay. - alright! So we want to thank you, guys. We are pretty excited, I have to tell you that I am pretty excited when Anna and Danielle walked me through all of this. We kind of told you about it, about a month ago, right? - Yes! - So when they walked me through everything and they answered all my questions which Anna was kind enough to take all of my questions and put them into a PowerPoint so that we could talk about it with y'all. - So thank you, Anna. - No Problem. It really is a great tool. So you know guys, I would highly encourage you to upgrade to the Gold or the Platinum - because remember the Platinum, you get it all, right. - you get it all, yeah! So but if we have no more questions, we are going to let you all go. So have a great close to your week and your sales month and we will talk to you soon. Bye-o! Bye everybody.

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2017 - Photofy (English)

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