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2495 Healthy eating in diabetes: The importance of managing your carbohydrate intake

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Food choices are an important part of your diabetes management. Eating a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, starchy foods, protein and dairy is something we should all try to do. This video is a starting point to help you eat well when you have diabetes and we suggest that you should also be referred to a registered dietitian for guidance tailored to your needs. Foods are made up of different nutrients such as: Proteins, Fats,Vitamins, Minerals And Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the starchy foods, the Added Sugars in drinks and sweets, and Naturally occurring Sugars in Fruit, Fruit juices and Milk. Sugary foods and drinks can raise your blood glucose but when we digest starchy foods such as cereals, flour, bread, rice, potatoes and pasta and the natural sugars in fruit and milk, they are also broken down into glucose to be used by your cells as energy. When trying to manage the levels of glucose in your blood it can be helpful to think about the amount of Carbohydrate foods you are eating and when you eat them. So what should you bear in mind? Enjoy a mixed diet. No food is out of bounds but food choices are an important part of your diabetes management. Types of food: Most protein foods such as meat, fish, cheese and eggs and fat containing foods such as cream, oils and butter along with vegetables and artificial sweeteners contain little of no carbohydrate so will have little effect on your blood sugars. Timing and portion size: Missing a meal or eating meals with different amounts of carbohydrates can result in varying levels of blood sugar. Glycemic Index: Some carbohydrate foods release glucose into the body more slowly. These are called low glycaemic index foods. Choosing some absorbed carbohydrates can help to even out blood glucose levels. Healthy examples of low Glycaemic Index foods are wholegrains, some fruits, porridge, pasta, basmati rice, beans and pulses. Remember that carbohydrate-containing foods are still healthy. Starchy foods can be low in fat and high-fibre. Wholemeal and wholegrain options help to keep your bowels regular, preventing digestive disorders. Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre that can help protect against stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Milk and yoghurt are a good source of protein and contain calcium, which helps to keep your bones and teeth strong.

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2495 Healthy eating in diabetes: The importance of managing your carbohydrate intake

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