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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:15:59 - 16:30:59

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I am already tired of chasing you. C’mon, kick me. But you are down. Watch out, this hurts. In these gloves. The gloves… You see, you see, you see… Fingers. Get this. Punch hard. Like so, let me show you. Yeh, punch like this, like this. ― You said, I can hit anywhere. ― Yeh, just not here. ― Don't punch hard. ― You too. Don’t punch hard. ― I don’t punch hard at all. ― You do. OK, this way. Of course, this thing has metal. Alright then. And there is no metal at all. We’ll hit like this, OK? ― That doesn't hurt, does it? ― Belly dance. And you'll do so? Hold on, I'll show you. ― I'll also do this. ― No. ― And not straight in the gut. OK, let’s not touch the gut, and from here… You do it on purpose. OK, I won't touch the face. The chair is in your way. Roma, can you move the chair? Take it there, it’s in the way. You get these, and I, those. Let’s swap gloves. Better move everything from here. With these gloves, Ilyas, Ilyas, Ilyas, Ilyas, Ilyas, you are a girl. What girl? You're a girl! Ilyas, let it be here, Ilyas, Ilyas, Ilyas, Ilyas, let the chair be here. Show me how to put these on. Yes, you did it correctly. ― Correct? ― Yes, no, wrong. Ah, yes. How do I put this on? This way. I'll get everyone. Will you do it for me? Oh, something's wrong. ― Right. ― No. ― I see. Zhanna, will you play videogames? No, eh, yes, just not Batman. No, Rom, we won't Rom. Eh, they are kind of... Leave it, they are always like this. This thing is kinda stupid. If you do it this way. See, now, this will hurt. The other way. Like, I am a karate kid. That's very easy. Sorry, I didn't mean it. You do it all the time. Choose a player. Hold on. Let me do it, you're just pushing whatever, let me. What do you wanna play? Batman? But the disc is messed up. So what, it won't work? OK, maybe now. Let's bet it won't work. It will. Well, if it will, you'll punch me in the eye, and if not, I'll punch you. In your dreams. Then bet a bubble-gum. In your dreams. So you said. What did I say? I am not betting. OK, well you play, I am out of here. Zhanna, let's go. Who brought this disc over? ― Not me. ― Not me. It was in the casset box. Look, Ilyas. ― Shush! ― Geez! Come on, Zhanna. I’m sick, I can’t do this. Then what are we going to do? I can't. Then tell me what we are going to do. I don't know... Tumble. Tumble? You even can't tumble. Just tumbling? You need to flip, not tumble. Come on, I've got an idea now. What idea? Shoot with cushions. Shooting? No! The other way! Tumble and shoot. I'll wait for you here. So, I was at school today... Came late, here is the door, here on the doormat was sitting... Don’t look at the camera. Zhanna, let me show you how to play it. Do it like this. So I take the pillows, put them here. You go, kind of, move out, Zhanna... Hold it. You bring it here, you tumble... You are first, OK? ― Lay down here? Like this? ― Yes. Can you tumble? Ilyas! Ah? Where is tennis? Oh! I should stand there. Ah! Here it is, sport, sport! I'll help. Done already. Push the track. "Jabulat". Why "Jabulat", here, get another one. ♫ "Se-ras-vo-na-nei". Those are working, right? Yeh, but Ilyas, Batman is broken. So you better not ruin it. But it was not me who got it like Batman... You shouldn't break it. You're always only playing Batman. And that's why from there... Just not my player, just not mine... That's your player. Andrew's. That's Andrew's. Where is my second pillow? Here. And where is my second? Should be here. You took it. And where is yours? Ah there it is. Zhanna, stay here. Zhanna, stay here. I need to get you. With all, with both. Done, I got it. One point. Go, Zhann. One, two, three. Oh, she'll show now! You missed... No, scored. Just got on those... No, just one scored. Good boy, Roma, he can play. Once I knocked all of them off. So what, once does not count. Oh, crap, I missed, I used to knock all of them... Look, one missed. And where is mine? One missed. Leave it. Go tumble. Zhanna, put yours here. Give it to me. No, I want it this way, put it here. Let's only throw one. Let's only throw one. Move, Zhann. Here, take it. You can... I speak nice. ― You missed. ― It's not fair. You just... ― OK. You missed. No, you scored. 1:1. Oh, geez. Ilyas, Let Roma tumble with you. Alright? Let me. I'll ask the girls for more pillows. And more cushions. Cushions are not for tumbling, they were just laying here. I am playing too. Do you know at least how to play? I do. Here, take a pillow, then tumble, then throw it to the leg. I know. I am first, no debate, got it? And I am second, no debate, I am second. I am actually first, not second. And I am second. ― Wow. ― Wow. Need to move this chair.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 104
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 5, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 16:15-16:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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