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Be Happy - It's an Order!

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BE HAPPY! IT'S AN ORDER. Sinan Cetin Ahmet Koc, Cansu Koc, Ali Koc November 2, 1934. A village in Anatolia. During those years, the government of the Turkish Republic had forbidden Turkish music to be played on radio. Their purpose was to spread western music. This young republic was looking forward to establish the 'alafranga' - the western culture, instead of 'alaturka' the local culture. Shut up! What's that you are playing? Just a song. What song? It's a folk song. It is forbidden. It is forbidden to sit on the floor like easterners. and play and sing folk songs. From now on, we will play western composers. Like GIUSEPPE VERDI FRANZ SCHUBERT FREDERIC CHOPIN RICHARD WAGNER JOHANNES BRAHMS PYOTR ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY ANTONIN DVORAK GUSTAV MAHLER JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH JOHANN MATTHESON Why do you sing these folk songs like villagers? Are you villagers? We will westernize. We will evolve and be modern. We will be happy. I'm telling you to be happy officially. Why aren't you? Be happy I said, be happy. I'm waiting, be happy. Are you rebelling against the Government? Look son, just be happy. Say cheese... Why do you look seedy? I told you to be happy. Be happy. Be happy, sing western. There will be western music. You will play Mozart. WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART We can play that. I don't think it is western. It is Mozart, Mozart's Symphony no.40. How can it be western with a reed? LUDWIG VON BEETHOVEN If it is western, then why do I like it? Is it western? It is Beethoven Symphony no.9. Is Beethoven that good? The political authority which bans people's music, culture, life style has always been caught bizarre against life.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 11 seconds
Country: Turkey
Language: English
Genre: None
Director: Sinan Cetin
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Posted by: innasub on May 7, 2010

"The political authority which bans people's music, culture, life style has always been caught bizarre against life" (quote from the video)
"Η πολιτική εξουσία που απαγορεύει τη μουσική, τον πολιτισμό, τον τρόπο ζωής των ανθρώπων πάντα καταλήγει ανεδαφική στην πράξη." (απόσπασμα από το βίντεο)

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