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C3Lecture1: The Sine Curve

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Ok this month, month #1 you got your students in the game right with the 45 degree angle. They have a clue they know whats going on at least they know where to make contact. They are half way to becoming at least an intermediate player. The second month we talked about the figure 8 there you actually have a chance to get some rhythm and timing with the ball. Playing off the 45 and have the makings of a stroke. Well this month is really the third formula that is so crucial to your tennis playing and to your students play. This is the month were they really learn to own the game. It is a formula that plays off the figure 8 just the same way the figure 8 played off the 45 degree angle. Now we are including the arm so this shows the expansion of how the arm plays off the hips and expands out along the 45 out to the contact point. This is a very very important month and this can really help your players own the game and hit the big cracking forehands and the looping top spin shots. It helps immensely on the power of the serve and it tightens up the volleys. So this is a very very big month and this has to do with the sign curve. I will show you exactly what I meant, this is not the easiest thing to figure out how to show you and stand here at the same time. Basically there is your 45 degree angle, ok this red arrow and there is the 90 degree angle there. So lets say this is a forehand, you would line up the 45 degree up like this for a right handed forehand. Your figure eight of course would have the 45 as the very center of the figure 8. Right just the way you would line it up. Now the way the arm plays off is this as your hips start to move in this figure 8, this blue line represents your arm and the racket as you can see they are very tightly connected here in the beginning right as your hips move the elbow is very closely attached to your body at this point. Now as you transgress and as you come around the corner here for the first time in the figure 8, you are coming around the corner and then back through the figure 8. As you come around this corner the arm now breaks off, it breaks off of your hips and it goes in this type of sign curve in a concave fashion whether its the serve, the forehand, the backhand it doesn't matter what the stroke is you start your coil right here off the hips. Then as your hips come around and through the center thats when you get closer to the 45 for the first time right here. You go from this concave, concaveness to convexity see that. You go from concave here to convex and all the time you have tension in your arm all the way out to the tip of the racket so you start with tension right away as the racket starts to come away. I mean as the hips start to move around the corner here. You create this tension in this coil in the arm and as you continue with your hips your arm keeps that tension in it the whole way and then as it goes to convex. This is what nobody knows, as it goes to convex thats where you make contact. Everyone is always trying to get their racket head moving quicker so they are trying to bang the ball with the head of the racket but the fact is its really as your racket head goes away from the ball out to the 45 it lays into the ball nicely here. This is where all the decisions are made by the top players you have all this tension and torque in the arm through the hips in the stroke. Then as it gets out here to the tip the tip of the whip, the cracking of the whip out here. This is where they decide at the last minute A to go cross court or down the line. B to hit big cracking flat shots or to brush up with top spin right here is where you make that decision you either rise up on the forehand or you continue out to the 45 and you have more of a horizontal move at that point. All that decision is made right here and that is how the great players can make such split second decisions when they see a player moving one way or another. This is where we are at this month This sign curve off of the figure 8, I will explain it in every which way possible but lets first take a look at it in just geometric terms. This is how it works.

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The third law of all the strokes in the game.

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