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Mannheim MBA'19 video Presentation- Abhishek Singh

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Greetings, It's a Pleasure to have this opportunity to talk about my experiences and how these experiences make me a suitable candidate for Mannheim MBA. Mannheim looks for candidates who are passionate about what they do and also have the potential to be leaders of tomorrow in their own space. I discovered the highest values of sufferance and insistence at a very young age that formed the bedrock of my life thus far. These core values helped me to grow as an individual and establish myself as a leader Full of ambition, energy and passion I displayed leadership for the first time during Engineering. Where I ideated, designed and executed a first-ever cultural event called ‘Informals’ at Annual Tech fest aimed at bringing more collaboration and networking amongst students. As this was something new and didn’t suit the central theme of the fest, the executive body was skeptical about it, but I took charge to organize this event with minimum funding and already had gathered a brilliant team. I tried every means to bootstrap Icontacted organizers of other events for marketing materials I planned the event so as to generate its own funding for the prizes. An Innovative Idea we implemented was to allow people to dedicate songs to their loved ones at a nominal fee. This idea was a huge hit and generated more funds than required. The event was a huge success and became a regular affair next year onwards besides becoming a showcase of how to generate funding. At Mannheim and beyond, I will continue this spirit of innovative leadership. After completing Engineering, I joined Accenture where I worked on some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the market such as COBOL, DB2, and Splunk. In particular, I worked on Mainframes and soon enough established myself as an expert in it. With my results-driven nature and action-oriented mindset, I became quite successful in that department very soon. At Accenture my first client was Standardlife Aberdeen Which is a UK based Insurance and investment firm. This was a maintenance project so, I worked very closely with Service teams and Customer service representatives and interacted with them through regular calls and video conferences. This was my first experience of working with International Teams. Working under pressure I moved up the learning curve faster and rapidly adjusted myself to Complicated situations. My excellence was proven by the numerous awards of excellence I received over the time, particularly the Ace Award which is the highest award of excellence at Accenture. For Past one year I have been working as a Shift lead leading a team of 4 in each shift. ensuring that we don’t miss any deadlines and maintain a good relationship with client while retaining a healthy team dynamics. While being the shift lead I understood how it is important to maintain a good and pally atmosphere inside of the team to drive maximum efficiency, collaboration and results. My abilities to work under pressure and bring the best out of my teammates give me a tremendous advantage over others and will be beneficial for all the team work at Mannheim. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to Talk about my experiences.

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Mannheim MBA'19 video Presentation- Abhishek Singh

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