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rav berg the holy ari 1987 edited 2017

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The Ari says that in the past and I assume that this is for the Ari as well that there were certain individuals Tzadikim and many he says that during their lifetime this is the key during their lifetime, they were constantly making connections with the world of reality, which we might refer to as the cosmos and in addition to making connections, were constantly creating unity in those cosmos. Because where we find disunity or we find disharmony or we find the kind of chaos that exists in our world today we must understand that the chaos and calamity and holocaust do not originate on the one percent level of our world on the one percent level of our world but rather because the cosmos are placed in a situation or a condition of disunity, ultimately it then becomes reflected on the way of wars, holocausts and on a more person level the individuals own disunity or lack of harmony ultimately becomes reflected in his own life. In other words, if he has not created within his sphere of the cosmos, within his world of reality he has not created an unified whole, then the result of which is on our level the manifestation of that discord and therefore, we can have chaos in our life, and we can have a disruption and everything else following the lack of unity in the real reality of our own life. So, if any of us ever experienced chaos and disruption, illness, that is always a mirror image of the reality of our own world. How we have created the reality of our own life, because the physical part as the scientist have already disclosed today and come to the conclusion that we live in a world of illusion. Everything around us is an illusion. Although, the man on the street may not be of that opinion because it hasn't felt the down but in any event on a scientific level they consider everything around us as an illusion. Einstein believe everything was an illusion, when he wrote a letter to his friend who had past away and he wrote a letter to the wife of this dearest friend He says " Your husband and I are not really separated, it's only an illusionary separation between us". Even Einstein who was ... that man who dealt with physics, who dealt with the physical world, understood that on a physical level things are more of an illusionary nature. So, there are people, Tzadikim, many he says, that during their lifetime they created this unified whole and they knew {....Hebrew....} and they knew when there are times in the cosmos, when there is a manifestation of Et Ratzon, what is Et Ratzon mean? Like our Shabbat, "Menecha", we say "Va'ani Telifati" There's a time of Et Ratzon There's a time during the day There's a time in our life a certain day says the Ari in every person's life a certain day that day, every month, whichever that day is, no harm can ever come to him. It's called the time of Et Ratzon. If we can discover what that day is then no matter what you do that day, no matter what steps you take that might appear on an illusionary level, the physical level, that it is a disaster it can only come to some good fruition never, never could anything of a misfortune happen on a day of Et Ratzon. In everybody's life. Therefore, these Tzadikim knew when the Et Ratzon was present in the cosmos then at that moment, they created a connection for unified whole at that moment and that assisted them. Because they are connected now to the Et Ratzon, by making the connection of unification and that Et Ratzon followed them for the rest of their life. Therefore, these Tzadikim, who knew how to connect with this Et Ratzon, they knew when it was present, and they brought it down as a manifestation into our physical world. Therefore, continuous the Ari, while he doesn't say it right here, but on page 76 of the same Shaar Ruach Hakodesh (Gate of Divine Inspiration) {...Hebrew...} Therefore, the custom of going to pray on the burial sites of Tzadikim is a form of connection. Making connections We are not present at the Ari, of course from a teleportation concept if you meditate that we are there, and for those who have been there and during the Arvit, that was the purpose of the Kavanah to transport ourselves, which is not difficult, everyone can do it and everyone does it, as I pointed out many of times, just close your eyes for a minute and if you ever been to Hong Kong and you want to visit Hong Kong in a second, you don't need any airplanes, you don't need any other moldes of transportation, you can be there within a matter of seconds and you are really there. Your presence is there from a scientific point of view, your presence is there. So that is not difficult. The same way is when we want to transport ourselves to Tzfat, where the Ari is buried, tonight, which is "Hey Av" (5th of Av), we also want to make this connection, Why? Because the Ari was one of those who knew how to make those Yichudim, to make those connections with the Et Ratzon and because today is the day of Yom Hilulah, meaning the day that he passed on and that's why we called not a day of mourning, It's a day of Hilulah, a day of prays, a day of joy. The day he passed away. Why it is a day of joy? Because on this day, we are certain that he returns for everybody. Now while others can make a connection throughout the year on this particular day of Hey Av, we are all certain that the Ari returns

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