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DxE Israel activists under attack by slaughterhouse workers

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Activists of an animal rights organization who tried to film a truck with thousands of chickens arriving at a slaughterhouse in the City of Rahat were met by serious violence, when attacked by tens of slaughterhouse workers Itsik Zoarez, our reporter in Southern Israel reporting -Police. -Quick, quick, at the slaughterhouse in Rahat! They are beating up my friend. Quick, quick! This is how a routine action by two animal rights activists ended, Saturday evening It happened after they followed a truck transporting chickens and they were met with serious violence in the area of the slaughterhouse of the City of Rahat According to them, it was a miracle they came out of it alive He is hitting my car, he is beating up my friend! Enough! Enough already! What are you doing?! What are you doing? Amit and T., another activist in the Animal Rights organization DxE Israel are following a truck with thousand of chickens on its way to the slaughterhouse and enter the City of Rahat and T. leaves the car in order to photograph the chickens from up close They don't want us to see They don't want the people to see what is really going inside there I left the car and I went closer to the truck with the turkeys and I am filming the wings sticking outside, their hanging heads Two or three guys went up to him asking him who he is, what he is doing Demanding from him, what he is doing here He walked towards the car A struggle over the camera started and at the same moment some 10-20 guys from the slaughterhouse came outside and started to attack me Quick! Quick! They are beating up my friend! Oy! Oy! They are breaking my car window They broke the car window I felt so powerless. I could not help him. If I would leave the car they would kill both of us outside They would kill us and we would not leave the place I still felt safe inside the car, until they smashed the engine Tens of the slaughterhouse workers attacked T and the vehicle with Amit inside with stones, teargas and with a heavy car engine they had found in the area When I returned to the car, I found Amit covered in blood and I saw the car torn apart and the bloodlust in their eyes and when they sprayed us with teargas I understood only a miracle could get us out of there The activists immediately lodged a complaint to the Rahat Police One of the slaughterhouse workers was arrested on suspicion of assault and was released yesterday on terms and in the coming days he will be charged

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Posted by: elsina on Feb 15, 2017

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